Christmas Story Poem – What was, What is and What is to come!

Christmas Story Poem – What was, What is and What is to come! December 26, 2022

A poetic encapsulation of the real Christmas story!

The Christmas Story is about the One
Who went

From heaven to hell
From riches to rags
From plenty to poverty
From glory to gross
From luxury to want
From beauty to ugly
From love to the lost
From the best to the base
From kindness to rottenness
From delight to dismal
From joy to sorrow
From calm to storm
From paradise to misery
From the throne to the cross
From God to man!

To turn us

From humanity to deity
From rebellion to submission
From vice to being wise
From despair to hope
From lies to truth
From loss to gain
From beast to beauty
From curses to blessing
From mourning to dancing
From orphanhood to sonship
From destruction to obeying instruction
From self seeking to being others-minded
From death to eternal life
From mortality to immortality
From sons of men to being sons of God!

We live today, because of Christmas
In faith and not by sight

As citizens of His Kingdom and not of this world
As born again and not born to die
As having purpose and not wandering aimlessly
As walking in peace and not in pieces
As seated in the heavenlies and not living on earth
As joyous though heavy for a time
As persecuted but not abandoned
As hard pressed but not crushed
As friends and family of God
Beloved, as the apple of His eyes
Written and engraved on His Hand
Destined for the throne and waiting to be crowned
Part of His Kingdom, Who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Everlasting and eternal, glorious and gracious,
Time without end, amen and amen!

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