America’s Trump Addiction, Withdrawal & Recovery

America’s Trump Addiction, Withdrawal & Recovery October 30, 2018

Many people take drugs because they believe it will make them feel Great Again. At first, many people took the drug called Trump because was fun! Even for those opposed to taking it ~ it was entertaining, although sometimes crudely and rudely so. It made us laugh. It made us cry. It made us sigh. It made us high. But then, for the one out of ten people in the world who are, for whatever reasons, prone to addiction ~ first they took the drug called Trump, and then the drug called Trump them.

Then came indignant denial. They thought Trump couldn’t possibly take over their lives. They had willpower and might. They were right. Everyone else was wrong. They were just trying to ruin the high. The drug called Trump promised to build a wall between us and caravans of people who were threats to our security of becoming Great Again. Those opposed to the proliferation of Trump were trying to deprive decent people of what they need: more Trump. They clamored for a wall around themselves, that the wall did not wall others out as much as it walled them in.

At first, they thought the wall around them would be paid for by someone else. But then the drug called Trump told them that the cost would be our own. By then, that made sense. They were into the drug deeply and had become too much of a pickle to go back to being a cucumber. Come hell or high water, they would stand by their drug called Trump. It had become a matter of life and death

Everything would soon be mortgaged to pay for the escalating demands of the drug. Money for trump was soon diverted money from food, clothing, dental visits, church donations, social security, Medicare, Medicaid and if need be ~ the money from the piggybank of the next generation. Everything could be paid for tomorrow in exchange for a dose of Trump today. Now is that a plan or what?

But whatever we have will never be enough to satiate the raging hunger of what we have unleashed. Eventually, the drug called Trump will come around and seize your self-esteem, relationships, and willpower. The whisper of “follow me to greatness” will be transformed into “pay the piper.”

Perhaps America’s addiction to the drug called Trump will eventually wear off. Perhaps this descent into addiction will end peacefully, quietly, and without consequences like withdrawal and unraveling. But not before we hit bottom. Ask any recovering addict, there is no recovery without having first hit bottom; and that bottom can be a horrifying place to be. Where is this bottom? When will the descent end and the recovery begin? Ask God. Ask your neighbor. Ask yourself. Maybe recovery has already begun. Maybe, as an individual and as a nation we will put the drug down.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn. Look! Here comes the sun!

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  • Scott

    I think your post is kind of cute and I get the analogy. I’m just not sure Trump is the addiction. He may be the aftermath. I’m not a Trump supporter and my biggest quest through this whole thing is to try and figure out how we get past all of this. I’m not sure we do. In a two party system, which is really what we have, where do those Trump voters go in the future. How do they move past Trump to a party, the democratic party, that has mocked, maligned, and impugned them for decades? How do I, someone with a conservative sensibility on certain issues, vote for a party that constantly calls me a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe? Trump is a buffoon but this has been building for years.

  • swbarnes2

    You want to say white Christians are addicted, fine. But Trump didn’t win the majority vote, remember? America didn’t do this, a minority of Americans and the Electoral College did.

  • swbarnes2

    If you would vote for racists pushing racist policies, how does that not make you racist?

  • Scott

    What’s the context of your statement in relationship to my comment? I’m not sure what you are responding to but it certainly isn’t to anything I wrote.

  • swbarnes2

    If you don’t want to be called a racist, don’t supporting racist politicians and policies with your votes. This is not rocket science.

    What exactly are you claiming “conservative sensibilities” means? Do you vote for people who don’t want to trash the environment? People who avoid useless foreign wars? People who spend government money in proportion to tax revenue? American conservatives are not prudent in that way. But they do love calling non-white people animals.

  • Scott

    Yeah that’s a good answer. Good job.

  • gimpi1

    It’s mutual, I assure you. I’ve been called a baby-killer, a communist, demonic, and a traitor. FOX news commentators call Democrats demon-rats. Do you have any suggestions for dialing this back, because I don’t.

    An aside, if your conservative sensibility causes you to regard things like voter suppression as OK, you may want to look closer at your opinions. I mention this because I’ve been going through a great deal with my mother-in-law, and she’s both a conservative Christian and, frankly, racist. She doesn’t know that about herself. I’m trying to help her adapt to an assisted living situation where some of her caregivers are not white or Christian. (A couple wear hijab.) She occasionally freaks out, and it’s hard for her to adapt this late in her life. (She’s 98.) It would have been so much easier for her to work on getting past this 10 years ago…

    Anyway, she didn’t, because she didn’t think she was racist. We all knew differently, of course, but we also knew the futility of saying anything. So, we deal with it now, and it’s hard on everyone, her most of all. I mention this because if you are being told that you have a problem with racism, you possibly do, and such attitudes are always harder to fix when older.

  • Scott

    You made my point better than I ever could have. The knee jerk response that I may be racist because I have a conservative sensibility. Let’s be honest, we know nothing about each other but you had to bring up the topic of me potentially being racist. Isn’t that stereotyping? The only people who claim I’m racist are progressives on a stupid blog who’ve never met me. Quite a reflection upon them.

  • gimpi1

    I’m not saying that you may be racist, I’m telling you about my own situation, and how it’s much easier to deal with beliefs that are destructive when you’re younger. I also know we don’t see ourselves very well, so, if other people are telling you there’s an issue in your life, it’s often a good idea to listen. That’s all.

    Racism is only one destructive thing I am trying to help my mother-in-law with. She’s a perfectionist, chronically disappointed by life, angry and unforgiving. All this is making the difficulties that go hand-in-hand with extreme old age even harder on her. I have some of the same tendencies myself, I tend to be a perfectionist and have a hard time forgiving. I’ve been taking her example as why it’s a darn good idea to work on those traits when i’m younger. It’s so much easier to change destructive or negative thinking before you’re chronically ill or facing major life changes, and it makes those changes much harder to cope with.

    All I’m saying is that if you keep hearing something, you might want to look into your behavior, just like if someone tells you that you’re drinking a bit more than usual lately, it might be wise to listen to them. This isn’t about your politics, it’s about everyone, and how we rarely see ourselves clearly. Helping care for my mother-in-law has been a revelation in this, and I tried to pass it on. That’s all I meant.

    Did you register what I said about the mutuality of the nastiness?

  • Scott

    “Did you register what I said about the mutuality of the nastiness?”
    I think we are all horrible. The problem is trying to get everyone to admit they are in some way part of the problem.

  • gimpi1

    Yeah, that’s part of what I’m learning from my mother-in-law’s situation. Most people have, well, a bad side, and that bad side can make our lives harder than they need to be. That’s why I’m trying to work on my own unforgiving nature and tendency to push for unrealistic perfection, tendencies I never knew I had, until I tried to help her get past them.

    That’s all I’m saying, really. That everyone has issues, that we often don’t recognize our own problems, that sometimes other people can offer valuable insight into our flaws and, finally, that it’s important to try to work in those flaws when you’re young enough that changes in outlook and actions aren’t very hard if not impossible.

  • 63 million voters is not a minority in any sense of the word. The electoral college has elected all past presidents.
    White Christians is simply a racist slur; exactly what is different about white Christians from black Christians?

  • Because this is about power and money; The Dems want their power back so they can control the money. Don’t give it to them.

  • So 63 million are racist because you say so! What is your evidence of that statement. A vote to make sure the Great Criminal did not get elected is not at all connected to racism. It is however part of the Liberal Mental Derangement syndrome we are witnessing every day.

  • Illithid

    Well, the white Christians tend to support a party that works to make it harder for the black Christians to vote. So there’s that.

  • Thanks for the reply. During the recent midterms several States had problems counting the vote. I did not hear of one case where anyone had difficulties voting. Did you?

  • Illithid

    Why, yes, mostly with getting registered. For example, the DMV in my (very Republican) city was moved from its downtown location to way out in the suburbs, a 20-minute drive if you have a car, but a several-hour bus ride if you don’t. Guess which ethnic group here is much more likely to be so poor as to not have a car?

    Voter ID laws were introduced in several states mere hours after the Voting Rights Act was gutted so as to no longer require certain states (with a historic record of racial discrimination in voting law) to get prior approval from federal courts to change their voting laws. These laws have been challenged and often overturned for being targeted attempts to suppress minority votes. They were AFAIK exclusively proposed and passed by Republican-controlled legislatures. Some lawmakers carefully researched to determine which form of ID was least likely to be possessed by black voters.

  • Charlotte Eden Orth

    This is very similar to what I told my Trumpite brother. He is a recovering alcoholic and has latched onto Trump and his guns just like he did the substance! It also reminds me of my Dad. When he stopped drinking, he joined a fundamentalist church and threw himself in to all kinds of strict doctrine that made no sens to me even at 12 years old. Yes, life got a little better but Dad was still focused on something other than the family. He thought the church had all the answers and could do no wrong just like my brother sees Trump.

  • Perhaps. A drivers license or equivalent is not a bar to voter registration. It is a good way to keep non-citizens from voting; which is a necessity. When you get a drivers license you can register to vote at the same time.

    After you are registered you can vote by mail and don’t have to worry where the polling places are.

  • Illithid

    Many citizens do not have a driver’s license. I’ll repeat, federal courts found that the voter ID laws in many states were deliberately targeted against racial minorities to discourage them from voting. Do you accept that, dispute it, or choose to ignore it?

    Noncitizen voting is extremely rare.

    Voter ID laws, on the other hand, reduce minority voting consistently.

  • I said drivers license or equivalent. I do not accept your premise.
    The democrat party relies on minority votes and fights any voter ID Law as you can see right now in Florida. If non-citizen voting is rare why do you resist voter ID Laws? The Washington Post is not a source I accept for anything. It is just the media arm of the Democrat Party.

  • Illithid

    You mean you don’t accept the federal courts’ conclusion. I am unsurprised.

    “If non-citizen voting is rare why do you resist voter ID Laws?”

    The answer to your question is right there in your question. The problem they are alleged to address barely exists, that’s why. Unlike the problem they create.

    Yes, the Democratic Party relies on minority voters. And the Republican Party relies on white Evangelical voters. So what? Those constituencies are made up of American citizens who have a Constitutional right to vote. And the Republican Party is engaged in vote suppression. You don’t like WaPo? Here’s the NYT… and don’t say you don’t trust this source, because it includes video of Republican officisls and campaign staff admitting their motivations.

  • Federal Courts are no different than you and I like the ninth circuit; partisan. Trying to legislate from the bench. Fortunately that stops at the Supreme Court now.
    There are 10-20 million illegal immigrants in our country whom the Democrats want to vote. It’s that simple. The argument that illegal voting barely exists is a fantasy and you can see that in Florida right now. Why can’t they Count the Vote: because they are cheating and if Brenda Snipes isn’t removed there is no check and balance anymore.
    The media in general is the marketing arm of the Democrat Party. Nothing they print in general is without agenda. Just like many oppose Fox News for taking the conservative opinion we feel the same.

  • Illithid

    Video. Admitting what they’re doing. From their own mouths.

    So all the courts are partisan, so you don’t believe them. But now you’re happy, because the SC is partisan in your direction. You can’t find evidence against my points, but you dismiss them as fantasy.

    You feel the same? Your feelings are not reality. Well, apparently for you they are. I’m done. It’s futile to debate the fact-immune. Have the last word if you wish.

  • Ok. Videos portray their intention. Fine. But there is no voter suppression per se in this country. Anyone who wants to vote can register. Let’s look at the situation in AZ:

    You must register to vote at least 29 days before the next election to be able to vote in it.

    In Arizona, you can register to vote online, by mail, and in person at your local County Recorder. You can also register to vote in person at an Arizona MVD office while applying for a driver’s license.

    NOTE: You will need to show proof of your identity when you visit a polling place on the day of the election.

    What you are telling me is either people don’t have the initiative to register or they don’t have the proof of their identity. The latter is the issue that Democrats don’t want because the people they want to vote are not able to legally register.

    When I looked online surprise, surprise, minority vote was down a bit in because Obama was not on the ballot.

    “Nationally, there was a tiny decline in overall voter turnout since 2012: 61.4 percent, down from 61.8 percent. But the shifts by race were more substantial…While white turnout has long eclipsed minority turnout, the gap narrowed during the two Obama elections— reducing the differential to below 10 percent (download Table 1). Yet, the gap widened again in 2016 to over 12 percent (65.3 percent for white Americans versus 52.7 percent for minorities), due to a modest gain for white Americans and a more marked decline for minorities.

    “Well, apparently for you they are. I’m done. It’s futile to debate the fact-immune. Have the last word if you wish.” I don’t need the last word for that is the hallmark of a liberal. If you wish to stop we can.

  • Illithid

    First, I apologize for my tone. I’ve encountered many people who will simply refuse to accept any evidence that is contrary to their current opinion. You seemed to me to be doing that, and it’s frustrating.

    Certainly voter motivation is important. But financial means is also. I know people who are definitely citizens, but who have difficulty getting the particular ID that the laws require. I’ve an employee who had to cast a provisional ballot because her license was expired, which she had let happen because she had no car, because she had massive medical expenses from cancer treatment and couldn’t replace her car when it broke down. The selection of ID also seems politically biased: concealed carry permits are valid here, but college ID is not.

    I’d like to ask you if you can accept two things. First, that at least some politicians of either major party will do anything they can get away with to win. If you can buy that, then it follows that it is logically possible that the problem of noncitizens voting is concocted for political advantage, just as you say the problem of voter suppression is. The question then becomes how we could discover the truth. I can be convinced to change my mind. Can you point me toward evidence that noncitizens are voting in nontrivial numbers?

    The second thing I’d like to ask you to accept is that I support the Democratic Party (on most issues) because I honestly think those positions are best for this country, which I love and want to flourish. Think me mistaken all you want; don’t think me evil.

    If you can accept those two things, I’d like to continue discussing this issue. Though Thanksgiving familial obligations may delay my responses. The in-laws are coming! To arms! One if by car, two if by plane!

  • No apology necessary at all. I am well aware of the types of people who inhabit these sites and your tone is mild.
    Yes. Politicians are only motivated by self interest. The most amazing thing about President Trump and his “clean the swamp” campaign is that it has exposed the Left and the Right swamp creatures. These people are desperate to hide their true motivations but Trump will not cover for them.
    Of course I accept the right of people to support the party of their choice. What I don’t accept is one party trying to use their power to destroy people like Justice Kavanaugh because they are desperate to stop his appointment. Now Democrats are encouraged to chase and harass people because of their job; this won’t end well.

  • Illithid

    I find the most amazing thing about Trump’s “drain the swamp” propaganda to be that some people believe it. Or anything he says, actually. He is the swamp creature. I know you don’t trust the media, but here’s a fun article. It cites facts and has links to other sources, and should be easy to check if you’re inclined.

    We agree on one thing. This won’t end well.

  • I am way past interested in reading articles from the NY Times criticizing President Trump. They hate the President and will do or say anything to make him look bad.

    If this article has something germane to check that is worth checking why not tell me in your own words. Otherwise you are just accepting the NY Times propaganda. I am not the President’s fact checker. I am interested in what he accomplishes not how he does that.