Don’t Mean to Bum You Out on “Good” Friday

Don’t Mean to Bum You Out on “Good” Friday April 19, 2019

DON’T MEAN TO BUM YOU OUT ON A “GOOD” FRIDAY ~ but I want you to know how comforting and inspiring it is for me to know that those who live and die seeking justice, equity, forgiveness and love for all are not alone in their quest. You can kill the messenger, but you cannot kill the message. In this age when so few go to “church” and scoff at iconic and ancient symbols of religion, to the point where some people think I/we are nuts or addicted to religion to be attempting to live lives of faith ~ I am undeterred by pundits of any fabric or color. I find immense strength and resolve in knowing that Easter is coming, even though we ain’t there yet. Art by Zig at ~ Peace, Dwight Lee Wolter.

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