I Am No Fan of War, But…

I Am No Fan of War, But… June 5, 2019

I AM NO FAN OF WAR, but June 6th is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, that was instrumental in the liberation of Western Europe from the evil grip of Nazi control. In a world where an evil ideology was gaining force, and its adherents were addicted to madness, hatred and control ~ this resistance was bloody, painful and necessary.

My mother’s first husband died ~ was slaughtered, actually ~ in the water, storming Omaha Beach at Normandy, France. He never made it, alive, to shore. All that she saw of her husband was a water-soaked wallet and his dog tag. Years later, my mother remarried. I am the youngest child of that union. Thank you, Pete. Your sacrifice not only helped defeat the Nazis; your death resulted in my life. Rest in Peace, Dwight Lee Wolter

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