It Has Taken Me 25 Years…

It Has Taken Me 25 Years… June 13, 2019

It has taken me 25 years to write it; but here is my sermon, in its entirety, for Trinity Sunday this coming Sunday at the Congregational Church of Patchogue.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit;

Creator, Comforter, Sustainer;

Past, Present, Future;

Pre-Addiction, Addiction, Recovery;

Sun, Moon, Stars;

Male, Female, Non-Binary;

Republican, Democrat; Non-Affiliated;

Love, Hate, Indifference;

Space, Time, Energy;

Beginning, Middle End;

Birth; Life, Death;

Around and around as we orbit each other;

and despite all our individual and collective insights and experiences ~ it remains, ultimately, an awe-filled mystery. Enjoy the journey.

"Why not? Jesus was YHWH pouring his life into the entire creation."

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