August 12, 2017

(cc) Jeff Power Today’s article written by  Thomas Schenk … A while back, I was discussing Spiritual Naturalism with an acquaintance who is Christian. It was his opinion that without belief in a personal god and an afterlife, what we call spirituality is just a refined form of hedonism. I can understand his thinking this. Spirituality in any of its deeper forms requires discipline and sacrifice. For a person who seeks a god’s blessing or hopes for better things in an afterlife, sacrificing… Read more

August 6, 2017

Today’s article written by  Jay N. Forrest … Buddhist meditation is about being mindful, about being fully aware in the present moment. But there are a number of misconceptions about meditation. I want to address the misconception that not thinking is the goal of Buddhist meditation. Zoning Out Zoning out is not the goal of meditation. More than one person has expressed to me that sometimes in meditation they get to the point of zoning out, a point where they are almost semi-conscious…. Read more

July 28, 2017

Burning Man is not a religion. You are free to interpret it however you like. Read more

July 21, 2017

Paul Robeson singing “Ol Man River” in the 1936 film of Show Boat (youtube)   Today’s article written by Brock Haussamen … Dere’s an ol’ man called de Mississippi Dat’s de ol’ man dat I’d like to be What does he care if de world’s got troubles? What does he care if de land ain’t free? Ol’ man river, Dat ol’ man river He mus’ know sumpin’ But don’t say nuthin’ He jus’ keeps rollin’ He keeps on rollin’ along…. You an’ me, we sweat… Read more

July 15, 2017

Do you have a passion for naturalistic spirituality and a talent for writing?  If so, the Society is looking for additional members on its volunteer writing team! Here are some things you’ll want to consider… (Not a writer but know a good one? Recommend one!) Are We On The Same Page? First, you’ll want to be sure we both are thinking the same thing when we say ‘naturalist’. Your personal beliefs are your business, but here at the Society, we promote… Read more

July 14, 2017

  Today’s article written by Jay N. Forrest … Let’s say I invited you over for a cup of tea. Is the act of making tea a spiritual practice? If you are familiar with the Japanese tea ceremony, also known as the Way of Tea, you would answer with a maybe. Or let’s say that I am going for a walk in the forest. Is this walk in the forest a spiritual practice? If you are familiar with walking meditation, again you… Read more

August 18, 2016

(cc) maf04 The simple definition of the word “home” by the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary reads: “the place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives.” So what if your soul feels at home somewhere other than where you currently live?  This can create a painful paradox, one my wife and I have been forced to explore recently.  Can you have physical and spiritual homes that are both in different places? What does it take to bind one’s spirit… Read more

August 11, 2016

(cc) new 1lluminati If asked about my religion, I humorously answer that I am a “Space-age Taoist, Black Sheep Catholic, Perennial Philosophy Pantheist, Dharma Bum.”  In other words I am a spiritual mutt. In the Western tradition there is a sense that one should belong to one religion – to adhere to more than one belief system is seen as a lack of seriousness.  Underlying this conviction is the belief that there is one true religion.  And behind this belief… Read more

August 4, 2016

Series: Evaluating Reality Using Science Written by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, Intentional Insights Co-Founder and President. Graphics by Cerina Gillilan    Clearing your mental cache is an effective way to remove your anchoring bias Communication and Long-Distance Relationships In my early twenties, I said goodbye to my family in New York City and moved to Boston for graduate school. While I’d been living in my parents’ house, I talked to my mother, father, and teenage brother all the time, and felt… Read more

August 1, 2016

Episode 11: Jennifer Hancock is a Humanist author, speaker, and teacher of online courses in the Humanist approach to happiness. She also publishes the “Happiness through Humanism” blog and podcast. Today she joins us to discuss how Humanist philosophy has helped her and can help others. Listen to the Podcast here Click here to get Email notices of new episodes and SNS articles Learn about Membership in the Spiritual Naturalist Society See a full episode list at our main page… Read more

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