When Greatness is Debated- How Lebron is like Jesus (a little)

When Greatness is Debated- How Lebron is like Jesus (a little) June 16, 2015

When someone is great people like to debate “how great?” That was the meta-narrative during the 2015 NBA playoffs. How great is Lebron James? Well he does remind me of someone else who was/is really great. Let’s first remember his story.

  • The city of Cleveland was bruised and battered by the great enemy, the economy.
  • Many thought the city was cursed because of all the misfortune they faced.
  • Lebron James was the long awaited chosen one who would bring glory and restoration to the city.
  • He spent 7 years with his people bringing great hope to them. They were witnesses.
  • He assembled a group of followers who were mostly rejects (Mo Williams, Booby Gibson, Andy Varejao, etc.).
  • They called him King.
  • But he was misunderstood because he was more Magic than MJ. He was more about raising the play of others. He deferred and because of that he was hated.
  • In 2010 he had to leave his people. But he was scorned by them. They crucified him.
  • He spent 4 years in actual paradise, Miami. He tasted glory.
  • He returned home in 2014 to bring this glory to his people.
  • He restored sight to the blind (J.R. Smith), health to the injured (Iman Shumpert), and courage to the shamed (T. Mosgov… see here)
  • But of course some of his closest followers fell away. Satan got a shoulder-hold on Kevin Love and Kyrie just stumbled.
  • Still Lebron brought glory to his people all throughout the 2015 playoffs (though he fell 2 games short).
  • Finally, despite the loss, Lebron ends the season with ultimate confidence in himself. Regardless of what others say, he knows who he is.

I’m sure people will react to this saying, “But Lebron failed. He lost to the Warriors.” But think dispensationalism! There must be tribulation after the return of the King. Then comes the 1000 years of victorious reign! That is next year when they will hoist that trophy for all to see. Then comes eternal glory when Lebron will be declared the GOAT. Only then will all knees on social media bow and all the sport’s writers’ tongues confess that he truly is the greatest. We will all be reading the King James Version soon. 



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