December 11, 2015

I am reading The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander with folks from my church and community. Join us! Read more

December 2, 2015

Read along with me as I lead a spiritual book group connected to The New Jim Crow. Read more

November 24, 2015

Follow along as I run a book group to read The New Jim Crow–which dismantles pretty much everything I thought I knew about the criminal justice system in the US. Read more

November 17, 2015

I’m running a book group at my church to read The New Jim Crow. Join us? Read more

November 10, 2015

I talk with Kala, about to graduate college, and her fiance about their decision to build a tiny house, and how the start to their “real” life is so different from mine. Read more

November 3, 2015

My friend Liz writes about how she “scraped together” eight weeks of paid time off at her job teaching at a Christian college in order to stay at home with her son–and why even six months wasn’t enough. Read more

October 27, 2015

I review Peter Enns’ Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament, and come to some surprising conclusions about my own faith: I’m a little more evangelical than I thought. Read more

October 20, 2015

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a friend, Chris Terramane, who is building a tiny house with her husband, Seth (and chronicling the adventure here). Chris put me in touch with Mary Memmott, whom Chris calls their champion at Grace Church, a United Church of Christ church in Framingham, Mass. Grace Church is sharing land and power with Chris and Seth so that they can build their house. Mary is the volunteer coordinator at Grace, and she kindly shared with me… Read more

October 13, 2015

Check out an interview I did with a faith healer about how he makes money to support his family. Read more

October 6, 2015

Julia works and gives away 100% of her income. She isn’t a Christian–in fact, her ethics are what drove her away from Christianity. Read more

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