A Prayer for the New Year, For You

A Prayer for the New Year, For You January 7, 2014

By Father Robert Cormier

Author, Better Than We Believed

The Church’s Prayer for You

Based on the Books of Robert J. Cormier (www.thefaithkit.org)

We, God’s people, make this prayer for you our brother (sister).

We pray that from the moment you wake up, every single day, you feel the attention and love from God that have also been yours all night long.

We pray that you know that your life matters, and that as you go forward and help others to do the same, you are making daily an eternal difference. We pray that you understand that you are playing an irreplaceable part in God’s plan for us all, and that you are preparing to see God as no one else will see Him, except through you forever.

We pray that you often get a glimpse of heaven in the things that God has made—especially in nature, the seasons, and the weather—and in many moments when things are fun, funny, or interesting.

We pray that you have a dream that is also for you a glimpse of heaven, and that you are happy for the hope, grateful for the opportunity, and peaceful with the struggle. We pray that you see your work as love, because this is what it is if this is how you see it.

We pray that you are happy to be tired at the end of the day, and that you love yourself enough to rest, to enjoy your evening meal, and to share your life with others you also love.

We pray that you do share your life with others you love, and that you share your life in conversations that are sometimes endless, just like the life that we will share with God.

And we pray that with time you are only more amazed—that God made you, that you will see God, and that God is excited that He will see you.

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