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Images by author, Wikimedia
Images by author, Wikimedia

Scarlet Magdalene is a witch, magician, and priestess living in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a priestess of Apollo, Dionysos, and Hermes and honors Hekate as her tutelary deity, and has been a polytheist for most of her life. Within the Hellenic polytheist community, she is best known as Kyrene Ariadne, one of the founding members of Hellenion, an international Hellenic polytheistic organization.

Prior to her entry into the craft, she was an initiate and initiator in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for over ten years and ran a local temple before turning to traditional witchcraft both Wiccan and non.

Currently Scarlet is a 2° in the Chthonioi-Alexandrian Wiccan tradition and a member of the Sheaves of Demeter coven. She is also a 1° in the Blue Star Wiccan tradition and a member of the newly founded Sapphire Grove. In addition, she is currently in the second level of Jason Miller’s Sorcery of Hekate course.

Scarlet is published as Kyrene Ariadne in an essay featured in the anthology Wings of Flame, Coils of Light: A Devotional for Apollo by Jonathan Souza and was interviewed in the Esoterinard podcast and the ROpocalypse Now! podcast.

In addition to blogging at Patheos Pagan, Scarlet Magdalene runs her own website at Alchemical Musings and an introductory primer to Hellenismos/Greek polytheism over at Temenos Theon. She also runs a number of virtual online temples to the Greek gods including Apollo, Dionysos, and Hermes.

You can also find Scarlet Magdalene as a tarot reader and spiritual advisor/intuitive life coach as part of her service to the god Apollo as his priestess. She has worked as a reader in various psychic fairs throughout New England including Salem, MA. In addition, she has taught various classes locally on subjects such as the elements and their history and use in modern magic, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and its origins and purpose, and on the Golden Dawn elemental grades.