Humanist Community at Harvard 2012 Fundraiser Blogathon Recap!

Humanist Community at Harvard 2012 Fundraiser Blogathon Recap! December 21, 2012

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My workplace, the Humanist Community at Harvard, is fundraising right now to support our extensive service program, our community center, and our continual public outreach promoting Humanism. Part of the fundraising drive was a blogathon by Chris Stedman and Chelsea Link, and you can find a great recap of the whole thing here. Here’s what they wrote:

Well, that was a trip. ICYM — well, any of it…

We wrote about tea and dumplings and tiny little whisks.

We emphasized the importance of living in the moment – three different ways.

We lamented billboards – more than once.

We waxed blogaic about music and art and television and, in a meta moment, we wrote about writing.

We gushed about great champions of science, from Carl Sagan toCharles Darwin to…

We reflected on atheist chaplains, atheist churches, and not-atheistsecularism.

We raved about how much we learn from our religious friends, and also those who are not religious but also not nonreligious. And we complained about awkward phrases like that.

And, well, we complained about a lot of other things. Really, Chelsea did a lot of the complaining. (And Chris loved it. Almost as much as he loves Christmas.)

We hope that you enjoyed the ride. (We did! Well, kind of. Much like after riding a really extreme roller coaster, we both feel a little nauseous, and dizzy, and like maybe we won’t do that again — at least, not for a while. Maybe we’ll just go sit down for a second. Also, we think Chelsea lost her sunglasses, but also maybe she just left them on the ferris wheel.)

But seriously, if you enjoyed today’s shenani(blo)gans, please consider donating to the Humanist Community at Harvard’s year-end fundraiser, which we almost forgot was the reason we were doing all of this. (Actually, we kind of forgot about life pre-blogathon. We’re sure that’s just a temporary side effect.) So please mull it over, dig deep, and give.

-Chris and Chelsea


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