Announcing “The Godless Congregation”

Announcing “The Godless Congregation” May 13, 2013

I’m so excited! Today I finally get to announce a project long in the works: Greg Epstein (Humanist Chaplain at Harvard and New York Times Bestselling author of Good Without God) and I just signed a book deal with Simon and Schuster to write The Godless Congregation, a passionate call to those who do not believe in God to get together and organize. We’ll be working with editor Thomas LeBien, who has long experience of editing successful books and seems as excited about the book as we are! In the book we will argue that the congregation is a valuable form of social organization and that, despite its historic links to a deity, it can and will thrive without one.

The past few months have demonstrated that there is an increasing desire among religious “nones” for new forms of community which fulfill the human need for fellowship, support, civic engagement, ethical inspiration, and existential exploration. The Houston Oasis, the Sunday Assembly, and the Secular Hub in Denver are three such congregations: the sign of a trend toward greater organization among the nonreligious, showing that godless congregations are possible and that people want them. In our upcoming book, Greg and I will travel the country (and go abroad!) visiting such congregations, charting their growth and interviewing the people responsible for their creation. We’ll answer questions like:

  • Why are congregations valuable? What health, social, and existential might they provide?
  • Why is now the perfect time to develop (and write about) godless congregations? 
  • How are congregations even possible without God, and might they perhaps be even better
  • How can we build strong communities which promote our best qualities without replicating the worst elements of insular religious communities?
  • What impact could godless congregations have on political and civic life? 
  • What is the role of such congregations in the future of atheism, freethought and Humanism – and what is their role in the future of our species?
  • How can you build a community dedicated to the highest human values, God not included?

You’ll be able to hear a lot more about our book as we progress with the writing of it (it is going to take a couple of years!), and we’ll be updating you through our regular speaking engagements (follow me and Greg on Twitter, too!). For now, though, we want your storiesAnyone who has any experience with a congregation or community like the ones I describe, anyone who is interested in such a community, or anyone who has ideas or questions relating to the topic, please email us at We want to make this book as inclusive and successful as possible, so please get in touch with ideas, stories, questions, and help us make this the best book we can make!

Finally, if you haven’t seen my speech from Skepticon V – “God is Dead. So What?” – you can watch it now for a preview of the sort of ideas we will dive into in The Godless Congregation.

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