Sigil For a Thriving Work Environment

Sigil For a Thriving Work Environment May 14, 2021

EVERYONE deserves to have a thriving work environment, no matter what job they are doing, or who they are.  I have created this sigil in support of thriving work environments everywhere.  This sigil is designed to be used by anyone who is looking for a new job, seeking positive changes in their work environment, or doing magical activism in support of those who need thriving work environments.

Since not all jobs or workers have the same needs, some aspects are deliberately vague.  That way the magic can create the situation which best suits the needs of the job and the workers doing that job.  If you are using the sigil to support a particular worker or particular job with a particular set of needs, feel free to add those needs into your personal intent when using the sigil.

Sigil for a Thriving Work Environment, by Sidney Eileen
Sigil for a Thriving Work Environment, by Sidney Eileen

Thriving Wages and Benefits

Everyone deserves to do more than just exist and scrape by.  If a job is worth doing, it is worth being paid well enough to live comfortably and have all needs met.

Reliable Hours

Exactly what this means will vary depending upon the specific job or worker, but it should be hours that provide dependable income without destroying work/life balance.  For most jobs this will mean consistent predictable scheduling, the ability to take time off when needed without being penalized for it, and enough hours each week to provide consistent income.  It can also mean that the worker will never or rarely be required to work an undue amount of overtime, or any other issues related to scheduling and hours worked which can create unnecessary stress or strain on the worker’s ability to live a thriving life.

Supportive Management

Management supports the needs of the workers to be capable of doing their jobs efficiently and as pleasantly as possible.  This includes things like providing enough staff and resources to get the job done well, maintaining or replacing all equipment as needed, proper safety procedures, and recognizing when “customers” are wrong.

Receptive to Needed Accommodations/Changes

Management is receptive to the needs of workers, making needed policy changes or accommodations so that all workers can conduct their jobs with dignity and efficiency.

Ward Against Abuse/Abusers

Abusive customers will not be coddled.  Abusive co-workers will be removed.  Abusive managers will be held accountable.  Abusive policies will be removed.


Most of the above can be summed up as respecting the life, liberty, and dignity of all workers.  If workers are respected as human beings, fully worthy of dignity and happiness, the rest flows naturally.

Worksheet for the Sigil For a Thriving Work Environment, by Sidney Eileen
Worksheet for the Sigil For a Thriving Work Environment, by Sidney Eileen

How to Use the Sigil

You can use this sigil in any way that is in line with its intent and makes sense for your practice.  It may be used for a specific person or job, or generally to support magical activism on behalf of workers everywhere.  Some ideas are to:

* inscribe it on a candle
* print it or draw it on a piece of paper and place it on your altar or somewhere you see regularly
* put a copy in your wallet
* use it as the wallpaper, login background, or screen saver on your phone, tablet, or computer
* make something crafty and include the sigil in your creation
* use it as a focus for meditation
* draw it on the body using salted water, anointing oil, an herb blend, makeup, body paint, henna, markers, temporary tattoo pens, etc.
* and so on

Your rendering of the sigil does not need to be perfect.  Intent is what matters, so do not worry if you cannot draw it “perfectly”.  As long as all the elements are there, you are good.

Like any sigil, it will be most effective when it is used in conjunction with real-world actions.  If you are looking for a job, be clear about what you need from a job in order to thrive.  If you currently have a job, do what you can by yourself or with other workers to demand or foster better working conditions.  Do what you can to support changes in political policy that support worker rights.

If you wish you use it as a focus in workings to help the world in general and anyone who needs it, you are welcome to do so.  Instead of focusing the sigil for a single person/situation, send the intent to help anyone who is struggling and could use the benefits of the sigil.


If you share this sigil, be sure to link back to this blog post so others who see it can find out exactly what it is charged to do.  Sigils are most effective when the user knows exactly what they were created to do, and that is also the only way they can be certain this sigil is right for them and their situation.

This sigil is Creative Commons licensed:

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially, as long as they credit Sidney Eileen and license their new creations under the identical terms.

Want to Make Your Own Sigils?

I use the method described in the excellent book Sigil Witchery, by Laura Tempest Zakroff.  You do not need to consider yourself an artist to make your own sigils.


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