The Creation Project: Essays

The Creation Project: Essays December 30, 2019
The Creation Project: Essays
The Creation Project: Revealed Religion, Natural Law, Western Civilization, and the Ends of the Earth
Culture War Catholicism and American Conservative Politics
Serving God and Mammon: The Rise and Influence of the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society
Wolf at the Door: Antonin Scalia and the Death of American Law
Unalienable Rights, Alien Populations and Natural Law
God and Religion at Princeton
Aaron’s Rod: The Righteous Religious Rage of Robert P. George
Robby George’s Primer on Natural Law
Human Reason and Its Discontents: A Natural Law Sampler
From Aquinas to Abortion: Self-Consuming Sexual Sagas of the New Natural Law
Robby George and Me
Neil Gorsuch and the Frozen Future of the Federal Courts
Steve Bannon’s Second Coming
Steve Bannon’s Pennywise Moment
Alien vs. Predator: The Metastasis of Steve Bannon
Virtue and Power: The Political Dysphoria of Natural Law Moral Philosophy
Toward a New Cosmology: The Grand Pivot from Natural Law to Complexity Science

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