Christ, Yoga and the Courage to Emerge

Christ, Yoga and the Courage to Emerge March 8, 2021

This is from my friend, Anita Grace Brown.

An excerpt from the new book “Kamikaze Yogi: Christ, Yoga and the Courage to Emerge”

When you read this book, I want you to say:

“I feel like I just went to church, to the therapist, and to the gym!”




Because the world provides us tools that don’t last

For example, Alcohol is a ‘spirit’

It can change the frequency we operate from, temporarily

Shopping is a ‘spirit’

It can change the frequency we operate from, temporarily

Food is a ‘spirit’

… you get the idea

You are an intelligent human being


We all have a lower nature which does not KNOW Spirit deeply

It does not speak to, hear, or see what is lasting and what is ephemeral

So we keep going for our ‘hit’

And then we wonder what’s going wrong


Nothing is going wrong

We are getting that which we seek

There is nothing wrong with these worldly loves

Enjoy them


But do not think they will fill a gap

That is only meant to be satisfied by

breath, nature, singing, prayer, poetry, art


These are the Soul satisfiers my friends

Seek them and drink them up!

And your ‘Knower’ will

Lift you higher

And higher

Out of the realm of suffering alone

For several years, my prayer has been to be able to share a message through a book that will help change the direction of Western yoga. That shift would see the practice ease out of being a billion dollar, somewhat elite industry, and return reverence to its origins, and mirror them, becoming a daily way of a life of wholeness: mind, body, breath—without the added weight of lengthy or complicated practices.

One tweak in and of the body or breath each week. You, your physical Self, dancing with the spirit/soul in the unseen—truly learning to walk by faith, not sight.

Equally important is that my message can shift the intimate, relational experience of the solid person of Christ Jesus. We can each live the following question within community, as well as when journeying alone: who is this Son of Man? Is his power as potent in me as he promised? What does His life, His boosting my immunity, look like, FEEL like?

How can the combination of mindful movement deepen my faith all the while help heal me of my physical, mental and emotional afflictions?

For far too long religion has left Christ impotent to embolden embodying our own Souls. The time is now to explore how Light is energy is GOD; Being itself is pursuing humankind for the sake of our liberation from suffering a separate identity crisis. It’s all a combination of divine grace bound in mystery but the Logos, the Logic of Christ and His resurrection Life flowing through us explains a whole lot!!  My life is a walking, talking testament to spiritual discipline enjoyed through the lens of self/soul-care, resulting in a courage to emerge: as my self.

Kamikaze Yogi releases on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online retailers on Tuesday March 9, 2021. Will you let a little East into your Western mindset?

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