The Part I Will Never Forget – The Tea Shop

The Part I Will Never Forget – The Tea Shop March 13, 2021

I will never forget the experience I had one night in a Tea Shop with a man that couldn’t speak my language.  I wondered as I left his shop what just happened and it took me months to unpack it.  I think about it almost every day.   I’m still learning and nurturing the thoughts and lessons from that day.

Now, my son is recording audio for the book.  It lets me relive the experience in a whole new way!  It’s so exciting!

The part about the experience I hope people understand is that adventures can’t really be planned.  And, the real adventure might be when the itinerary is smashed, like it was for us when I wrecked the scooter.

I missed so much of the adventure of this visit to Taiwan because I was trying to get us back on schedule.  In our lives, adventure is all around us if we are PRESENT and AUTHENTIC enough to see it.

I hope you find the adventure that you didn’t find yesterday or that you might miss tomorrow.  Take the time to be present (where you are) and do the work to be authentic (who you are).

Find your experience that you will never forget!

Be where you are, be who you are, be at peace.

Karl Forehand

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