Listen to the Women

Listen to the Women August 14, 2023

Photo by Magda Ehlers:

Even though I don’t identify as a Christian anymore, I sometimes hang out in Progressive Christian circles because some people in those circles read our books and I’m curious about all areas of spiritually. I am also honest about what I disagree with, and that sometimes upsets people.

But even with the potential to do good, I find myself slowly moving away from Progressive Christianity and the Emerging Church movement. Why? Because the Patriarchy is still alive and well in most organizations.

When women try to tell us what is still traumatizing, they go largely unheard. The same 10-12 people that are platformed at every event barely speak up when these controversies arise. They adopt the narrative of the group and ignore the suffering people in the audience.

Speakers point to their diversity, but the select group of women and minorities that are platformed often avoid the public discussions where women are begging, especially the men, to listen and encouraging the women and others marginalized to speak up.

Women look for safe groups to find encouragement, but they encounter the patriarchy over and over again, supported by the inner circle of others who are allowed to grace the platform.

When someone like me tries to speak up, people who would normally ignore my messages gaslight me in a very condescending way. Even though my voice is small, yesterday leaders went out of their way to try to convince me to adopt their narrative, and/or gaslight me while they ignored the dozens of women begging them to listen.

I don’t want to tag the women that seem to be siding with the new patriarchy because I don’t have the energy today.

If you are close to the inner circle, please talk to them about keeping these newer movements from evolving into what we experienced in Fundamentalist Christianity. Instead of condemning Fundies from the stage, we should be listening to women and especially the abuse victims of the new patriarchy.

It’s about privilege–it’s about power–its about money and alliances.

If you stay in Progressive Christian, what are you speaking up for? You can’t be neutral–that position sides with the abusers.

Be where you are,
Be who you are,
Be at peace.

Karl Forehand

Photo by Magda Ehlers:

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