When we act as the Divine Feminine…we begin to see through her eyes

When we act as the Divine Feminine…we begin to see through her eyes January 3, 2013

Michelle Balandra (spiritual name Sumatra), grew up Catholic but now embraces all religions. She is a teacher and practitioner of the feminine arts, as well as the creator of Women circle NYC – Goddesses of the sacred fires. 

When we act as the Divine Feminine we begin to see through her eyes

During the last two years I – together with my sisters – have practiced a simple ritual to end our circles. This ritual consists of giving a small candle to each woman and, as I light my candle, saying:  “ I am a Goddess and the light of the universe.” Then I turn to the sister next to me and, as I light her candle, I say “You are a Goddess and the light of the universe.” This is  repeated until all women have lighted candles. When our circle began I remember  many women felt awkward  saying these words. Some women even whispered the words in a low tone and a fast pace as if the air in the room had run away. However, as the women begun to feel secure within the sacred space of the circle, they begun to raise their voice, add a tone of passion, and with all confidence they now declared their holiness through the sacred words: “ I AM A GODDESS .”

More and more women are demanding their wholeness. The concept of separation is no longer satisfactory to our soul, we need our mother!!! With the acceptance of the Divine Feminine we also begin to accept our inner light in new ways, in more creative ways. Acceptance is also the permission we give ourself to begin channeling the energy of the goddess. The most simple and real way in which we channel the energy of the goddess is by ACTING!

Yes, we humans love to act. For far too long we have been involve in ego dramatic plays, entertaining our self away from our essence, but now we are back! We are rediscovering the magic of acting as the divine. When we first act as the Divine Feminine we stand a little taller. This happens all the time when I first ask a woman to close her eyes and call upon her wild goddess, (who knows all that she needs, who is unstoppable) women will quickly center themselves, stand  taller and gain a new perspective of life. Acting as the Divine Feminine begins with standing a little taller and unpredictably unfolds itself until we truly begin to see through Her eyes.

As we continue to act as the Divine Feminine we suddenly begin to act through the lens of wholeness, recognizing the universal law that all is connected. We also begin to respect our self, our bodies, and we start believing in our great destinies. We also become aware of our thoughts and our speech, because we now are able to see the power of manifestation, the power of giving birth, that our thoughts and words have. As time passes we also begin to resonate at the frequency of sisterhood, and we begin to see man as the sons of the sun, our brothers, who are also in the process of growth.

But these changes are just the beginning.

We are that in which we focus our energy. The more profoundly we act as the Divine Feminine, the more we will surrender to this creative energy until we become one with it. If our acting is done through the tools of willpower, discipline and constancy then we won’t only channel her energy physically, but we will get to a point in which we will fuse with Her at a spiritual level. This is when we begin to see through Her eyes, and we are able to see the universe in is pure reality. For this we must become rooted and allow ourselves to be the individual that each one of us is meant to be. There are different phases of the goddess within us, and these aspects will ultimately melt into one, making it easier for us to be center in the essence of the Divine.

To see through the eyes of the Divine Feminine means we become one with our higher self, and therefore, we become creators of our lives. This is what we are acting for, but the goal is never the purpose. The purpose is to enjoy the path. Connect to the goddess though dancing with the moon, lighting a candle, understanding your cycles, recognizing your womb is a temple, by taking care of our mother earth and by acting as Her.

Dear sister, as we connect to the Divine Feminine we begin to see through her eyes, because she has never been external to us, but we have eternally being one.

Light & Peace,

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