Why I am a…Seeker of The Sacred Spirit

Why I am a…Seeker of The Sacred Spirit April 12, 2013

All efforts to put words to what we feel seem woefully inadequate when we are confronted with the overwhelmingly Sacred Spirit of the universe. Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have attempted with symbols, dances, and words to share their experiences. We have used meditation and hallucination to recreate and share those freeing feelings.

As a Roman Catholic, my religion had rituals that included litanies of terms by which we called upon “God” and the saints. We had chants, songs , actions of great theater, incense, fire, costumes, and even the miracle of turning bread and water into the body and blood of our hero/savior, Jesus. I believed that “God” spoke Latin. I accepted it as normal that I didn’t understand “God” language just as I couldn’t understand my grandparents Cajun French. I was transported to a surreal plain.

I seek The Sacred Spirit in everything in the universe, and I believe that all of The Sacred Energy will eventually converge as one again. I believe it is my duty to work toward expanding the scope and reach of the sparks of The Sacred pirit that I am granted. Any one religion is simply too limiting for me.

Yvette Autin Warren
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