Brightonians clamour to buy 'Fuck Religion'

Brightonians clamour to buy 'Fuck Religion' July 4, 2007

IF IT had been mounted in any city other than Brighton, an exhibition in June featuring the work of artist Dan Baldwin would probably have drawn howling packs of holy-rollers demanding its immediate closure.
But the large crowds who descended on the art gallery Ink’d were not there to protest; they were driven instead by their desire to get their hands on the controversial Brighton artist’s work – in particular his piece entitled “Fuck Religion”, which sold out in less than an hour after the opening of a private viewing.
Commented studio director Dan Hipkin.

We were amazed. We were expecting a good turnout because we know how much Dan is in the eye of the storm in the art world at the moment, but we didn’t expect anything like this.

Baldwin’s works feature in collections all over the world. He has exhibited alongside artists like Tracey Emin, Julian Opie, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Antony Micallef, Banksy, Jamie Hewlett, Peter Blake and Vic Reeves.
His work has a sinister yet beautiful feel to it – dealing with topics such as politics, religion, and innocence. He incorporates graphic symbolism with pop elements –  often conflicting beauty and the sinister in one piece.
Seventy-five limited edition prints of “Fuck Religion were sold” – at £400 each.
NOTE: Based on statistics from the last census, Brighton and Hove has more non-believers than any other British city, earning it the title of the UK’s most godless city.

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