Say NO to London's planned mega-mosque!

Say NO to London's planned mega-mosque! July 15, 2007

A growing number of non-Muslims in the UK are growing more and more concerned that permission will be granted to the Muslim sect Tablighi Jamaat to build a mega-mosque at the site of the London Olympics in the east of the Capital.

When the proposal emerged it was envisaged that the first phase of the mosque alone would accommodate 10,000 worshippers. But, the final number, including visitors, could be as many as 70,000.

Many experts describe Tablighi Jamaat, whose name means “Proselytising Group”, as a peaceful, apolitical movement, devoted to spreading Islam, but others accuse it of links with Islamic extremism and even terrorism. Although Tablighi Jamaat has never been implicated in any act of terror, two of the 7/7 bombers, Mohammad-Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, regularly visited its headquarters in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

megamosque.jpgA decision on whether it gets the go-ahead will rest not with Newham’s elected councillors but with the quango the Thames Gateway Development Corporation. The National Secular Society has more details here.
A petition has been set up asking the Government to stop the plans for the mosque, which, if allowed to proceed, will place a huge, triumphalist Islamic “footprint” on the capital, and create a vast Muslim enclave in East London.
Please sign the online petition, which closes on July 18, here.

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  • Stuart Hartill

    I’d have to advise some caution about this petition.
    I received an ‘invitation’ to sign it via an apparent chain letter. Looking down this it was obviously being distributed by people involved in UKIP, and as a veteran ‘fascist watcher’ I also recognise old names from some of the three-nutters-and-a-dog breakaways from the old National Front which preceded the BNP.
    If this is the same petition, I’d have thought the references to preserving a ‘Christian nation’ were also a dead giveway.

  • Android

    I note that, on the petition site, you’re directed to a statement by Livingstone, which says, inter alia, the following:

    All religious faiths have the equal right to construct places of worship, subject to the appropriate planning permissions. The particularly vicious nature of the campaign against a possible Muslim place of worship in East London should be condemned by all of those who support the long established right of freedom of religion in this country, and all the more so as it is based on information which has long been established to be factually untrue.

    If all this is so much garbage, then, yes, there are malign forces behind the petition (although it doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea to pre-empt such a barmy idea as yet another mosque). However, while I’m an atheist, I recognise that, if – and I mean if – we are to recognise any religion at all as being what part of our culture is based on, it’s Christianity. While I have a lot of issues with Christianity, I have more with Islam. It’s a foreign, alien religion, unpredicatable, with no structure and a lot of hotheads. Much as I detest Catholicism, I don’t see any of them going around inciting murder, as someone has been jailed for only this week at the Old Bailey following the Danish cartoon protests of last year. Yes, we should allow any religion to practise its, well, its practices, but we should keep a very wary eye on its encroachment and any attempt on its part to change the culture we have fashioned in this country, to our own liking (give or take).

  • O.E

    This Mega-Mosque should be called out for what it is, Social hyjacking of England. Im not religious or faith driven when I say that so leave the strawmen arguements aside. All this Mosque will do is ensconse the Political Correctness pacification of England, its Goverment, our laws and our way of life to new and impeding levels. London will be socially segregated even further and it open the doors to the Radical Islmaic flavour that has been uncovered with terrifying results already.
    It has been said that online petetions have been hijacked by both British Nationalists and Islamic supporters alike, Each as bad as one another but at least the Home-team is right to take measures against such a project.
    Imagine it,The capacity of such a building is said to range from between 40,000 to 70,000. Muslims have incentive to further ruin Londons social intergration problem. So much for England, so much for our Capital City, so much for our Anthem…
    “Allah save our dimmmn Queen….”

  • well i am not racist or againt islam but i do not agree with this Megs-Mosque, this is a christian country in name but sadly these days NOT by nature :< what ever happened to the days when everyone attended chapel on a sunday, in wales we have 2 chapels closing each day/lush and lovely chapels full of history and thhe people of this country who are ‘christians’ dont even bother going to them to worship God.The poeple of wales and the uk weill regret not supporting OUR churches when they are all gone and theres nothign but mosques here. why? is ay no to this mosque, i am very saddened and WE will not be going to NO olympic games in 2012.

  • thomas

    That Ken Livingstone 1960s free love bastard. Its the likes of him that have Birmingham and other places in the state they are in today.
    Someone needs to drown that bastard. Muslims will take over its a matter of time, so you better wake up and be more carefull as to where you shop.
    I wrote to caburys about islam writings on there products, i will boycott Caburys. thomas