There's nothing sacred in virginity

There's nothing sacred in virginity July 17, 2007

Would that we had a new agenda, a sexually-informed education system that truly empowered teens, that taught open-minded respect for bodies and flesh, pleasure and joy and physical/spiritual awareness.
Sure, include STDs and appropriate birth-control information, but not as a deterrent, not as some sort of nasty weapon of fear. Rather, arm your virgin daughters and inept sons with slick and giddy reverence for the joys of the flesh, for its potential to transform and ease tension and make you realize all is not so wrong and sinful and hateful with the world.
Would we not be utterly transformed? Would we not finally be free of the sneering, churlish mentality that somehow thinks virgins are dumb, immaculate prizes to be won? Let’s just say it: There is no sacredness in the virgin. There is only the fear, were she to be educated and empowered and really let loose, of what she could become.

– By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist. (See the full article here)

Morford’s piece preceded the case of 16-year-old Lydia Playfoot, who has just lost a discrimination case against her school, by just over a year, but the points he makes have particular relevance in the wake of the Playfoot saga.
Even more interesting is an expose of a key figure behind the Silver Ring Thing in the UK – professional virgin and right-wing Christian fanatic Denise Pfeiffer who was directly involved in bringing the franchise to the UK in 2004, at which time she was described as its ‘Assistant National Director’.
According to a piece entitled “Asexual Nazis for God?” on the Ministry of Truth website:

In 1994, a British-born Michael Jackson fan, Denise Pfeiffer, was charged with making obscene calls to the father of the boy who accused the pop star of molesting him. So far as can be ascertained, we are talking about the same Denise Pfeiffer here – she was deported after this incident.

Pfeiffer’s name again came to the fore in the anti-fascist newsletter, Red Leicester, which reported:

Leicester’s [gay] Mardi Gras event has been cancelled after Denise Pfeiffer, an ex-Mickey Mouse saleswoman, NF supporter, fanatical Michael Jackson fan (since he became white) and former model told them to beat it.
Denise Pfeiffer and the ‘Silent Majority’ tell us they are not homophobic, but are simply promoting family values. This is quite strange considering Denise Pfeiffer scaled a 8ft fence lined with spikes, entered a house and then proceeded to threaten the family of Jordy Chandler, who happens to be the boy Michael Jackson paid £15m after allegations of abuse.

With people like this involved in the Silver Ring Thing, it is absolutely right for schools to take a stand against crazy Christian cults such these.

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