Condell hits top a million

Condell hits top a million August 11, 2007

British atheist and comedian Pat Condell, who is a member of the National Secular Society, has notched up over a million hits on the web for his five-minute “video monologue” entitled The Trouble with Islam.

Pat Condell reveals: “It has also received well over 100,000 hits on YouTube, proving that there is an enthusiastic audience for comedy ideas and opinions which are routinely censored out of existence in the UK’s mainstream media, thanks to misguided political correctness.”In May this year, members of the City of Berkeley’s Peace and Justice Commission drew widespread ridicule when they publicly condemned the video as racist hate speech. See the full report here.Pat has his own website, introduced by the words “I don’t respect your beliefs

and I don’t care if you’re offended.” Visit him here, and prepare to be amused.
UPDATE: (14th Aug) Another excellent video, this time with a soundtrack by the great George CarlinA Short List of Gods:

(Hat tip to Stardust Musings)

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