'Miracle' woman abandoned to poverty by nuns

'Miracle' woman abandoned to poverty by nuns September 6, 2007

AN INDIAN woman whose “miracle” cure from cancer was instrumental in the beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta has accused the Sisters of Charity of abandoning her to poverty.indian-woman.jpg
Monica Besra’s complaint struck a sour note during commemorations of the 10th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death.
mothert.jpgMrs Besra, 40, became an overnight celebrity in September 1998 when she reported that she had been cured of a tumour after praying to Mother Teresa while pressing a medallion bearing the nun’s image to her side.

The “miracle” was claimed as Mother Teresa’s first posthumous act of healing – she died in 1997 – and was cited at a ceremony in October 2003 in which the nun was beatified by the Vatican.
See the full report in The Age here.

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