Muslims kick off again over Swedish Motoons

Muslims kick off again over Swedish Motoons September 8, 2007

THE symbolism of the dog is a deliberate attempt to infuriate Muslims. The dog is considered an impure creature in Islam and is not even welcome in the Muslim home because angels are afraid of it and will not enter.modggie.jpg

This is part of a rant in an editorial in the Khaleej Times, written by Kuwaiti-based American writer and convert to Islam, Sumayyah Meehan.
She states:

Once again the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been degraded in yet another Danish (sic) cartoon. This time Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks targetted the noble Prophet in the most disgusting fashion.

She suggests that Muslims are themselves to blame for the latest “insults” because they did not keep up the boycott of Danish goods after the publication of Motoons in Denmark.

Muslims are once again buying them [Danish goods] and supporting a country that never even apologised for the insults. The message that Muslims as a whole sent was that our reaction is only temporary and proved that the Ummah is a ‘soft-target’ … I firmly believe that Muslims had the right to be angry in 2005 as they do now.

shihtzu.jpgShe adds:

If Muslims decided to unite and boycott Swedish goods it should not be a limited boycott like the Danish one was. It should be a permanent lifelong commitment to avoid all Swedish products. It should be something you teach your children to do and even your grandchildren. It’s easy for the enemies of Islam to insult our religion and our Prophet but it’s even easier for us to not support them with our dirhams and dinars. The quickest way to bring any nation to its knees is to hit them where it hurts … their wallet.
You can see the full editorial here.

Meanwhile, a Muslim woman could face charges after admitting that she sent death threats to a Swedish artist who made a series of drawings depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog, according to the International Herald Tribune.

The woman, who was not named, admitted under questioning that she had threatened Lars Vilks in telephone calls and e-mails, said Hakan Lund, a police spokesman in Helsingborg, southern Sweden.

“She threatened him with death. She didn’t say she would do it herself, but that she’s encouraging like-minded people to do so,” Lund said.
Vilks’ drawings, one of which appeared in the newspaper Nerikes Allehanda infuriated Swedish Muslims. The paper printed it as part of an editorial criticizing Swedish art galleries for chickening out of displaying the sketches.
Lund described the woman as a “devout Muslim” but said there were no indications that she was part of any militant network. He said she was originally from the former Yugoslavia.
“She feels insulted and it seems she just wasn’t able to bite her tongue on this,” Lund said.
The woman could face fines or up to one year in prison for unlawful threats. Lund said he would hand the case to prosecutors, who would decide whether to press charges.
Vilks told Swedish news agency TT that the woman said he would be “slaughtered”, and that she had “brothers in al-Qaida.”
Nerikes Allehanda’s August 19 publication of Vilks’ cartoon drew protests last week from Iran and Pakistan, and from Swedish Muslim groups who demonstrated peacefully outside the paper’s offices in Orebro, 200 kilometers (125 miles) west of Stockholm. The Swedish Muslim Federation has said it will sue the newspaper for inciting hatred against ethnic groups.
Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said politicians cannot “pass judgment” on the free press, but expressed regret at the hurt they may have caused.
“Let me be the first to express regret that people have now been upset or offended,” Reinfeldt said in a statement posted on the government’s web site Wednesday.
“Personally, I would never consciously act in a way that is perceived as provoking or offending other religions.”
See full report here.

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  • irene

    As images are forbidden in Islam – how do muslims know that the cartoon is Mohammed???
    Surely murder is worse than showing an image – this kind of religion is a bandwagon for people with evil thoughts looking for any excuse to do wrong to another human being. They are overgrown bullies who need to wake up and see all religion for what it is – a collective group of the worlds best salesmen, selling you at best a dream and at worst a nightmare.
    I’d rather everyone took to becoming cartoonist than priests or imams

  • Phoenix

    If Muslims eternally boycotted every nation that ticked them off, they would soon find themselves even deeper in the dark ages than they currently are. Unless, of course, they find a way to make sand edible.

  • Jennifer

    Oh dear. Every time one of those cartoons gets published I feel like punching the air.
    Freedom of expression & of the press supersedes anybody’s hypersensitivity over religion. Really.