Shreddies triumph over fruitcakes as Cardiff Christians clash

Shreddies triumph over fruitcakes as Cardiff Christians clash September 8, 2007

THEY had portable shredding machines and they made it quite clear that they were not afraid to use them.
poster.jpgThese were pro-gay members of Cardiff’s United Reform Church, and they turned out in force to destroy homophobic fliers that were being distributed at Cardiff’s annual Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras last weekend by Stephen “Stay a Virgin, marry a Virgin” Green, who heads the crackpot Christian Voice organisation, and a pitiful band of his delusional followers.
According to a report in the Brighton gay paper, One 80, scores of CV’s homophobic leaflets were seized by the the URC posse, and destroyed on the spot.
Said Amanda Smith, one of the shreddies:

We brought the shredder especially for the Christian Voice leaflets as a lot of people are offended by it. It’s offensive that people think that Christian Voice’s view is that of all Christians – it is not.

CV members – still smarting from the humiliation they suffered at Brighton Pride at the beginning of August when they were corralled by police at the entrance to Preston Park, and had no chance of distributing their hate literature – were stopped in their tracks in Cardiff’s Bute Park by the police, who told them they could only give them out at the entrance to the park.
Bleated one of the CV protestors, who refused to be named:

We have been victimised because we are Christians. We’re not here to upset anyone. We know a lot of people who used to be gay, but now they are not and they are living a normal family life.

Oh yeah? Just like we at the Freethinker know Pekinese who are now Persians!

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