Child abuse rife in madrassas and mosques

Child abuse rife in madrassas and mosques November 28, 2007

THE conviction this month of a Manchester Imam who beat an 11-year-old boy with a mop handle for talking during a lesson at a mosque, serves as a timely reminder of the dangers children face in Islamic institutions both in the UK and abroad.
imam.jpgGuhlam Mustapha Hazarvi, 42, dragged the frightened boy into the corner of a classroom and beat him. The boy, according to a report in the Manchester Evening News, suffered “horrific” bruising following the assault at the Newton Street mosque, off Penny Meadow, Ashton-under-Lyne.
During a lesson in May, the boy’s friend leant over and asked him to help with a word he couldn’t understand. The innocent chatter sent Hazarvi into a rage.
Jon Savage, prosecuting at Hazarvi’s trial, said: “He took exception and grabbed the boy by the collar, dragging him into the corner. He hit him with the stick several times.
Hazarvi admitted assault causing actual bodily harm at Bolton Crown Court.
After learning Hazarvi had remained in place at the mosque, Judge Brian Appleby told him:

If this was a school you would be out of a job, however, in actual fact, the community have stood by you. The boy was in your care and you were his teacher. You have not put forward the cultural excuse that you were able to reprimand the child in this way. Under English law you cannot.

The judge said that Hazarvi could be jailed for the offence but decided to sentence him to a 12-month community order with six months supervision and ordered him to carry out 80 hours unpaid work.
In March, 2006, it was widely reported in the UK media that up to 100,000 Muslim children studying in Britain’s madrassas were at “significant risk” of physical or sexual abuse.
According to the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, imams were not taking their duty to protect children seriously and were exposing young girls and boys to lasting damage.

It said that failure to tackle this taboo and implement a transparent, co-ordinated child protection scheme could leave the community open to “an avalanche of child sex-abuse scandals” similar to those of the Roman Catholic Church in the 1990s.
The MPGB reveraled that up to 40 per cent of teachers in madrassas hit or scold their children and that between 15 and 20 cases of sex abuse occur each year.
pervy.jpgMadrassas are largely unregulated after-school clubs run by mosques, to teach children about the Koran and how to speak Arabic. Although they are obliged to follow the laws set down by the Children Act 1989, no single body such as Ofsted monitors their performance and they are accountable to no one. Some madrassas educate up to 500 children.
In December, 2004, A Pakistani government minister invoked the wrath of Muslim clerics when he revealed that hundreds of cases of child sex abuse occur each year at Islamic schools.
According to a BBC report, in 2004, there were 500 complaints of abuse committed by clerics, Aamer Liaquat Hussain, a minister in the religious affairs department, said.
Mr Hussain said he had received death threats from clerics after he exposed the scandal, but that he had done his job and his conscience was clear. He added:

The time has come for his country to face the bitter truth – the sickness of child abuse.

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  • Nasty looking character!
    What is that ensures that religion and abusiveness so often go hand in hand? I suspect that the answer is that moralistic authoritarian childhoods beget moralistic authoritarians who are ‘control freaks’.

  • is one man doing a wrong thing indicates that his religion asks or agrees him to do it,, if you think that then that is so wrong.
    an example:
    45% of sexually abused children in America are done by a first degree relatives
    does that mean that all american are child predators ??!!!!!!!
    Can any person with a brain answer me .
    I am muslim and non of this happens and there is no control freeks as you see
    you are just like cheap only follows what their master tells them to go,
    stop this non sense and for one second start thinking rationally

  • JonQAtheist

    Wow, a muslim telling an atheist to start thinking rationally…
    The word “Irony” just doesn’t seem to do it.

  • i hate atheist

    you atheist don’t believe in nothing then that means you are nothing you are not humans if you don’t believe in god then you are nothing to me or anyone and your comments means nothing. you are nothing just a loser looking for attention.

  • Barry Duke

    @ I Hate Atheist: While we encourage visitors’ comments on this site, we do expect them to stick to the topic. Have a nice … and we hope you get well soon.

  • These morons want to rule the world through a kaliffa full of ignorance, stupidity, hatred, idiocy, backwardness. Allah must be very desperate.

  • Those Are Not Muslem,They Are:-
    The people of the Shiites…

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  • kholyo

    Islam prohibited these action and prohibited any type of abuse >>>> its a individual action dosent refer to islam
    mosques aplace just for praying to god and a place for god activity toward community <<< i used to go to mosque for 15 years , i didnt see any thing of these myth

  • surk

    tawy, “45% of sexually abuse children in America are done by a first degree relatives” Can you please give us the source of your info about 45% and first degree relative? you say”I am Muslim and non of this happens and there is no control freaks as you see.” I have lived in Afghanistan,and the Pathans are the worst for being pediophilia, so don’t say “non of this happens” To i hate atheist, You say” You atheist don’t believe in any thing then that means you are nothing, you are NOT human if you don’t believe in God,then you are nothing to me or anyone and your comments mean nothing.” What a sweeping are not the only one on this planet, there are millions of atheists ,they mean some thing to each other, may be not to you!!
    Kholyo, “Islam prohibited these action and prohibited any type of abuse >>>it’s a individual action doesn’t refer to Islam” Are you sure? Sura 25:22″ We shall give them fruit and meat as they desire.They will pass from hand to hand a cup inspiring no idle talk, no sinful urge;and there shall wait on them young BOYS of their own as fair as hidden pearls .And they will converse with one another.” So in Islam homosexuality is allowed in Allah Heaven.Also read Sura 52:20, You say “I use to go to Mosque for 15 years ,I don’t see any thing of these myth”. Do you honestly believe that your Imam or cleric would tell you or any body else that he is have sax with young boy in the mosque?Oodev, Those are not Muslims , they are ;The people of shiites…Muslims will never do any some thing like this, How do you know it? Do you know that your so called prophet Mo-Ham-Mad, at the age of 52 married 6 years old girl Aisha? And he also married his own daughter-in-law? So before you Muslims come here and pass your comments read your Quran and stop giving us your BS.

  • Syrian muslim

    i really dont like to bother you but can you tell me where did you get ur info
    just TO say that you r just a photocopier and believe in every thing u see on the net,i want to tell you that our prophet died when he was 41 years old and the one you r talking about maybe was invented by your goverment…..

  • Girl

    I’m muslim.I really didn’t see that happened in islam before as I think the picture is fabric by someone am sure or this human is not muslim from wat plannet these people come from.There is no such a thing happen in Islam especially the quraan abuse homesexuality nd wat’s the wrong wiz relatives married mmm like cousins married ^o) I think they proved biological that relatives married will not have an effects like on children nd in islam we’re allowing relatives married sooo everyone how he believe he will follow ass christians prohibited relatives married so i respect their religion nd wat they follow…

  • Adnan

    I’m a muslim and I remember I used to get beatings for mispronouncing any of the Arabic letters in the Quran, not that I knew what they meant. As far as muslim parents should be concerned these statistics are most likely to be accurate and I have experienced first hand of what these illiterate imams can do.

  • atheist =)

    i’m sorry for going away from the topic but i HAVE to say this! =)
    its funny i got to this page and somehow decided to reply… i’m a muslim girl or maybe just as everyone calls it. in my opinion atheism is the most sensible option… anyways, not here to start a debate about whos religion is right and whos wrong, everyone has the right to believe… just here to say a few things. firstly, all you people who’re posting here saying islam doesn’t allow this stuff then you need to see all the other stuff these people are doing that “islam” doesn’t allow. since i’m muslim myself i know my religion and whats going on pretty well so before commenting weird opinions go do some research work… anyways, secondly, the holy prophet pbuh with all due respect was 52 when he married aisha who was 6. and thirdly, stop blaming others! :S why do sunni muslims go around saying “oh the shias did it!” and vice vera!? why don’t you people stop to think that whatever happened was wrong and now you need to think of something to end it not blame it on someone else! and technically you can’t put an end to this but you CAN post sensible comments WITHOUT accusing someone before even knowing it!
    learn to respect beliefs of people! its a very common saying that people treat you just as you treat them, i’m sure you’ve all heard of it but who does!? go through this thread once, show me one person who even tried to tolerate anyone else… you people can’t focus on anything if you can’t discuss something with each other without criticising other members…

  • atheist =)

    oh and i believe one of all the people curious to find flaws and criticize would be there to say i’m posting with the name atheist and in my post i say i’m muslim so for anyone whos wondering about that, i posted with the name atheist because to me its more like free thinker than religion-less… i call myself atheist because i dont believe in things most people around the world do. i believe in myself and i think thats what matters. and please don’t remark on my beliefs if you can’t prove to me that the things you believe in actually exist! anyways, have a nice day ya’ll! and learn something from what i tried to say =) you’ll have a better life if you learn to live and let live!

  • atheist =)

    two people i’d like to appreciate on this thread are JonQAtheist and Surk! good going both of you! cheers! 🙂

  • noha

    1-prophet mohamed never had male children. that so-called son of his was adopted. the boy was never mohamed’s blood. later on, because of that incidence, god forbade adoption in islam and allowed child support only.
    2-the above quotation from the quran said that people in heaven will be served by these young servants, while marry virgins. quran is very explicit and needs no speculations.
    3-aisha, her age, her marriage, her very existence, are historian claims with no evidence.
    4-morals, values, and standards are relative among human beings with no regard to their sex, religion, political views, nationality, or age.
    5-the credibility of the sources of news, photos, and quotes are only measured by our own favourability and convictions.

  • samira

    First of all to all the people on here that have so far left a comment, you should be quite ashamed of yourselves for what you say. The behaviour of people that so call themselves ‘Muslims’ is different then to what the Holy Qur’an and our religion ISLAM tells us. If an Imam does wrong, it doesn’t mean that ISLAM says so, it simply is that he doesn’t believe in it, and doesn’t ‘care’ that what he does is wrong. This behaviour of the Imam can not be attached to the religion, because one persons action, does not mean it is the religions fault, it is the persons itself who will be punished deeply if he did do it. It happends in every religion, in every country, and in every state. If this happened in a Jewish community, the religion would not get blamed for it, but the person who did it. If a priest had done this, it would’t or I would say SHOULD’T get blamed on christianity, simply because ONE PERSONS actions does not mean that it is the RELIGION who teaches them to do so, but it is the persons actions themselves.
    This can not be compared and brought together to religion. I don’t understand why you people are fighting, arguing and saying wrong things. It doesn’t matter what you are (religion wise), these actions are wrong. And due to the fact that we know it is wrong, it is also wrong to blame the religion on it, because you should know, that the religion teaches different.
    Why do non-muslims always try to find a new way to make ISLAM (meaning: PEACE, look so bad. If it was known in its correct ways, you would understand its true meaning. So to all you people, seriously.. don’t believe what you read on the internet, – ANYONE could have put it up, get out there.. READ THE QUR’AN and its translation yourselves, and then decided whether its teachings are right or wrong. A person can say what it wants, but a book created by god, can only be the words of god.. And yeah, you would’t know that for sure UNTILL YOU READ IT YOURSELVES.
    Im not having a go at anyone, but what im saying is.. Think carefully before you talk. And that a religion should not be put or blamed for, for something like this. Why bring Islam (or in another case, another religion)in to it, it has nothing to do with this disgraceful behaviour. Their 2 different things,
    1) A persons actions and self believes
    2) The meaning and teachings of the religion itself.
    And finally, just remember, anyone could say their a Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh or Christian by mouth and be identified through it by NAME, yet.. that does not mean, it is what the religion itself teaches you!
    So please, don’t critisice any religions,just think the best of them, and if you have a doubt, read the books that tell you about them, the real books, such as the Bible and the Qur’an, because they will make you realise the truth.
    Thank You 🙂

  • Abdullah K.

    Having been two years in a madrassa in a Muslim dominated part of India, I have experienced first hand some of the child abuses mentioned in this article. My teacher (Huzoor) in Hifz class used to repeatedly kick and cane us around (with full force, no less) for the slightest of errors reciting in a language that we didn’t even no (and can’t pronounce in the first attempt because of our accent differences). He was also a child molester, he and a fellow 15 year old favourite of his used to spend hours closeted in their bedroom. (Eventually he was caught and kicked out, but since the Madrassa and Muslim community didn’t want to ‘tarnish the face of Islam’ they didn’t report him to the authorities to be legally tried). The last act of ‘generousity’ on the part of Muslims was the first blow to my faith of Islam being a religious ‘better’ than others. The irony is that my faith in Islam got shattered in one of the holiest places on learning about Islam – the Madrassa.
    A lot of Muslims know about these incidents, but living in an ‘infidel’ society, they are scared of opening these can of worms, lest ‘infidels’ see Islam for being any less perfect as they try to make it.

  • Havva

    In Allahs book it’s revealed that a muslim will not do any fakhish(illigality) as a muslim so from the minute he does so he is out of the blessing. Very simple, nowhere to discuss.Atheists are mother fuckers. after coming from their moms abdomen they refuse their moms. they beleive that they are self dependants. But ask them to form anything themselves except the fake dirty windy words they cannot. They are the blind commers that Rasul had mentioned.

  • proud to be a muslim!

    i agree with samira .. dont judge wat u dont know .. and dont judge religion on ppl’s actions .. whoever does not get that ur really arrogant .. am sure u dont write ur essays etc without real facts (the WHOLE facts) .. read the quraan!!
    and by the way there is only one God and christian, jews and muslims pray to the same one… and whoever does not have a religion or belief one question … who created u?
    May God be upon u=)

  • malayalee

    1st you read QUR’AN and understand

  • Sword of Allah

    heres my description of an atheist and it fits very well with what they believe… yes believe…
    Atheists are monkeys who think a tornado sweeps through a scrapyard and as a result a boeing passenger plane is produced.
    If you look around you there are signs for those who believe and are of understanding. Atheists lack understanding and reasoning. If you see a watch in the middle of a desert, what conclusion would you draw?
    yes the reult of the watch being formed was due to the force of this hidden power of the universe. what BS.Atheists lack thinking capability.
    Islam condemns homosexuality. If anyone is found guilty of such actions he would be put to death in an islamic shariah.
    Mr. Surk… where in the verse you quoted does it say have sex with little boys. Those boys are a creation of Allah which will serve those in heaven. They will have no tiredness or ill feeling. They are created to serve.
    Islam is the way. Those who reject will burn in the hellfire. khalas

  • believer

    Peace to all of you! TO SURK: Firstly I belive the so called ‘Translation’ of both the sura verses you implied to are actually posted by a minister;
    ….To find such distortions advertised and guised as true Quranic tranlations is very common amongst non-muslims, especially amongst Christians as they feel very threatened by the Truth that Islam holds, therefore they feel compelled to create lies. If you are interested and brave enough to explore Quranic text translated by Muslim Scholars please refer to the following links
    Both Yusuf Ali and Pickthall are the most accurate and common translations, Please bear in mind to fully comprehend the full meaning of the Quran one must understand Arabic, as some aspects of its beauty is diluted when read in non arabic language, such as the rythmical qualities which is a miracle in its self as no human is capable of producing such a concise master piece of writing and the science behind it is very interesting if you can cope with the challenge. We are all human being and essentially, it is our hearts that we follow regardless of which religion we decide to follow or not. It is our actions that purify our hearts or, blacken them, which ever you are inclined to. Peace…

  • conrad