Laughing religion off the planet with Pat Condell

Laughing religion off the planet with Pat Condell February 27, 2008

With over 5 million hits on YouTube, and another couple of million on LiveLeak, Pat Condell is a leading voice of atheism on the internet. He is also a stand-up comedian, a playwright, a former lumberjack, a talk-show panelist, and a subscriber to The Freethinker.
We tracked the blaspheming infidel down to a garden shed in London and asked him a few questions.

The Freethinker: Your first Youtube video was a response to the Blasphemy Challenge. Was this your first foray into the world of internet video? If so, did you imagine that it would snowball like it did?
Pat Condell: Yes, it was. I didn’t know what to expect. I was looking for ways to publicise my stand-up show when I heard about the Blasphemy Challenge. It looked like fun, so I devised a little rant about how much I deny the holy spirit (quite a lot, as it happens), made the video in my garden shed and posted it on YouTube. The positive response convinced me that this was a medium I should explore further.
I didn’t know much about YouTube, but I guessed that most of the audience would be in America, so I made ‘Hello America‘ about how I see the relationship between our two countries. Again the response was very positive, especially from Americans. It was viewed thousands of times in a few days, and I realised I could reach a lot more people like this than in a lifetime of performing in small theatres. So I mothballed the stand-up show, much of which was topical anyway, and decided to make more videos.
Then somebody alerted me to LiveLeak, a site with a more newsy edge than YouTube. I posted my videos there and ‘The trouble with Islam‘ took off. To date it has had more than 1,750,000 hits, and with 380,000 on YouTube, it’s now been seen well over two million times.
FT: What do you like about internet video as a medium?
PC: It’s open to anyone. We no longer have to ask someone else’s permission to communicate with a wider audience.
I’ve been criticising religion for years, but only in comedy clubs. Whenever I tried to do it in the mainstream media I was censored, especially by the BBC where jokes about the subject are always heavily edited, and it’s virtually impossible to say anything at all about Islam.
The internet allows all of us to bypass these self-appointed gatekeepers and communicate our ideas without interference.
FT: How has becoming an “internet celebrity” changed your life?
PC: Thanks, but I’m not any kind of celebrity. I’m just speaking my mind. My personal life hasn’t changed, I’m glad to say, because I’m very happy with it as it is.
FT: Your attacks on religion in general, and Islam in particular, have led many people to describe you as “fearless”. Are you?
PC: No. I get death threats and I take them seriously. However, I’ve never responded well to bullies, and I have no intention of starting now.
FT: Christian evangelist Dinesh D’Sousa has accused you of being smug. How do you respond to this?
PC: People have called me a lot worse. I’d never heard of this guy until someone directed me to his blog. Since then I’ve read his book on Christianity, and I didn’t see anything in it to warrant respecting his opinion on anything, so he can call me whatever he likes.
FT: Do you still do stand-up?
PC: I haven’t worked the circuit full time for years. I wrote my last show specifically to say something about religion. Confronted first hand by the political correctness at the BBC, I felt the subject was being falsely represented and legitimate opinion was being censored. As a result, religion, and Islam in particular, was getting an inflated idea of its own importance. Stand-up was the medium I knew best, and as I didn’t see anybody else in the comedy world queuing up to address this situation I elected myself.
FT: How would you describe your personal philosophy?
PC: I’m a vegetarian and I strongly support animal rights. (I hope that’s OK with Jesus.)
I find it hard not to smile at religion’s conceit that we’re superior to animals on the basis that we have souls and they don’t, when five minutes in a slaughterhouse would convince anyone that, if anything, it’s animals who have the souls and human beings who don’t.
As for my opposition to religion, it’s not about theology – I couldn’t care less whether God exists or not – it’s a civil rights issue. I believe everyone should be free to determine their own experience in life and not have it imposed by someone else. We don’t need our reality filtered through religious dogma any more than we need spring water adulterated with chemicals.
FT: What is your favourite thing about religion?
PC: If nothing else it is genuinely inclusive. Nobody is rejected, as it doesn’t require intelligence, only faith. Not that some intelligent people aren’t religious. There are people with biochemistry degrees who devote their lives to proving Genesis true. Nobody could call those people unintelligent, but they are fools.
The best thing about religion is that it’s so transparently absurd it can’t possibly last forever. I’m convinced it will only take a small shift in human consciousness for it to be laughed off the planet, and I hope I’m still around when that happens.
FT: What about the future? Will we see a collection of your videos on the market?
PC: Yes. The Richard Dawkins Foundation is issuing a non-profit DVD of my first thirty-five videos which should be out soon.
FT: What can we do to resist the growing influence of religion?
PC: We can speak out. That’s what the internet is for, and it’s the only reason my voice is being heard. We need to make as much noise as religious people do, and with as much certainty about our right to do so.
Nobody should be bullied into showing respect they don’t think is deserved. If you hear somebody claiming special treatment because of their faith you’re entitled to say: ‘No, I object to this. It offends me, it insults my beliefs, and it’s a violation of my human rights.’
Use their tactics if you feel strongly enough. Make a nuisance of yourself. Make an official complaint. Take it to a tribunal. As an atheist you’re part of a minority whose beliefs are constantly ignored and marginalised while religious prejudice is pandered to and encouraged, and you have every right to be offended by that.
Also, I would urge everyone to join the National Secular Society and the British Humanist Association, both of whom do excellent work in the cause of sanity.
Remember, one person on their own can’t do much, but a million people each doing a little every day can change things very quickly.
UPDATE (1/4/08): Here is Pat’s latest video, a comment on the uproar surrounding Geert Wilders’ anti-Koran film Fitna:

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  • MelM

    I always look forward to Pat’s priceless comments about religion. Really, ridicule is a valid mode of attack. It’s necessary that people who are engaged in preposterous modes of thought and end up with heads full of religious rubish, gain no respect from unbelievers. Make them look at themselves.
    As an example of what could happen if freedom of speech is lost in a bid to stop “hate speech”, here’s a paragraph from an email argument with a member of the “Peace and Justice Commission” in my city–a city well known to Pat. I was defending the idea that a religion is not a race. The commissioner wrote:

    I understand that race is not religion, but I think I made my point clearly enough and believe the term
    “racism” is being used more and more the way I did. As to how that has happened, it is intuitive. It feels like racism and ones natural response (at least mine,
    and others I’ve heard use the word similarly) is that the term applies.

    Unbelievable!! Imagine what would happen if a mentality like this were to be able to sit in judgement about “hate speech”.

  • ziggy

    What I would dearly like to know is why Pat Condell gets so much – enviable – attention on the Internet.
    It is rather important, because one wants voices of reason and atheism generally to reach as many people as possible, and that in as positive a way as possible, too.
    Promoters of atheism need to ascertain and then emulate his formula for success.

  • I have been watching Pat’s videos when they come out ever since he came on to YouTube. He is saying what a lot of people are thinking and he does it in an amusing and entertaining way. Keep it up Pat.

  • john blackburn

    thanks Pat.

  • “I hope one day we can wean ourselves off oil and Saudia arabia can return to the stone age”
    I do beleive i’ve just become a Green voter…

  • oliver

    When I saw Pat’s ‘The Trouble With Islam’, I thought, ‘that’s what I’ve been waiting for!’ Unadulterated reality, with a heavy dose of wit, unencumbered by crap about ‘diversity’ and other strategic diversions – and not coming from a neo-Mosleyite. It’s a shot of acid that cuts right through the flab in the liberal mind. It is worth ten thousand copies of the crapola ‘yes but, no but’ Guardian. Of course he’d get death threats! Those Islamo-tossers wouldn’t be doing their pathetic work if that wasn’t the case. Someone should bury it in the ground for exhumation in 100 years time, so that we can blanche that we gave Islam any time of day whatsoever.

  • Condell is yet another product of a secular, dysfunctional, justice starved society. He has allowed himself to be manipulated by the system, and has been led astray by HaSatan into pointing the finger of blame at all the wrong places; he is a rancid, malicious prophet of hopelessness, with which the Atheist creed is replete: offering nothing constructive; no hope, no reason, no dignity, no honor, no moral fabric, no brotherhood; no Ahavah/agape/love for the brothers of the nation; no answers, no solutions; just the wages of G-dless sin- death! Condell virtually foams at the mouth whilst spewing out his insults, a fanatical “whacko” with few peers in the religion of Atheism.
    In all honesty, I actually believe you to be a closet shylock. I notice how you have refrained from picking out the bones of Rabbinical Judaism. You’re just a Pharisee in the guise of Hitchen’s ventriloquist dummy. I pity you for your enslaved state of mind.

  • Bendigeiduran

    Golly gosh, Josiah, who did you say was the one foaming at the mouth?

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  • Bob Roberts

    Good satire Josiah!

  • Zonker

    @Jebediah …er, Josiah
    Yes, it’s so obvious that Mr. Condell is the one with the “enslaved mind”.
    Right… irony, anyone?

  • Marcus

    Let’s see if I’ve got this right, Josiah. Pat is an anti-semite, albeit a closeted one, because he has “REFRAINED from picking out the bones of Rabbinical Judaism.” This smacks to me of rampant paranoia. Clearly your religion militates against you reasoning logically.

  • Dick

    The only problem I have with Condell’s stuff is that it’s not that funny.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a fan, I enjoy it and very occaissionally it might raise a smile in me, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it comedy.
    It seemed like a very good move for him to leave the club circuit and concentrate on his video messages.
    I hope he continues and can make a good living out of it.

  • sid

    so whats ur opinion on israel in palestine..after all the land belongs to palestine

  • ime very interested in activism for atheism and look forward to pats video,s there is a genuine fear among ordinary people and it is expressed as an unwillingness to confront the unreasonable demands of religouse factions. ime sure most muslims are decent people but then so probably werte most germans under hitler and we all know what happened there. keep up the good work pat.

  • Daisie

    I’ve been a fan for several years and pleased that at last he is able to hit a wider audience.

  • smilingface

    I have always been listening to Pat Condell through iTunes and i really love it. Especially the one about Judaism was too good where he ends with “Shalom – i know it makes sense”.

  • Nicolai

    Pat Condell’s point that religious people are mostly stupid is interesting.
    I beleive that many intelligent people can be religious. In fact they can think very much much for themselves in just about any topic, but they cannot allow themselves to really think freely with respect to their religion because of their brainwashed upbringing. These people could never be converts to religion, just born into it.
    However, with time and education and if they are allowed to take time away from their religious peers, chances are they would start to dispel the fear and then begin to think. There is not chance of that happening with stupid people.
    Conversely I don’t believe that there can ever be stupid atheists. Eventually, they will be converted by someone into a believer.

  • darren james white

    well done pat, keep it up mate. about time us atheists had our say, i am sick of the religous sheep having it their way for so long, now its our turn and they hate it, they need to realise that if they can dish out they have to learn to take it too, we need more people like you and richard dawkins, sam harris etc to fight our fight against the virus that is religion.

  • Condell makes only biased, provocative and sarcastic attempts at character assassination; not a modicum of intellect and “humour” is contained in such base sport. Condell exhibits the lowest form of wit. In fact, when sarcasm is vomited out with Condell’s vile acerbity, it merely amounts to hate speech. Condell is a hateful bigot, a fanatic for his Atheist creed.

  • Pieter

    FITNA the Dutch controversial movie has a trailer since this week. Although it’s a French trailer I am sure the meaning of it’s content is sure for a few people out there.

  • Ivan

    Pat, your very much my hero. I think the way you present your views on atheism are as entertaining as they are vitally important. Please keep going mate.

  • Ben

    Thank you very much for being the voice of Atheists and people disgruntled with the behavior, and more importantly, the flaunting of native laws by Muslims. Great work Pat!

  • Dirty Leftie

    Keep on telling it like it is, Pat.
    You express so eloquently what I and (I am sure) many others think, especially about the “religion of peace”.
    More power to your elbow.

  • H. Twerda

    Dear Pat Condell,
    What do you think about the swift recognition of the Independence of Kosovo? Is it also an example of apeasing Islam, or is it totally separate from the apeasement, and simply done because they believe that this is necessary to be fair towards the people of Kosovo?

  • Ray

    Your “Appeasing Islam” video is right on the mark.
    I’m glad to hear someone in Europe poking a finger in the eye of multi-cultural morons!!
    Thanks from the USA

  • Ben Thomas

    Keep up the great work. I love your videos. Your sarcastic wit is wonderful and had me laughing until I almost cried. I agree with you on just about every aspect of your videos, and have for many years given almost as deep a thought as you have evidently done, except that you are far more elequent than I in expressing your moral outrage of the stupidity of humans to believe whatever they are fed by those they supposedly admire.
    Idiots almost all…….

  • A very clear, sensible chap. However, I dislike the videos. A picture of a person saying words is (largely) visually redundant.
    I shall stick to the reading bit.

  • MS

    Hey Josiah, if it’s hate speech you want then you’ll find monotheistic religion absolutely crammed with it.
    And that’s just the ‘holy’ books, imagine the sheep… sorry, followers…

  • Hello everyone
    What surprises us here in occupied Europe is that Pat Condell, who is living in UK, is still a live.

  • Garry

    Hello Pat
    Would 1stly like to say that I enjoy very much watching your video blogs on You tube. On the whole I totally agree with many of your views on religion, its influences on & within society. I can see that this is simply more than just a sarcastic stab at this relic of delusional & insidious aspect of human mind control. You are obviously a man of conviction so as a fellow atheist & a free thinker keep up the blogs, keep pumping put the message that religion represents nothing more than backward thinking and evolutionary regression. The world needs more atheists and less bigots!
    All the best
    Garry Haynes

  • BlackOak

    Yikes Josiah … sounds like you’ve been enslaved by your imaginary gods.

  • Dinesh de Souza

    I am a smug little jesus freak who seeks world domination. Someone should smack me in the mouth many many times.

  • I actively promote Pat’s videos from my news satire and bookmarking sites. I watched ‘Hello America’ and was an instant fan. Humor that’s highbrow is the most challenging to create and he does it in seeming stride. All of the videos are wonderful.

  • USBeast

    As an agnostic I find it hard to believe that any god capable of creating such a huge, multi-faceted universe would give a rat’s rump what his/her/its/their creations thought about it. The notion that there is only one “true religion” would be hilarious if so many people weren’t ready to kill non-believers over it.
    Pat has become a family favorite here at Beastly Manor and the cry of “Pat’s got a new one!” is greeted with shouts of delight and a stampede to the computer. Long may he rave and may all the gods he doesn’t believe in keep him safe.

  • Joe Kaffir

    Pat: Your “Appeasing islam” is fantastic ! I hope that Geert Wilders’ film “Fitna” is as spot on in our war against islamic insanity.

  • Neil McGowan

    I don’t see you standing up for human rights in China, Pat?
    Is that because you’re a gutless cunt?
    You claim to be a fearless atheist – so that puts you on the same side as your Chinese Commie pals who are torturing and murdering the Buddhists, doesn’t it???
    So when are you going to come out and admit that you love seeing Buddhist monks being beaten-up by your Chineese pals, you gutless fucking ARSEHOLE, Pat???????????

  • Ron Williams

    I don’t doubt that Pat will have something to say about hypocricy wherever he sees it! And there is plenty of this evident in the West’s attitude to China these days.

  • Gino de Vries

    Neil McCoward is missing the point here and I take it that good old Neil has himself a airplain ticket to China to go and tell the Chinees to stop that crap and whill he’s at it he can fly to Zimbabwe to tell that rightwing batard of a Mugabe to stop his shit.
    I bet you’re one of those rednecks who’se in favor of the war in Iraq.
    Wise up Neil and don’t get a heartattack.

  • Charlie Dyer

    That was a despicable comment Neil and totally unjustified. I cannot for a moment imagine that Pat doesn’t stand up for human rights… of course he does! He bangs on about it all the time – you obviously haven’t been listening!!! Anyhow, you obviously have a bee in your bonnet and just feel like taking it out on someone for the sake of it (we-hay… let’s target Pat Condell!) and find an outlet for such disgusting and immature language. I believe that Pat Condell, like most of us, condones what is happening in China. But then, Pat would have to put his current topical videos to one side and start reflecting and commenting on human rights in general… the question is, where does it end, and how long can one live to discuss everything?

  • Dave McKeegan

    Neil, you are so obviously brimming with love and spiritual peace. What are you – Christian or Muslim?

  • Heathenistic Sinner

    I am so grateful to be living in a time that finally, once and for all, atheism is being brought to the forefront by wonderful individuals like Pat Condell, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, et al.
    They have the incredible capabilities to speak and write what we other fellow ‘heathens’ have been thinking/feeling all along, but do not possess said talent to successfully accomplish the virtually impossible task of calling a spade, well, a spade…. and debunking the mass fairy tales(with such vim and vigor, I might add) as these fine gents have managed to do thus far.
    And to top it all off… without the usage of euphemisms or patronizing fluff.
    Thank you Pat !
    You do an atheist proud !

  • Mark

    Great job Pat.
    Thanks for all.It’s time to stand up. Your videos are like fresh air. keep up!

  • Sorry. I just don’t find Pat Condell funny. Just too many untruths in his videos. Once you start actually looking into the facts and figures of what he says, simply unravel. Is he genuinely ignorant about what he is talking about? Or just downright disingenious?

  • Jurij

    If I don’t stop watching your videos on youtube, I’ll probably laugh myself into popping a brainvessel. FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!

  • T.Anderson

    I thoroughly enjoyed all of Pat’s video rants, except for the occasional sniping at the one nation’s efforts to confront the Islamic threat. One need not be a “redneck” to support the war efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    While I do not agree with how the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been prosecuted, I agree unequivocally that they had to be waged. As predictable as usual, the duplicitous Democrats and sundry other ultra-liberal armchair quarterbacks decry “wrong war” in between their mindless screeds about “blood for oil,” but they never offer any viable alternative solutions (and they refuse to admit that neither of the Persian Gulf wars were about stealing Iraq’s oil). Bush could certainly have chosen to wage war on one of the other offending nations such as Iran, but then the moonbats would simply be screaching about that war instead of the one in Iraq. There are several candidate countries in desperate need of a serious ass kicking, but in response to escalating global terrorism our nation’s leaders had to make a choice, and for myriad reasons the strategic desision at that moment was made to take out Saddam. No matter the decision, the Dems would condemn it, and they would still not offer a viable alternative solution, just more of their incessent idiot and inane whining.
    The only solution to date even suggested by the dumbass Dems is to invite the worst tyrants and dictators to the White House to “talk” (read: attempt to placate and appease through bribery — see Neville Chamberlain, WW-II). This is more of the same failed policy of the past 60+ years. You want “change”? G.W. Bush provided it as Ronald Reagan would have done.
    Please recall Jimmy Carter’s Iran Hostage Crisis that lasted 444 days and ended THE DAY Ronald Reagan took office. Please recall that Willy Clinton failed to offer an appropriate response after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, he failed to do anything at all about the attacks and bombings of the Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers Military complex in 1996, Nairobi, Kenya US Embassy in 1998, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania U.S. Embassy in 1998, and the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Aden, Yemen in 2000.
    The current cadre of Democrat candidates would bring more of the same failures; after Truman and JFK they’ve all become invertebrates. The Democrats would have us continue this practice of cowering and kowtowing to punks and bullies the world over, just as Pat rails about in Europe. THIS is why we’ve lost respect, this is why “they” hate us; terrorists do not fear attacking us because they know can do so without risk of reprisal. No Democrat candidate offers to change any of this.
    My hope for change is that America will re-grow its spine. Democrats offer no hope for our security let alone our survival; they barely acknowledge the threat. Given the choice between the foreign policy and crisis management skills of Carter or Clinton vs. Reagan or Bush, I’ll choose the latter every time.
    We make war that we may live in peace.
    A bad peace is even worse than war.
    Even peace may be purchased at too high a price.
    —Benjamin Franklin
    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    —Thomas Jefferson
    If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for War.
    —George Washington
    I have never advocated war except as a means of peace.
    —Ulysses S. Grant
    The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.
    —Theodore Roosevelt
    To insist on strength is not war-mongering. It is peace-mongering.
    —Barry M. Goldwater
    It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war.
    —John F. Kennedy
    “For too long, the world was paralyzed by the argument that terrorism could not be stopped until the grievances of terrorists were addressed. The complicated and heartrending issues that perplex mankind are no excuse for violent, inhumane attacks, nor do they excuse not taking aggressive action against those who deliberately slaughter innocent people.”
    —Ronald Reagan
    Now the world has to learn the lesson all over again that weakness in the face of a threat from a tyrant is the surest way not to peace but to war. Looking back over 12 years, we have been the victims of our own desire to placate the implacable, to persuade towards reason the utterly unreasonable, to hope that there was some genuine intent to do good in a regime whose mind is in fact evil.
    —Tony Blair

  • Pieter

    It is said that the controversial movie FITNA will be broadcasted before the first of april. I think the tension is heating up somewhat, because Dutch and Danish embasseys already brought their flag down in Beirut. All because of some individual is supposedly going to say something bad about islam. The world crumbles before it’s shown.. So enjoy the new trailer from the thing to come soon..

  • Jake Atkisson

    Most alleged adults are far too childish to grasp most of what Pat is both saying and pointing out, often preferring instead to feel insulted or to nit-pick irrelevant details as a means of distracting themselves from having to spend the least bit of time actually thinking about it.
    I, personally, find Pat’s willingness to cross over-emphasized “boundaries” of etiquette and deliver the machete’s edge of wit-honed reason to the very overgrown verdigris of utter nonsense and superstitious psychological terrorism that is religion.
    Pat Condell, I salute you; you are a patriot of the same cut as Benjamin Franklin himself.

  • LEN


  • Opponents of Condell have been employing the wrong stance- having taken him at his word that he is an Atheist, my earlier attacks on the wizened, acerbic fruit, had also centred around this presumption. However, it has become apparent that Condell is, in fact, a crypto-Kike. The more vomit condell regurgitates, the more obviously his Pharisaic credentials come to light; you will notice that his scurrilous, puerile attacks are almost exclusively aimed at what would be described as other ‘Abrahamic’ belief systems, choosing rarely to venture a sortie against belief systems outside the parameters of Abrahamic faith; this is due to the fact that he does not consider structural belief systems such as Buddhism, hinduism, Jainism (etc) as being a threat to Rabbinical Judaism.
    However, when Condell does consider is diminutive gonads sufficiently swollen, he launches into maladroit tirades against cults such as Scientology- which is almost universally derided and rejected; making it safe ground for Condell, it’s like passing through a peaceful protest whilst seated in a tank.
    The fact is that Condell is one of many crypto-Kikes invading the internet under the guise of Atheism- he knows all too well that Rabbinical Judaism does not have the mass appeal of the other Abrahamic faiths; therefore, rather than attempt to convert people to his belief system, he undertakes a guerrilla campaign to undermine the others; using spurious reasoning, brazen lies, ribaldry, sophistry and contrived polemics centred upon sources outside of the Bible or Al-Qur’an.
    The Kike is a devious species of animal- of which, Condell, is amongst the most devious of all. It’s time for some G-d fearing individuals to take a Kike by the Metasoma: And He said unto them, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.-Luke 10:18-19. Yah’shua has given us the authority to undertake this task, he also made it clear as to why! “Why do ye not understand My speech? Even because ye cannot hear My Word! Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it.- John 8:43-44.

  • Pedro Alcántara

    I knew about you recently on youtube and I can’t thank you enough for your videos, You’re my hero! I wish I could do something to help you “spreading the Truth”. You’ll have a link on my website as soon as I have it ready.
    Thanks, again, thanks!!!

  • Pat keep telling the world what you think. Don’t fall into the trap of telling people what they are begging to be told.

  • wally

    Josiah is soooooooo learned and erudite. Amazing!!! Indeed, yea verily, he must surely be the mooooost learned spiritual representative of that terrifying species Homo ignorans (spp bigotissimus). Most mightily do his cunningly phrased, sharply constructed arguments (based on misrepresentations and self-delusion) strike at the fundaments of Mr Condell and his widely held views. Yet, despite all of Josiah’s magnificent attributes, one cannot fail to be impressed by the piercingly hollow shrill of the orthodoxy and intellectual bankruptcy that ring throughout his irrational tirades.
    Keep it up Josiah! You’re almost better than Pat himself! (Tip: read more Revelations and find more reasons to hate your fellow Man – just like a true Christian!)
    Keep it up Pat! You may be able to get some more bile out of Josiah the Arsehole!

  • hey pat , im interested to know what you think about this rev wright in the usa, , ive posted some opinions but im geting alot of bull shit , so please enlighten us lol , im not kiding i want to know what you think.
    spell errors are not my fault , im frensh after all lol and using a translator progarm.
    your friend mike

  • Alias

    I hate the way that atheists pretend to be the only people with a claim on sanity. Just because my beliefs differ from yours doesn’t make me insane. That shows a lack of tolerance that atheists so frequently complain about finding in religion.

  • H. Kloecker

    Hi, really true what’s shown in the videos. Any religion and belief is bad for mankind, I think.

  • Hi Pat,
    I’m curious about your comments on Fitna, the dutch movie by G. Wilders.
    ( The Netherlands)

  • Laniej

    Finaly, someone speaks the truth about the truly terrifying spread of Islam in Europe and especially the UK. I am offended when I see Muslim women clad in their Medieval Rags buying Halal meat (didn’t that used to be illegal?) in the local Sainsbury’s. But of course, they have no choice but to do as they’re told.
    You know, I think it would be best if Muslim men shield their eyes then women can be free of their chadors, etc.
    Pat, I just found your website and videos. Thanks again. Are you running for Prime Minister? You should be!

  • Paul

    Well Pat, I saw all of your videos and enjoyed them a lot. But I couldn’t help noticing that you get more cynical as time goes by, especially in the last video, Appeasing Islam. Please don’t. Though I agree upcoming Islam in Europe is not much of a laughing matter anymore, cynicism alone makes your videos less enjoyable and, more important, humor is the best way to get the message across. Keep up the good work and mood and I am looking forward to your next. Cheers, Paul (nl).

  • Paul

    @ all fellow dutchies: Wilders’ movie is crap. It does not contain a single shot that I did not see before and it even contained some factual flaws. Not worth to be waiting for, for so many months.
    @ Josiah : Boy, are you scary. Any possibility that you could be a troll ?

  • Dan Browning

    I haven’t seen a video on you tube in a while. I hope the muslims didn’t kill Pat.

  • Sir/Madam,
    Insofar as Pat Condell articulates his point of view with great aplomb, It becomes necessary to correct him on aspects of one of his certainties. In particular his bashing of George W. Bush and remarks about the War on Terror.
    Whatever anyone might think about the so-called War on Terror. The one thing it has done, is shift the battleground to the terrorist’s home territory.
    It is now being fought by the paid armies of the free world in faraway places, by men and women who presumably join the armed forces for the very worthy job, of protecting all our freedoms.
    Since we appear to have no alternative but to fight to protect our freedoms. Is it not better that the venue is the deserts and poppy fields of Iraq & Afghanistan, rather than the streets and rail systems of the capital cities of the free world? That it is fought by paid volunteers, who know exactly what they are signing up to
    Is it not also appropriate that we should support them wholeheartedly in what they are doing on our behalf and make absolutely sure that they have the backing and support to which they are entitled, together with our heart felt gratitude, for their sacrifices and endeavours?
    Regrettably, it is inevitable that civilised nations of the world have to stand tall against terror tactics, in defence of freedom. So, there can be little doubt that since the focus of this battle of ideas, shifted to the terrorists home ground, the incidence of terror attacks in Europe and the Anmericas has considerably diminished.
    Nuf sed!

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  • Keith Butler

    I worked as a private hire driver in Birmingham for twenty five years in mainly all muslim offices i have ginger hair, blue eyes and i am white and i have not only become cynical i think paranoia is setting in.
    I am more worried over this shower of smirking idiots and assorted perverts that govern us not only did i chat the barmaid up i have lived with her and been happy for fourteen years, i have always had a weakness for big buxom wenches,so why would sombody want seventy two virgins?,give me thirty slutty types and two pearly white faced boys to bring me tea and biscuits and i would gladly explode myself all over any of those traitors that have sold our freedom away so cheaply.
    I dislike all religion simply because men twist it to mean anything in order to gain wealth and power, why is there no mention of jesus in history?..well there is no mention of true events anywhere in the media unless it goes with the brainwashing agenda.
    i mean lets face it, if you are in a hellish situation that defies logic like for example a group of religious fanatics about to hack off your head with a rusty blade whilst filming the whole event, i would pray to jesus to take away my pain and let me die with dignity and im not ashamed to say so.

  • Mile

    I always look forward for Pats new videos..
    I always enjoyed them a lot
    Greating from SERBIA!!

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  • Atheïst4pat

    Absolutely right Pat.
    Keep going and please stay alive…..
    Greetings from Belgium (you now, the country that used to be a democraty, south of the Netherlands)

  • Van Loo JP

    Well,sir,I am very pleased to know you now,I just saw your comment on islam and I couldnt agree more(unfortunatly).
    Islamfundamentalists are indeed abusing our democratic rights in order to obtain their goal in our society.A lot of politicians do indeed ignore the fact that islam wants to take us back in history.What they do with women and children is hidious,the mutilation of babygirls is still going on even in our western countries,they fly in old women out of the arab world to do the “work”.
    Occasionaly some brave soul mentions these atrocities but not to loud though because of possible “acts of revenge’of the army of allah…

  • Van Loo JP

    One of the things you forgot to mention,Pat,is that a lot of (I’m sorry but I call them) idiots allways come up with the fact(cliché) that christianity caused a lot of death too so it’s only normal that islam is doing the same now.How stupid can one be?Have we really learned nothing then from history?

  • Flerndip

    Josiah, you magnificent brainwashed dolt, if atheism is a creed, then abstinence is a sexual position.
    Your god doesn’t scare me. The easter bunny does, somewhat. That’s no ordinary rabbit. And clowns.

  • rob

    i wish more people were like you
    greetings from the netherlands pat!

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  • randall nelson

    Well, I don’t know if I should put it this way without offending you Pat…but AMEN BROTHER!!!! WE must have many, many, many more of you NOW!!!

  • Joe

    I watched your “Hello Angry Christians� skit and felt compelled to reply, this was the only forum I could find. I was a non-believer for 28 years. Then I witnessed the first of two miracles in my life. The first came as I was angry and asking God why my life was in such a mess, but I could have well have been asking why isn’t He healing amputees. I had a very serious climbing accident but came through unscathed. My subjective judgment as to the severity of this accident I feel is accurate and the eye-witness accounts afterwards have confirmed this in my mind that there was an intervention on my behalf. I was guided from that point to the second miracle in my life when my wife was diagnosed with a very rare an very invasive serious cancer in her cheek. My wife survived the cancer and has thrived going from an initial 10% recovery prognosis to 80% total recovery. It’s a little early to be jumping from roof top to rooftop but all the signs are that as a result of a lot of people praying He blessed my wife with healing an made her journey through this battle physically easier.
    Why am I writing? I want to say to you that it is easier to rant in the dark than to live in the light. You described it as guilt free living versus the burden of repaying a debt. I have been an unbeliever who could do anything he wanted with no moral kickback. I had led a selfish lifestyle where my satisfaction came absolutely first no matter who it trampled. I have been that person. Now I am a person who watches his moral P’s & Q’s. I know that Christ put us before him. I know that the only debts to pay are to love the Lord an to put others before myself, and is that so hard? You don’t even need to be a Christian for the second part of that. I do it as a father and a husband every day. I look back on all the things, the drug taking, the drinking, and all the other stuff and I shake my head in shame.
    That’s all I want to say. I don’t want you to burn in Hell Pat; I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. All those Christians out there who are so fundamentalist that they would say such things are in the minority. I know of no Christian in my circle of life who would say such a thing.
    Thank you,

  • Tamar Yonah

    Pat, Please contact me for a radio interview.
    I left you a message on youtube as well, but maybe you didn’t see it. Please contact me, I left you my email above. thanks, T

  • Eric Potter

    damn … Your the best out there! Keep up the good work!!! I enjoy listening to you. I hope you continue to post your video’s. The world desperately needs to hear this good stuff….

  • Susan

    We need more Pat! Now here’s a man that can speak and think rationally; who is articulate and precise. In addition, Pat speaks the truth of the gravest threat the entire world is facing…ISLAM- with risks to his own life, while our useless politicians cower in the corner begging Islam not to hurt them – while claiming they are speaking for us – THE PEOPLE.
    Can any citizen – of ANY free country – say they agree with the appeasement policy by their government of ISLAM? NO.
    These coward politicians are not in touch with us – the people. They do not represent us – but claim they do! This must stop.
    Interesting and downright scary how not ONE of our leaders in the world today – NOT ONE – has even 1/2 the guts of Pat Condell!
    Pat is our best hope – the voice of the free world. We need him. Desperately.

  • Chris Phillips

    I want to thank Pat for the humour he finds in the subject. Too often I am sent into depression by the rank ignorance, pomposity and self-satisfaction of the “holy”, particularly the do-gooding sanctimonious sort. He raises my spirits by making clear that there is hope for independent thinker in this time of stupidity.

  • Robert Butler

    Hi Pat, I just want to apologize for all these angry Christians that send you e-mails about how they look forward to seeing you rot in hell. First of all, They are contradicting their own belief system by saying that. Second of all, they probably just get angry when their faith is attacked because of their ignorance, and instead of giving a legit argument to prove God’s existence, they just throw insults. I remember the first time I saw Zeitgeist the Movie. It really just made me want to research their claims that they make. Then I looked into every possible argument made by the atheist community that tries to disclaim God. Then I looked at the other side. The Christian arguments that neutralize the atheist claims and also the Christian arguments that prove the existence of God. Grant Jeffrey’s book, The Signature of God, adresses all the claims for God’s existence. And some other websites have counterarguments to things such as the Da Vinci Code, or Zeitgeist. Just in case you were interested in looking at the other side, these links could be helpful
    if you want to debate you can e-mail me back or put something on my youtube thing
    my youtube thing is rRADIOo.

  • Dale Sutherlin

    Consider this: If you were a member of jury, and the prosecuting attorney told you that the defendant was guilty, you would say “prove it�.
    If he then said, “I don’t have to. It’s written in this book.�
    Would you just then say “OH…. Well if it’s written in a book, then it must be true� ?
    Doubtful. My guess is the defendant would walk, if that’s all the evidence that the prosecuting attorney had. Why, I ask, should your [or my] perspective on any other topic be subjected to any less scrutiny? I’m not the one claiming that there’s an invisible spirit that lives in the sky. If anyone claims something to be a truism, then the burden of proof (as in the state accusing a defendant) is on them. If you want me to believe in God, then prove to me he/it exists. Otherwise, you may expect me [not that you religious zealots would give a crap] to continue thinking the entire concept is pure silliness.

  • Sam

    I agree with much of what Pat says. I hope that one day Britain and the rest of Europe will come to their senses one day regarding its social issues. My country(USA),as many know damn well, has similiar problems. As for atheism, I am afraid that I cannot relate to atheism. I honestly do not see how someone can not believe in a higher being. I do understand what his problems are with organized religion. I have never been to the UK so I don’t really know if Muslims are taking advantage the country and not assimilating like Mr. Condell says. All I know is what I have seen in the news. And it sound like the British people are being pushed around. It sounds like some people are “Taking the Piss” as my friends across the pond would say by wanting special treatment.

  • Vince

    I have been atheist for the past 15 – 20 years and I have yet to know just what is this “Atheist creed” religious people always talk about.
    Since when does atheism have a creed? I guess when you are brain-washed enough into religion, living without a book of commandments (Bible, Kuran, Atheist Creed?) is unthinkable?

  • Hello Pat an Freethinkers Everywhere
    I am a big Pat Condell Fan. This is a shameless plug for my forum but I have all Pat’s videos embedded in a special sub-forum and anyone is invited over if they want to discuss Pat’s videos and the caveats that Organised religion has on the world at

  • Maxim Ioussoupov

    I would like to thank you for you videos. People like you give me hope in the human race! Keep up the good work. If you are reading this, please consider writing a book. Not for me. Not even for yourself. For our civilization.
    Best regards from your Russian fan.

  • Hey pat. I am an atheist and i dig your videos. Except I think that some of your commentary on Islam is problematic and inaccurate. I think islam is a bad as christianity for sure. However, you buy way to much into this “clash of civilisations” talk. Naturally we are at war, and naturally truth looses in such a situation. Some of the stuff about islamic theology you have posted on youtube is just plain wrong.
    I really think they “hating us for who we are” line is really really wrong. Who is “they”, and why do they hate us. If its the people of iraq don’t you think they have every right given that there are troops stationed on every street corner. If there were troops stationed on every street corner in east london, wouldn’t you hate the country that sent the troops there.
    As an atheist, we should also know about the long secular history Iraq had even if it was under a despotic dictator. It is the war that has increased religious hatred and the division on old religious lines.
    Baghdad university used to be a centre for Physics in the world, you can check out any pre 1970’s scientific journals are full of stuff from Baghdad university.
    Now why i might appreciate that you have conservative politics and i don’t i really believe that buying into the idea that this war is going on just because they hate us for who we are is really one sided. The other side could be saying exactly the same thing and where will that lead us?
    As rationalists we should be thinking through the crap and the fog of war, which i believe, is actually making people more religious since it buys into they easy to sell “Us vs Them” arguments that have always been so persuasive to get people to convert to religion.

  • Maher

    Ok, I am only giving my Opinion and there will be nothing Difamatory or Insulting However I just wanna use quite simple words to describe what I see here.This guy, acoording to me is trying to get everyone back to dark years of Racism in this World.This man is Trying to BRAINWASH everyone over here. So I will not speak about Islamophoby here, but just Pure Racism.Why are spreading hatred towards Muslims? History showed us that there is Good and Bad Everywhere! Islam is not more a threat than Judaism or Christianity are! Come on , everyone, People Like Martin Luther fought for us to believe in Principle:Not judging people on their religion or Skin Color.This Guy is actually saying that Islam is a Danger.Hey Sir, you can Critic, give your opinion, This is freedom of Expression.What bothers me is that, for you, All Muslims are terrorists, Islam is threatening White Society..etc…I Suggest People to really be careful with those kinds of Individuals. Talking about Religions is delicate.Before sending all those videos, Mister Condell, you should have remembered that the basis of Religion should be Peace.Throught your says and behaviours you are showing exactly the opposite.Again there are also terrorism in Christianity and judaism as there can be some in Islam.
    I think I will end with a sentence that I love most and I suggest you top meditate it. It says that before you wanna change others, start by chainging yourself! ” I’m starting with the man in the mirror, and I’m asking him to change is ways…and No message could have been any clearer”If you wanna make the World a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change” You gotta get it Right, while you got the Time, cause when you close your heart, then you close your Mind!” (Michael Jackson)

  • Pat Condell is a legend in his own right. He had the balls to put himself forward and say exactly what people have been thinking and of which our government has made us feel as if we cant say sod all about. Pat Condell for prime minister lol,…now that would be funny.

  • The Bible is a book that in the end will judge mankind.
    Everyone passes, it is where you choose to stay that defines your soul.
    You have every right to not believe as he makes it so easy how stupid could you be not to prepare?

  • Mark Peachey

    Gee Josiah, It is ignorant fools such as yourself that we atheists are attacking (verbally that is)because it is people like you and your religious buddies that bring the average intelligence of the worlds’ people down. If we continue to let ignorant, uneducated people such as yourself to perpetuate the mythical nonsense you believe in we are surely destined for a sad future.
    Atheism IS Intelligence. If you don’t get it yet then go back to school and get an education. I fear, however, that no amount of education in the sciences could persuade people like you as your little brain is already full, you fool.

  • Mark Peachey

    Religion has had it’s time. If you were to forget for a minute all the genocidal mass murders, the oppression of millions, the greed and bigotry inherent in many religions and the erroneous explanations of the origins of life on earth, they have taught us that it is nice to be nice. If you are not nice (believe what they believe) then they will kill you. What sort of moral is to be found there?
    Stop insulting my intelligence with your religious crap!!!!!!

  • Marcus

    Why do Christians like Mark make such fatuous and inpenetrable statements like the the one he recently posted?
    “The Bible is a book that in the end will judge mankind.” What on earth does that mean? The bible is a book, one of billions on the planet. It is an inanimate object, and is therefore incapable of “judging.”
    “Everyone passes” – is this a euphemism for death, and if it is why not just say “dies.”
    “It is where you choose to stay that defines your soul” – I am sorry, but that makes no sense whatsover. Is it perhaps a badly translated phrase from the original Xhosa language?
    “You have every right to not believe as he makes it so easy” – who is “he” and why should “he” make it “so easy?”
    “How stupid could you be not to prepare?” – prepare for what, man?
    Mark, you really ought not to write such crap – it only reinforces people’s perception that believers are several dozen bulbs short of a chandelier!

  • TJL

    I have to make a comment about Islam and how Maher thinks that having a religion does not pose a threat. Being of the Christian variety you have respect for others thoughts and views, but being Islamic means you do not have empathy. It means, to a good majority that others are wrong and are infidels. They are the “enemy” and are either converted or should die. Jews are especially hated and it is “OK” to do them harm even kill them. How in the world can you turn a blind eye to a so called “religion” that perpetuates such a sick view? Yes, there is incredible amounts of threats in those idiologies and you can not just let the hords think what they will. We all need to wake up to the threat on all of us that have an opinion that is not Mohhamed’s. Whether Christian, Buddist, Atheist, or Jewish we are all considered a threat to their beliefs and we are out numbered already.

  • I quite enjoy Pats patter and will defend his right to an opinion whether I agree with him or not, but one thing that Pat does not realise is that whilst he may claim that he does not believe in Big J (Jesus) when he dies and his spirit departs from his fleshy body he will still have to appear before Him and give account of his rejection of Gods Son/Messiah/Saviour.

  • Marcus

    “…when he dies and his spirit departs from his fleshy body he will still have to appear before Him and give account of his rejection of Gods Son/Messiah/Saviour.” Really? And what proof do you have, Tom 3, for this absurd statement? Furthermore, Pat can hardly be called “fleshy” – he appears quite slim to me.

  • Hi Marcus
    Yes mate he is quite slim, wish I was that slim but my liking for chips is playing havoc with my waistline. With regard to my absurd comments, as a follower of Big J my proof comes from Gods word, James 4 v 14 says that man is likened to a vapour that appears for a while and then vanishes whilst Hebrews 9 v 27 reminds us that it is appointed for men to die once and after this the judgement. I have confidence in my Lord and His word and know that when I die I will be with Him in glory, however if I am wrong and I don’t actually know Jesus or for example lets say He doesn’t exist then I have lost nothing. But what if he does exist and I have rejected him? Nice talking with you mate, all the best, back next month.

  • Winston Churchill

    I believe strongly on your views when it comes to islam. And would like to know how you look to act on this instead of talking more and more.
    As for Christianity i believe you are misconceived. If you’re a fan of Dawkins then you must be favourable to evolution. But evolution has no origin and as a result has no reason behind it. Nonetheless your blasphemy offends me. You have no right to attack a peaceful religion which only preaches love and peace. If you dont want to believe it thats fine but dont spread your rubbish on the internet. I want evidence relating to the falsehood of Catholicism. I want solid EVIDENCE which you CANT provide.
    However on a good note i do appreciate your insight on islam.

  • Mark

    I’ve been subscribed to Pat on YT since the Blasphemy Challenge, and I’d like to once again thank him for the laughs and his good sense. I’d also like to thank Josiah, but only for the laughs, there was no sense on display.

  • Ray of Sunshine

    Winston Churchill.
    The falsehood of Catholicism.
    Instead of just reading your copy of the Bible why not study religion.
    Start with the various Councils of Nicea and The Ayrian Conspiracy. Then move onto the mistranslations, inparticular the word for ‘young woman’ in Aramaic became ‘virgin’ in Greek and then Latin, No virgin – no cult of Mary and none of the associated ‘truths’ that linger to this day.
    The twisting of the already falacious story regarding Mary Magdalene who was thought by the Catholics to have too big a part in the story and so decreed that she was a prostitute, only recently acknowledged as false.
    The Roman Cathlic church negotiated with Hitler in the 1930’s. In exchange for keeping their mouths shut about the activities of the Nazis they were allowed to become the predominant religion in Germany which of course oversaw the destruction of Poland, another Catholic country.
    The Roman Catholic church was implicit in the Rwandan genocide.
    If you would get your head our of your copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and extend your prowess to a wider field of reading matter you light learn a little more of the truth.

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  • Randy Lee

    This is a reply to Joe who didn’t die when he fell off the mountain, and whose wife may have had the great good fortune to survive a deadly cancer.
    Joe! Think!!! Which is more important? For one person to survive cancer by a “miracle”, OR, for cancer to be cured by science. WELL??? Hundreds of thousands if not millions of very religious people have died of cancer. WTF good, other that for your family, is the god-damned miracle? ALL those other people are still dead and dying, aren’t they? Do I blame their deaths on religion? You better believe it, Bucko! This world has made a lot of progress in the last 500 years. We live longer, a poor person in Europe or the US is a prince compared to the way things used to be, we don’t starve as much, and many diseases have been eradicated. That said, please, just for one moment, try to imagine how much better the world would be if millions and millions of us had not wasted their lives living in the borderline psychopathic fantasy called religion, that for most of them was shoved down their throats by their parents, victims of the same trauma, and so forth genreration after generation, ad nauseaum. THINK MAN!

  • Randy Lee

    (cont.) THINK MAN! The person who could have cured your wife’s cancer may well have been a victim of a suicide bomber, or perhaps just wasted his or her life praying to nothing. But see, if he or she hadn’t been wasted by religion, then the cure would have been there, not just for your wife, but for every victim of that horrible disease. My friend, in 2008, most of the evil and strife in this world is caused by one thing, religion. IT NEEDS TO STOP, NOW!!!!!
    Let me expand on that last idea, just a bit. I did not say ALL the evil and strife. I said most. But the thing is, as long as we have the big evil and strife factory called religion going full steam, how are we ever going to get the energy to deal with the rest of it? The thing is some evil and strife we can end with force. But not religion. We can only end it by speaking the truth every chance we get, refusing to back down or be afraid, and laughing and laughing. If “they” and, you Joe, join the laughter, great. If not maybe tomorrow…
    But, in the meantime, remember what I said, “speaking the truth, refusing to back down.” No more politely biting our tounges when people spout that mind poison. I am thinkg that protest marches at church services is about the right thing for the next step. Why should they sit in the church feeling all smug and superior when in fact they are the problem we all have. Not to mention the mental violance done to the poor innocent kids in Sunday “school”.
    Joe, you can take away the hell fire, but what remains is still mind poison. Faith is the willfull refusal to think on the basis of sensory evidence and instead to obey on the basis of the words of others. You may think that your survival of the fall was miraculous, but, how does that help anyone else? Do you have a secret prayer that will save any falling climber? No, of course you don’t. My friend, you were just lucky. There was no “intervention” The people who said so are just lazy-mindedly refusing to struggle to analyize their perceptions to attempt to reason how you survived.
    But for a moment, let’s take the opposite viewpoint. Let’s say there was an intervention. Pardon me, but WTF is so god-damned special about you. I am sure you are a nice guy and all, maybe even helped an old lady across the street once, but, look pal, you aren’t the guy who cured cancer or ended the income tax are you? SO WHY YOU? Of all the climbers who take a fall and die, why are you so deserving over those others? Obviously you are not. So, the conclusion is that either there was no intervention, or, if there is, that God is an idiot savant, like a little kid playing with guns, only they’re real. He might shoot you or he might not. No telling, is there? WE SHOULD WORSHIP THIS?

  • Marcus

    Tom 3, when I asked for proof, I meant PROOF! God’s words in the Bible offer no more proof of an afterlife than Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is evidence for the existence of Hobbits. In fact, I am more inclined to believe in Bilbo Baggins than I am in the psychotic god of the xtians.

  • colin nicholas

    We need you Pat. You make your points so forcefully and sensibly, the blatant obviousness becomes inescapable.
    It’s not so much the emperor has no clothes, it’s that the clothes have no emperor.

  • Mark Briley

    Pat, I stumbled across your videos while searching for posts containing Christopher Hitchens’, and might I say I enjoy your “rants”. I find them refreshingly honest, and expressed with a nice blend of wit and humor. Keep it up.

  • Niklas

    Im very thankful that individuals like Condell help our society from taking the death leap into blind stupidity, just because they every scientific and cultural progress, which would have never happened in conjunction with blind faith, we have made for granted.
    Thanks for standing up for us Pat!

  • Torgeir Hansson

    Dear Mr. fisherman hating evil Condell Kafir (Kefir?):
    You believe in animal rights do you? And this I suppose will probably drive you to CONDEMN me and MY BROTHERS for catching salmon and trout, and giving them the soreness of jaw as it was written that is our RIGHT and our PURPOSE, as again written, I think, in the HOLY BOOK? (well, there’s over seven thousand of them so let me get back to you on exactly which one it is I am referring to in this specific CASE.)
    I think so at least. But everyone is so busy these days, it really is hard to get a good mob together.
    No offense. We really do hate you, or at least we don’t like you as much as we could if you understood our RIGHT TO DRESS IN RUBBER AND PLAY WWITH FEATHERS.
    Well, don’t go away now. We really need an enemy you see, so keep it up there old chum.
    P.S. You may have noticed that the Apostles counted their catch with the greatest accuracy after their fabled Jesus-aided catch on the Sea of Galilee. It proves without question that this part of the Bible is true. That is EXACTLY what any fisherman would do, although I am a little concerned about the rather generous bag limit.

  • intelligent

    What a ugly fool this guy is, i hope he does well, so he can sort out teeth

  • James Crawley

    Pat is great!! I absolutely love Pat Condell!! Pat is great because he does tell the truth about religious zealots!
    I believe that People of all races and nations should have the right to question religions motives, and Pat gets right in these “zealots” faces,and speaks his mind! I have to say I love him for that. Pat is Great! Let’s all worship Pat Condell! (question)for Pat; I would just like to know do you believe in some different form of a higher Deity?
    from Virginia.

  • James Crawley

    Pat is great!! I absolutely love Pat Condell!! Pat is great because he does tell the truth about religious zealots!
    I believe that People of all races and nations should have the right to question religions motives, and Pat gets right in these “zealots” faces,and speaks his mind! I have to say I love him for that. Pat is Great! Let’s all worship Pat Condell! (question)for Pat; I would just like to know do you believe in some different form of a higher Deity?
    from Virginia.

  • James Crawley

    Pat is great!! I absolutely love Pat Condell!! Pat is great because he does tell the truth about religious zealots!
    I believe that People of all races and nations should have the right to question religions motives, and Pat gets right in these “zealots” faces,and speaks his mind! I have to say I love him for that. Pat is Great! Let’s all worship Pat Condell! (question)for Pat; I would just like to know do you believe in some different form of a higher Deity?
    from Virginia.

  • James Crawley

    Pat is great!! I absolutely love Pat Condell!! Pat is great because he does tell the truth about religious zealots!
    I believe that People of all races and nations should have the right to question religions motives, and Pat gets right in these “zealots” faces,and speaks his mind! I have to say I love him for that. Pat is Great! Let’s all worship Pat Condell! (question)for Pat; I would just like to know do you believe in some different form of a higher Deity?
    from Virginia.

  • James Crawley

    Pat is great!! I absolutely love Pat Condell!! Pat is great because he does tell the truth about religious zealots!
    I believe that People of all races and nations should have the right to question religions motives, and Pat gets right in these “zealots” faces,and speaks his mind! I have to say I love him for that. Pat is Great! Let’s all worship Pat Condell! (question)for Pat; I would just like to know do you believe in some different form of a higher Deity?
    from Virginia.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    In response to Winston Churchill’s statement about Christianity being a peaceful religion. If it is so peaceful how do you define the actions taken in the inquistion, the crusades and the numerous “HOLY?” Wars?

  • Arnold

    i knew i waz an atheist ever since i waz a child but i never thought about voicing that opinion. most of us are afraid of doing so and we just live our livez accepting thingz the way they are. but when i saw Pat’s videos on youtube i felt az if i had found some kind of heroic figure. and i waz so glad to see that there were so many of us supporting him. it givez me hope that maybe someday we can leave religion in the fiction section of the library.

  • A-milner@zpost.plala

    Clearly in a different league to Christopher Hitchens, but even more quotable. Lot of mileage in, “Was Jesus gay?”. Wonder how Pat would stand up in debate, but presumably he realises which forum suits his style best. Really great one-liners you can use to rattle the bars of those pompous, two-dimensional Bible humpers the write for the Times and Telegraph. Interesting that these religious correspondents occasionally break off from theology and gratuitously lecture us mug-punters on how even thinking that 9-11 was an inside job is akin to insulting the memory of the victims. Guess if you’re gullible in one way you’re likely to be naive in others. But jokers like Damian Thomson and Rev. George Pritchard are likely to be standing up without a chair when the music stops. “With or without a blindfold, sunshine?”

  • Jennifer

    Pat Condell is the highlight of my youtube life. I always look forward to his new videos.

  • Brandon

    A friend recently clued me into Pat’s gig and I am pretty sure I have at long last found my lord and saviour. I used to be “lightly salted,” then I dabbled with Pastafarianism (invisible spaghetti monster in the sky and all that) a while back, but now I am solidly converted to the gospel according to St. Pat.
    Having read the bible, I am confounded as to how any intelligent sort, excluding those indoctrinated as children, can see anything but backward ancient mythology written by cave men with spurious morals. Yet having said that, I think I can offer some enlightenment for both sides of the faith fence. For the atheist folk, Pat is a Godsend. He’ll Keep telling it like it is for as long as the guilty allow him. For the faithful who find Mr Condell’s efforts disturbing and offensive, read your bible. It is meant to be. Do you presume you know your God’s mind? Your “good book” boasts (often and repeatedly and at several junctures in the telling) that your God is all knowing, all powerful and has a plan for all things. You dare to assume Pat’s “rants” are not part of the plan? Shame on you. The faithful should just step back and let the lord get on with it. I for one hope Pat keeps on keeping on for some time yet.

  • Very nice!!

  • pinkwoolf

    Joe, you were a non-believer? Most non-believers I know wouldn’t hit on the idea to ask God about anything in the first place because, eh, they don’t believe in him.
    Miracles? What about the countless believers who fell off trees, rooftops and what not and got killed in the process?
    You don’t want to burn in hell? Keep cool, man, you won’t.

  • James C.

    Hello! to the ones who love to attack Pat Condell. I just have to say before you harshly criticize Pat; Why don’t you just try to listen deeply into what he is actually saying? Hey people, he is basicly speaking on his rights of freedom to live life in his own country the way he want’s with out any kind of overzealous religious nut case(Not just Muslim,or any one)telling him or his loved ones how they should live. That’s the whole thing! Why can’t people understand that not everyone is the same?! Some people need faith and some need provable facts! All Pat Condell really wants(if you really pay attention to to him), is a peaceful life with out having to live his own life by the rules of some other person’s faith that is not his own! Ask yourself; Is that so wrong or evil or even racist to just simply want to live a free and happy life for yourself, with hearing sombody’s damned beliefs ALL OF THE TIME?!!!
    James C.
    (No, Iam not Brittish! I just like what Pat Says!)

  • geodancer

    To Pat: Wonderful stuff. Straight-forward, uninhibited, honest. Great to hear what hasn’t been said because of political correctness gone too far.
    To James C. (posted Wednesday, August 13, 2008 at 5:41 am): Excellent reminder of the core of Pat’s message. Thanks for that 🙂
    To colin nicholas (post of Friday, May 2, 2008 at 12:49 am): Fantastic! “It’s not so much the emperor has no clothes, it’s that the clothes have no emperor.” I think this captures the soul (!) of religion, that any set of prejudices are waiting to wear any cloak that will impress the would-be followers.
    To Flerndip (post of Friday, April 4, 2008 at 1:06 pm): Sometimes people dismiss athiesm as a kind of religion, just not theirs. This infurates me. I have tried and tried to come up with a response, without success. Yours is perfect: “If atheism is a creed, then abstinence is a sexual position.” A thousand thanks to you!

  • I translated this interview into Hebrew. It is shown on my blog, on this permlink:

  • Andrew Milner

    People are slow to change. Remember how they resisted wearing seatbelts? Drink-driving? Unleaded petrol? Smoking in enclosed environments? Greasy food? Fur coats? Taking a shower or bath daily? Not wearing condoms for casual sex? Holding sporting events on Sunday?
    All this is within the last couple of decades. So if we can get with the programme in these areas, dumping religion in the trash can of history should be a piece of cake.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks Pat Condell
    A voice of sanity out there. Down here in Australia you will be pleased to hear church attendance is falling, finally people have switched on their bullshit meters and realised we dont need them or any religion for that matter.
    We have just had a visit from the chief bigot himself (the pope) for an event called world youth day in Sydney, nothing more than a taxpayer funded ($80 million) catholic recruitment crusade. nuf said..

  • Thank you for what you’re doing, Pat. As a Canadian, I especially enjoy your comments about the Human Rights Commissions (more accurately, Freedom Removal Commissions) that infest this land. Keep up the good work.

  • Andrew

    I’m sure Pat Condell speaks for the vast majority of ordinary people in the UK (and Europe for that matter) who are affraid to say what they really think in case the politically correct minority label them a “racist”.
    Pat Condell gets my vote every time, he’s a superb speaker and I hope he continues to do what he’s doing, superb.
    (word of warning though Pat, don’t go to Riyadh for your hols!)

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  • D Sagan

    Pat.. Please put up a support petition for non-Brits, so we can show our support too. If this insanity can strike the foundation of western society then it will then infect other parts of the FREE thinking world.
    If they want to believe in fairy tales and boogie men, so be it, but lets not let them spread their insanity to others.
    Life is not a supernatural eternity test.
    If there was a god s/h/it would laugh its ass off at the believing fools.
    Of course insanity is contagious when it is spread by the belief in myth.
    Peace to you too, Pat.
    Just another American citizen $cewed by the government.
    It will be just a matter of time, when we will be forced to bail out Allah, Jesus and Santa Claus.

  • Read the book that will reveal the secret of the Joke book.
    AKA: the bible

  • learn how all this desert myth insanity got started.
    step one…create a myth
    step two… hide it in plain site
    step three…sell it to all the fools

  • The Joy of Freedom
    When I became convinced that the Universe is natural — that
    all the ghosts and gods are myths, there entered into my brain,
    into my soul, into every drop of my blood, the sense, the feeling,
    the joy of freedom. The walls of my prison crumbled and fell, the
    dungeon was flooded with light and all the bolts, and bars, and
    manacles became dust. I was no longer a servant, a serf or a slave.
    There was for me no master in all the wide world — not even in
    infinite space. I was free — free to think, to express my thoughts
    — free to live to my own ideal — free to live for myself and
    those I loved — free to use all my faculties, all my senses —
    free to spread imagination’s wings — free to investigate, to guess
    and dream and hope — free to judge and determine for myself —
    free to reject all ignorant and cruel creeds, all the “inspired”
    books that savages have produced, and all the barbarous legends of
    the past — free from popes and priests — free from all the
    “called” and “set apart” — free from sanctified mistakes and holy
    lies — free from the fear of eternal pain — free from the winged
    monsters of the night — free from devils, ghosts and gods. For the
    first time I was free. There were no prohibited places in all the
    realms of thought — no air, no space, where fancy could not spread
    her painted wings — no chains for my limbs — no lashes for my
    back — no fires for my flesh — no master’s frown or threat — no
    following another’s steps — no need to bow, or cringe, or crawl,
    or utter lying words. I was free. I stood erect and fearlessly,
    joyously, faced all worlds.
    And then my heart was filled with gratitude, with
    thankfulness, and went out in love to all the heroes, the thinkers
    who gave their lives for the liberty of hand and brain — for the
    freedom of labor and thought — to those who fell on the fierce
    fields of war, to those who died in dungeons bound with chains —
    to those who proudly mounted scaffold’s stairs — to those whose
    bones were crushed, whose flesh was scarred and torn — to those by
    fire consumed — to all the wise, the good, the brave of every
    land, whose thoughts and deeds have given freedom to the sons and daughters of
    men and women. And then I vowed to grasp the torch that they had held, and
    hold it high, that light might conquer darkness still.
    by Robert Ingersoll

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  • veronica timperley

    Another fantastic video, Pat. My only gripe is that there aren’t enough of them. I could do with one a week to cheer me up and to remind me I’m not alone and not the only one who DOESN’T seem to be a religious nut.
    This week sees the concerning news that 30% of teachers would like to be able to teach creationism alongside other religious indoctrination – I’d love to hear your views on that – and the fact that the president elect of the USA STILL has to kow-tow to the religious right, and swear allegiance to “God” when he takes up his post. Is there no hope for us all?
    More, more, MORE please of your wonderfully enlightening appearances.

  • Robert Gruner W

    Thanks Pat.. you´re the Voice.

  • alex

    Good on ya Pat! Keep dishin’ it out to those morons!

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  • Baa

    Religion is one thing; apprehension of and connection to the divine, quite another. so many comments speak about bigotry and mind control, that’s backward thinking. In stillness and silence a person can become aware of the something other than, as well as the power of their own ego – that small fearful ranting voice that demands to be god, hence the increase in STD’s, violence and the you hurt me and I’ll kill you mentality. You limit your own evolution – you simply do not want to connect: Read the new physics, consider evolution and the action of the prion on DNA/RNA. Your ideas of ‘God’ are so very small and limiting, but then you (male) have suppressed, robbed, murdered, tortured and raped you’re way through history.

  • Gunnar Einvik

    At first came Pat Condell. Then…nothing. Later; the Universe…..

  • John Cooney

    My favourite catholic joke !!!
    Q: How do you define a catholic ?
    A: Somebody who prays in church on Sunday
    and preys on their neighbours during the week !

  • BAA, if there is a ‘god’, then it’s going to be nothing like the deity proposed by the Abrahamic faiths. Plain and simple.
    Personally, although classified as an aethiest, I’m a druid, and hold the planet and sun that sustains us to be worthy of appreciation.
    Too many defile the very soil and air upon which life depends.
    However, the earth and the rest of creation does not demand praise, and will not punish us for failure to do so.
    Consider this rather old saying attributed to Chief Seattle:
    “Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself”.

  • lauren

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for so eloquently and comedically bringing atheism “out of the closet”.

  • Risto

    Good work Pat! No, actually this is ESSENTIAL work. Much kudos to you…

  • Janet Greene

    I support Pat Condell 100% and I admire his ability to reach out to such a wide audience. I am a “closet atheist” – passionate in my views (as a former christian fundy) but I feel that I can’t come out in my life because it will hurt christians around me. Particularly my parents. They will try even harder to convert me; my dad constantly says I should read the bible more. How can I explain that the more I read, the more it violates my sense of justice and common sense? How the murders, rapes and genocides in the bible are repugnant to my sense of morality? How I believe that when we accept that we are “fallen” we become that? That the way to become good is to start to see ourselves that way? Everyone knows that when you tell a child he is good, he is likely to make that a reality. Tell a child he is sinful and fallen, and someone had to be tortured to death to “save” him from eternal hellfire, can anyone really tell me that this is “good news”??? I say that the good news is that the bible is a terrible myth, written by ignorant and superstitious nomads thousands of years ago. It’s incredible to me that intelligent people in 2009 still believe this toxic crap.

  • I think your just a delight!!

  • Islam is a 7th Century cult of psycho-political-violence and cutting off of many & varied body parts. It is not a religion at is far too gross, hates all that is not muslim, and full of violence and hatred. It has no place in Europe in the same way the nazi’s had no place.

  • One thoughtful person

    I am surrounded by Christians and I cannot bring myself to confront them about their faith. I am scared by the fact that intelligent and successful people have even got the time of day for such nonsense! What is that all about?? I shall not rub these people up the wrong way, they would surely call me a renegade, anti-establishment etc, but i am just a normal person who makes a habit of engaging my brain, being open to the world of science and rational thinking. Science proves that the world wasn’t made in 7 days and that Eve wasn’t made from one of Adam’s ribs. The bible is littered with similarly ridiculous claims, and they want us to have faith in it??
    The way I see it is that religion is in conflict with the advancement of civilization – in learning about our world. I guess there are some people who are terrified of the truth and a lot more like me that conform in order to keep the status quo. Not all atheists are evangelists (well apart from the odd note like this, but i guess i am predominantly preaching to the converted). I hope that one day Pat will gain enough support and make the option of not believing in a religion, a valid alternative! I guess that the bigots with their religious dogma will keep up their lobbying and the government will remain terrified of breaking with tradition.

  • bas boon

    You rock Pat
    Love your work

  • It’s so utterly refreshing to hear someone state clearly and with fantastic wit, what I’m sure most of the population think even if they don’t have the will or the guts to voice their thoughts about all religions in general and in particular Islam.
    If only we had clear thinking, well balanced men like Pat in government.
    Any chance we could persuade you to go into politics pat?

  • Martin Hanson

    Pat Condell is one of the shining lights in Britain today. The first time I heard him I wanted to fall down and worship him – until, just in time, I remembered I’m an atheist.
    One of the best points he makes is that those who complain that criticism of Islam are guilty of blasphemy would themselves be guilty of blasphemy, since they are implying that God (were he/she/it to exist) is so small-minded that he/she/it is upset by us mortals. I’m waiting for a leading atheist to take out a lawsuit against one of those who complains about one of these ‘blasphemers’, and sues him or her for – you’ve guessed – blasphemy.

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  • jimburn

    Stewardess sacked after refusing to wear Islamic robe
    An air stewardess has been sacked after refusing her airline's demand to wear traditional Islamic dress and walk behind male colleagues in Saudi Arabia.
    By Duncan Gardham
    Last Updated: 3:41PM BST 26 Apr 2009
    Lisa Ashton, who worked for BMI, was told that she was expected to wear the abaya, a long black robe that leaves only the face uncovered, when she was out in public in the Gulf state.
    She was also told that she should walk behind male colleagues irrespective of their rank, in order to conform with the social codes of the conservative country.
    Miss Ashton was instructed to consider the abaya as part of her uniform when flying to Saudi Arabia.
    But she told her managers that she considered the requirement discriminatory, and was worried that Saudi Arabia was not safe to travel to because of the danger of terrorist attacks.
    "It's not the law that you have to walk behind men in Saudi Arabia, or that you have to wear an abaya, and I'm not going to be treated as a second-class citizen," she said.
    "It's outrageous. I'm a proud Englishwoman and I don't want these restrictions placed on myself."
    Miss Ashton, 37, had been working for the airline for nine years when they began their service to Saudi Arabia in 2005.
    She was earning £15,000 a year and flying to India, the Caribbean and the United States from her base in Manchester but was horrified to read details of the regulations for staff working on the new route.
    Staff were given abayas and required to wear them when leaving the aircraft.
    A document circulated to staff said: "It is expected that female crew members will walk behind their male counterparts in public areas such as airports no matter what rank."
    Miss Ashton, a practising Christian, was advised by union officials that the abaya was considered part of the uniform and she could face disciplinary action if she did not wear it.
    She said she did not want to fly to Saudi Arabia and the firm offered to transfer her to short-haul flights, which would involve a 20 per cent pay cut, an offer she declined.
    For some time she was allowed to continue flying to her normal destinations but in June 2007 she was told she was on the rota to fly from London to Saudi Arabia and when she refused to fly she was dismissed.
    In her letter of dismissal, BMI said it was "proportionate" to ask female employees to walk behind men out of respect for Saudi culture.
    An employment tribunal in Manchester earlier cleared BMI of sexual discrimination saying it was justified in imposing "rules of a different culture" on staff.
    It ruled there was no evidence that women would regard BMI's requirements on wearing the abaya, or walking behind men, as "placing them under any disadvantage."
    Although many western women do wear the abaya in Saudi Arabia it is not the law and many expats say it is a myth that women are expected to walk behind men.
    Miss Ashton, who has gone on to launch a music career, has consulted Liberty, the human rights organisation, and may seek a judicial review of the decision.
    She said one of her first songs, Shame, Shame, Shame, was inspired by her experience with BMI.
    The airline was unavailable for comment.

  • Andrew Milner

    Pat, please expedite the next clip. The suspense is killing me.
    How about one criticising the Daily Telegraph and Times for trying to buttress the indigenous culture/religion against an Islamic onslaught? Can you believe they have a “Faith” section without equivalent space to facilitate the alternative view? Government in the role of Sorcerer’s Apprentice create the problem with their misguided multiculturalism. Belatedly realise that it isn’t going to work, so switch to “celebrating cultural diversity”. So arm-twist the broadsheets to have them pull government chestnuts out of the fire.
    The obvious answer is to legislate all religions out of all aspects of public life in UK. Do a Henry VIII and grab back all that prime real estate “owned” by the Church. Save a bundle on grants and the special treatment Christianity enjoys. And joy of joys, those religious parasites that claim to know the mind of God might have to get a real job. “You want fries with that?” Because if you want to practice a religion, do it in the privacy of your own home. Like homosexuality.

  • i'm completely sick of hearing about how i'm required to respect the religious beliefs of other… regardless of how completely asinine they are. the healthiest thing we can do is to mock their half-assed, primitive beliefs if we expect this foolishness ever to end.

  • Ergo

    Well done, Pat. Keep it up. I hope more people will join you.
    I for one is on your side.
    Thanks for speaking up loud and clear.

  • mike

    keep up the good work pat , you are a trail blazer

  • Oldozsapper

    "race" outside of zoology has no place in conversation. It is Emperor's New Clothes. To use the word, sans inverted commas, is to subscribe to a theology of discrimination. To use the word is to reify it, put clothes on the Emperor. If someone attempts to use the word in my presence, I brief them on their ignorance of the above (link) information, 13,000 USA anthropologists!

  • Belar

    Pat Condell is awesome. I've watched quite a few of his videos on Youtube over the last couple of years. I had to chuckle at the comment about Dinesh D'Souza too. He's about as arrogant and pretentious as you can get (he used to do blogs, most of which were devoted to the magnificense of the great Dinesh D'Souza and his amazingly keen intellect..meh), so for him to accuse Pat Condell of being smug is sheer hypocrisy.

  • Absolutely spot on, Pat!! I have no particular religious leaning though I respect those that do….. That said, providing they are able to maintain the moral high ground. Those that consider you a racist and take offense at what you deliver are simply affirming that they are the ones you are addressing…. yes? As Abe Lincoln said…. “It is better to remain silent and let other think you a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt…” There are hose that with every word they spout just confirm their idiocy….. but not bright enough o even realise it, perhaps? Keep up the good work, Pat….. xx

  • Bo Diddly

    Pat you’re the MAN

  • Tommy Wylie

    Pat’s observations make a lot of sense to me. In 1983 I was nearly sucked into Christianity like a helpless asteroid into a black hole. It’s all to do with the threat of everlasting hell. Right, we should make all mention of hell illegal under hate-speech laws. After all, it is a direct (OK, second-hand) threat against individuals. Once this is removed, the religious fundamentalists will have lost their main converting tool.
    Josiah… I have watched all of Pat’s videos, and nowhere do I find any hate speech. His message is all about freeing the minds of human beings from dogma and baseless superstitious fear. I’m all for it. Every time another female is circumcised, an unjustifiable act of hate and abuse is committed. Every time a happy young girl is forced into an endless cycle of rape (called “marriage”), an unjustifiable act of hate and abuse is committed. We have enough intelligence and human instinct to see which religions / belief systems are aggressive and oppressive… and which are not. Buddhism does not constitute a threat to Judaism or any other way of life.
    The Internet is now the way for communication to be handled properly without interference. I’d rather watch a presentation on Youtube than the BBC. At least there can be feedback and discussion on the Internet. If there is to be a thought revolution in this country, it will start on the Internet. We can all see the way the World is going, and we can see how things will end up if it is not changed. I don’t want to see bloodshed, just a reversal of dangerous trends and the last-minute rescue of humanity.
    And if anyone misconstrues me as racist… I have friends of all colours. It’s dogma and attitude I’m concerned with, not race.

  • Lauryn

    Pat, keep it up.
    I have already made a bunch of my friends listen to you~ they are getting a little sick of all my religious rambles. My favorite video had your “invisible car” epithet and that is such a clever way of wording things. I’m glad that there are people who will say what you have to say and never give up that freedom of speech. So many of my fellow ‘Americans’ could care less about politics or anything like that. Living in such a small town means we have quite a few evangelists but that can’t be helped.
    I have been an atheist since I was very young, thought my family was Catholic. I always told them that the only reason I was an atheist was simply because I thought it would have been much more interesting to be an Egyptian and believe in their afterlife, because hell, at least they had gods for drinking. You’ll never find one of those in Christian dogma.I have subscribed to you on iTunes, favorites you on facebook, and laughed at your website.
    Good luck.

  • RasputinMcPunt

    Josiah wrote: “Condell is yet another product of a secular, dysfunctional, justice starved society. He has allowed himself to be manipulated by the system, and has been led astray by HaSatan into pointing the finger of blame at all the wrong places; he is a rancid, malicious prophet of hopelessness, with which the Atheist creed is replete: offering nothing constructive; no hope, no reason, no dignity, no honor, no moral fabric, no brotherhood; no Ahavah/agape/love for the brothers of the nation; no answers, no solutions; just the wages of G-dless sin- death! Condell virtually foams at the mouth whilst spewing out his insults, a fanatical “whacko” with few peers in the religion of Atheism.
    In all honesty, I actually believe you to be a closet shylock. I notice how you have refrained from picking out the bones of Rabbinical Judaism. You’re just a Pharisee in the guise of Hitchen’s ventriloquist dummy. I pity you for your enslaved state of mind.”
    You’re full of brown stinky bovine gravy.

  • RasputinMcPunt

    Josiah wrote: “Condell makes only biased, provocative and sarcastic attempts at character assassination; not a modicum of intellect and “humour” is contained in such base sport. Condell exhibits the lowest form of wit. In fact, when sarcasm is vomited out with Condell’s vile acerbity, it merely amounts to hate speech. Condell is a hateful bigot, a fanatic for his Atheist creed.”
    And he has people like you pegged to a “T”.

  • stuart

    hi i have just watched your video and feel if more people were not scared to speak up about there views maybe we could have a far better europe/world to live in . my view is that we are in a 100 year war with islam slowly creeping in to our everyday life until it takes over . i only hope that countries like america france germany start to recognise this fact and respond to this threat because in the uk the politicians will be the last to respond to any form of inteligence . perhaps if the tv stations were to televise truthful programs about islam and sharia law (which already is strong in the uk ) many people would be more than concerned stuart

  • Loyiso

    Pat Condell does not just bash religion or spew obnoxious ridicule for fun or comedy, rather he is doing something revolutionary to liberate the natural human consciousness. Pat is playing a major part in civilization, we need to stop giving undeserved respect to these phony flim-flam artists(religious /spiritual teachers) and religious/supernatural BS anxiety spewed by these schizophrenics who need an insane asylum like Josiah.
    Keep doing what you do Pat!

  • Pvt Chuff

    mr. condell
    as a canadian having spent a decade in the uk(1999-2009), my only complaint about you is that i didn’t find you and the Truth until i came back to the old country.
    your country and mine are in deep shit if we don’t bop these nuts a.s.a.p. you and professor dawkins are my kind of heroes man.
    don’t stop callin’ them like you see ’em buddy and i will spread the word.

  • NIQ

    This is not comedy(cleverly disguised)… it is a cry from the truly oppressed, those of us who bear not witness.
    No need for a ‘Religion for Dummies’ format. I have my doubts those whom should be touched by this material have the mental aptitude, linguistic level or wits to interpret it as intended.
    And those who have the ‘faith’ and intellectual power will use it to fuel their eternal fire of blessedness.
    Pat is one of the most eloquent persons on earth.
    He clearly understands the difference between spirituality and oppressing religion.
    Josiah obviously has no clue about that – at least until he opens his mind at some point-in-time in this short life we inherit on Earth.
    Josiah is your typical brain-washed(faithed) person who could never see beyond his falsely based knowledge(or ignorance). …and he may remain destructive(if even by oppression) till he passes. But I like to hold faith he will awaken and taste of freedom(free of fear).
    No-one, NO-ONE has sufficient data to elect a God or deny One(or more). The only valid position for all of us is neither believer nor non-believer, but ‘search-mode’.
    Thus: believer, non-believer, atheist, agnostic, worshipper, etc., are all wrong as they all imply it is all about ‘A’ God
    We merely search for the truth thru visual and intellectual observation. The accumulation of knowledge via observation combined with the ingredient of time shall reveal the truth. We are mere instruments walking down the path of knowledge… we discover nothing but rather uncover what already exists.
    Meanwhile, spend YOUR time helping the search and eat your religion on your own plate, no that of anyone else, even if your son.
    Josiah, I pray for you, as one as me so prays for peace always.
    The ‘NATURAL’ Buddhists have it more ‘right’ than anyone else.

  • John

    I have a bone to pick with these athiest commentators…
    First, to set the record straight, I’m an agnostic.
    As the great agnostic Bill Maher said, “Atheism mirrors the certainty of religion”… and he was right.
    Also, you guys call religious people “nuts”… and I simply can’t believe that. Most people on the earth are religious, because they’ve been taught to be so from a young age.
    We, the “doubters”, are lucky to have not been indoctrinated to that degree. We are no smarter or more rational than these people. To say that we are more intelligent or rational, all the while calling them “crazies” or “loons”, is just ignorant.
    Get it through your heads.. you are no better than them. And if you continue to act superior, they will never respect any of you. Stop being smug and start having genuine conversations with these people and try to understand them.

  • Barry Duke

    “Most people on the earth are religious …”
    No they are not. A conservative estimate is that 50 percent of the world’s population are non-believers, and the Dalai Lama estimates that more than 2/3 of the world does not believe in any god(s)
    Also see

  • shargraves

    Sadly, Pat came out recently, as a UKIP supporter. A political party for bigots and jerks who haven’t got the balls to admit their racism and join the BNP.
    As a huge fan of his – I was gutted. Hey – shit happens. I’ll get over it. But I just hope that his future rants aren’t tinted with this knowledge of his backing of racists.
    Anyway – good on ya Pat for all your great vids – I wish you’d kept your political views to yourself though! But – I respect his right to be a UKIP supporter and would certainly buy him a pint of quality beer if I met him in a pub. I guess thats the difference between civilised man and those following a religion.

  • james

    You make valid points in just about everything you say. It is hard to argue with someone who doesn’t scream and yell. Both religious AND atheists could learn a lesson from this man. Though I disagree with 99% of his rants. I would possibly be persuaded to go to a show if he came to america. Just because much of what he says IS funny!

  • Me

    This is all well and good but why is it necessary to batter other people’s beliefs? Really Atheism is still a belief and life style. I’m not religious myself but I don’t find the need to scream it at other people and if Mr. Pat doesn’t have a problem with peoples beliefs than why does he seem ready to begin a religious holocaust encompassing all religions? It seems to me like he needs to get a life and learn to relax a bit more. He says people should live for joy but he is hurting other people…mind that is ridiculous but it is true. While the man is funny as hell he is a contradiction in my eyes. I don’t see the necessity in forcing others to believe in not believing in faith. Which is a belief of faith in itself as you must take the step in the faith that their is nothing out there. So how is he different from the religious zealots he pretends not to be?

  • rachel

    In response to Shargraves’s comment regarding Pat’s decision to vote UKIP:
    UKIP are a NON-RACIST, LIBERTARIAN party- as clearly asserted in their manifesto. How dare anyone use the vile slur of racism to attempt to stifle democracy, free-speech, patriotism? British people have every right to oppose mass immigration, which is already crippling our schools, economy, and welfare state. UKIP have nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with the preservation of free-speech, and the security of our country, for future generations.
    Also, they are one of the very few British parties who are not implicitly Sharia-compliant.

  • P. Lewin

    Thanks Pat.
    As I get older, I have less and less patience for the religions, their lies and imaginary benefits.
    I had started to speak openly about it, like you do, and recognise my attitude in the first video I’d seen of you! You can imagine how good it is to see someone with a very similar attitude :)))

  • I was in the Cubs and Scouts back in the 60’s. Had the best time. The only religious element was a short prayer at the start of proceedings. There was no pressure to take part and if I remember correctly, most of us kids treated it with the respect it deserves, that is, as a bit of a joke. Sad that the courts have upheld the Scouts right to discriminate though.

  • David S.

    As a Muslim I care less on what he says. But what i’m concerned about how he has accused 1.5 Billion Muslims (People) as liers… For what: Denying that Islam “rejects” freedom and diversaty.
    To Mr Condell and his supporters,
    Were the muslims that also died on 9/11 the liers?
    Would the 9/11 victims want to wipe a relgion off the map even though it was not reponsable?
    Are the Palestinians the terrorists even though they are constanly hummiliated and gunned down by Israeli soldiers?
    And who did give that rougue madman osama bin ladin the CIA training that allowed him to crash the planes in the first place?
    He’re a thought.. Get out of the Middle East after all the conflict and wars the American Government put the people though since the day it sprung up oil. And let the nations develop and then we will have all the peace we want. Millitants only exist because of occupation. There are bad and good people in every religion or group. Don’t judge Islam on the unopen and backwarded fools but judge it on it’s teachings.
    Islam is here to stay, And so is:
    and other beliefs.
    Peace and blessing of Allah be upon us.

  • Jeffrey Jones

    There is no “Allah”.