Scientology – daft and dangerous

Scientology – daft and dangerous April 4, 2008

IT’S described as a “totalitarian, Mafia-like organisation, which also employs extreme methods to intimidate, harass and silence critics”.
No, not Islam, but something equally potty: Scientology, which is attracting the unwanted attention of a group calling itself Anonymous.
Earlier this year, Anonymous members in Scotland – as part of a world-wide, 9,000-strong protest against the Church of Scientology – picketed the Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence on South Bridge, Edinburgh. And it plans a further protest on April 12.
According to its website, the group is protesting against:

Scientology’s destructive effects on families specifically, and against its terrible practices more generally, as part of an ongoing worldwide struggle to cause the cult to reform or collapse.

It adds:

Anonymous is against the methods of Scientology, specifically amongst the higher levels, which include suppression of freedom speech and ruining anyone who speaks out against the Church by suing, slandering, framing, bankrupting and even committing murder.

Why do Anonymous supporters wear masks?

The reason that we do this is due to Scientology’s Fair Game policy, which states: ‘The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to: suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty … this Policy Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends.

SP’s may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. They may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

What’s an SP? According to Anonymous:

SP stands for Suppressive Person (you may have heard of this from the Tom Cruise videos), which means any person or organisation who speaks out against, or interferes with the profit of Scientology.

Of course a large part of why we wear masks is simply to give us some uniformity and to stand out. Many of our members simply to hide their faces with scarves, sunglasses, etc. Many more still do not hide their faces at all.
Update (April 13, 2008): Around 300 members of anonymous besieged Scientology headquarters in the City of London yesterday, according to a report in the Guardian.

Further update (April 17, 2008): American actor, and Scientology poster boy Jason Beghe, has ditched the cult, and roundly denounced it. See Freethinker report and YouTube video here.

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  • You call this site “The Freethinker”, and yet you completely accept and promote the bigoted hate-speech and lies from a bunch of anonymous ill-informed hoodlums in masks. They’re the ones who are daft and dangerous, not the Scientologists.

  • Tom Wrong
    The US state government arrested two protesters for
    speaking against the Church of Scientology in Atlanta,
    on March 16, 2008. The US state government also fined
    passing motorists who honked in support of the
    * * * * *
    “Georgia state Senator Nancy Schaefer appeared at a
    ribbon cutting event in Atlanta for an exhibition
    sponsored by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights
    (CCHR) … CCHR happens to be a group sponsored by the
    Church of Scientology that labels psychiatry “an
    industry of death.” According to the Savannah Morning
    News article that I linked, Schaefer’s also listed by
    CCHR as being a member of their board of advisors,
    which Schaefer denies … In the past Schaefer has
    advocated doing away with mental health screening in
    public schools.”
    “The current reasoning is that it is suspected the
    Mayor of Atlanta [Shirley Franklin] has donated some
    thousands of dollars to Scientology and potentially
    influenced the bulk of the police presence.”
    * * * * *
    ‘Anonymous’ summary of protest and arrests:
    But the speeches from the protesters are these: Speech 1 Speech 2 Speech 3 Cops having
    numnums with Scientologists
    * * * * *
    Protesters arrested at anti-Scientology event in
    Sunday, March 16, 2008
    While protesting outside the Scientology Church of
    Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, two
    members of the group Anonymous were arrested by DeKalb
    County riot police while standing opposite the Church
    of Scientology-owned building.
    The two protesters, who earlier participated in the
    delivery of a ‘global speech’ collaboratively written
    and read by members of Anonymous at protests
    worldwide, are believed to have been charged by Dekalb
    police for protesting without a permit and causing
    ‘offensive or hazardous conditions’. However, other
    members of Anonymous who took leading roles in
    arranging the protest are adamant that the Dekalb
    police had previously told them they did not need a
    permit to protest…
    Members of Anonymous have composed an open letter to
    Dekalb’s Chief of Police, asking if such a show of
    police strength was really needed at a non-violent
    protest organised and attended mainly by college
    students and young Americans…
    Drivers showing their support for the protesters by
    honking their car horns while driving past were
    followed by police bikes waiting in the Scientology
    building’s driveway and given tickets for violating
    noise ordinance laws. However, many members of
    Anonymous have voiced confusion over these tickets, as
    the honks of support were only 2-3 seconds in duration
    at most, and noise ordinance laws state a horn must be
    sounded for longer than 60 seconds to count as a
    violation of the law. When, after the arrests were
    made, the police started to adopt the policy of
    ticketing drivers who honked, members of Anonymous
    quickly raised “Do not honk” signs to drivers.
    Both of the members of Anonymous have been released,
    one with a bail of $763.00. There are confirmed to be
    two charges standing against one. No information has
    been released from the police department at this
    … They did no wrong, and that building they were led
    into was reportedly the Scientology Org building. …
    —Kalira, Doomfeller blog
    Initial reaction from bloggers was generally critical
    of the arrests. Kalira of Doomfeller blog wrote: “This
    is UNACCEPTABLE. They did no wrong, and that building
    they were led into was reportedly the Scientology Org
    building. If the police—nay, the walking tanks,
    totally uncalled for with a peaceful protest—had them
    unmask inside … suffice it to say if they get
    harassed, there will be great big steaming piles of
    hell to pay.”
    Scientology critic Jeff Jacobsen, who was interviewed
    by Wikinews on February 19, wrote on his blog: “But
    then I see that the Atlanta police arrested two Anons,
    and were even stopping cars that honked in approval of
    the protest! Is Atlanta not a part of the United
    States? I don’t get it.”

  • jim

    Scientology is a money making scam cult. In all cases, people like fonebone will do as that psycho Hubbard said…never defend, just attack. So like Fonebone, they never explain their teachings about Xenu the space alien, or their OSA secret police who destroy peoples lives via the “Fair Game” policy that gives scientologists permission to lie about, harass, malign, or destroy anyone who opposes them.
    Fonebone, go back to your tin cans or your Sea-Org slave vamp. Too many smart peole on the net to fall for your brainwashed pro-cult crap.

  • jim

    as an addendum, Scientology uses front groups now to promote their cult. CCHR, Narconon, Applied Scholastics, etc…these groups are an attempt by the cult to draw followers using Hubbard’s methods but without the scientology label. All are staffed with scientologists.In the USA, Narconon and Applied Scholastics have been exposed and shut down in many places for lying to public officials, operating without licenses, and providing unscientific treatment. The narconon programs have you sit in saunas, drink vegetable oil, and uses books by hubbard and techniques that are straight out of the scientology beginning brainwashing techniques. Applied Scholastics, in the guise of a tutoring program, trains young minds not to experiment or seek information on their own. It primes them to be brainwahsed by authoritarian figures. Expose these frauds if they are in your area.

  • I beleive “anonymous” originated from the Futaba Channel-based “-chan” websites, most famous of which in the english language is 4chan, so it can’t really be described as coming from any one country. It was so named because Futaba-style websites encourage anonymous posting.
    And i wish the deluded fairytale believers (Scientology doesnt even have the luxury of having originated centuries ago! it was thought up by some sci-fi writer in the 60’s) would one day realise the difference between “freethought” and “freedom of thought”

  • We have a local Scientology recruiting office. I’ve been by it a few times and they always have leeches standing outside trying to lure people in. So far nobody has dared speak to me (maybe the brisk pace and scowl I put on my face as I go by scares them off). But if they ever do I’ll be happy to tell them I’m a gaytheist who proudly supports psychiatry. If that isn’t enough to shut them up I’ll simply tell them I have no interest in cults, thank you very much.
    No, I’m really not such a meanie, except when it comes to people who deserve it. Then my claws come out.

  • sharpy

    isn’t this the “religion” that was made up by a scientist as a BET with some mates that he couldn’t set up a cult?
    tbh, good on him for winning the bet, but maybe a bit too far? lol.

  • ScytheNoire

    It’s a cult, not a religion. Although very little separates the two, cults are typically a little more dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous are not based in Scotland. We are a worldwide network. And while some self proclaimed Anons give us a bad name with their ill-informed ravings, we are a generally very intelligent and reasonable group.

  • “Scientology or Judaism, Objectivism or Christianity, Mormon or Islam, Hindu or Astrology, Greek Pantheon or Norse, the classification of what is being talked about is the same. It is blind unquestioning faith.
    If one is to call the Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Mormon a religion and then refer to the faiths of Scientology, Objectivism, Wiccan, Astrology, Druidism, or some other faith as a cult, my concern is not that members of these latter faiths may feel that their faith has been put down. My concern is that members in the former group may feel that their faith is legitimized. I wish to avoid giving encouragement to any belief based on unfounded or outlandish claims”
    Merriam-Webster defines a bigot as a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.
    Religious people, people of faith, have been obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices for generations.
    Religious people has also regarded or treated members of other group (such as atheists or other religious groups) with hatred and intolerance for generations.
    Blind faith in the devine breeds bigotry.

  • ncik gleichman

    someone explain to me how scientology is worse or less dangerous than christianity

  • Scientology was created by -science fiction- author L. Ron Hubbard. Enough said.

  • Christianity was also created by science fiction writers Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John?

  • Web definitions for cult – adherents of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices.
    Web definitions for religion a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny.
    So basically you are in a cult if you believe exclusively in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny and adhere to certain practices related to the belief.
    In other words you are not rational, you take matters of destiny on faith in the supernatural. Meaning not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material.
    Think of the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of OZ when he says “I do believe in spooks. I do believe in spooks. I do! I do! I do! I do believe in spooks. I do believe in spooks. I do! I do! I do! I do!”. It is very much like a religious service.

  • Anon X-Scientologist

    Fonebone, you are a little transparent — an obvious Scientologist. The truth is, the members of anonymous are very smart to remain anonymous. The linked story below may seem extreme, but I’ve seen, with my own two eyes, the lengths to which the church will go to quiet people who disagree with them, and that story is but one of an untold many.

  • Oldfag

    Protestfags are not anonymous. The joke is on them.

  • snusket

    obviously Scientology should be crushed and then forbidden. and i do believe that we should apply the rules they keep in store for us to them. hence any measure would be without prosecution. the stake? tar and feathers? or rather simply the guantanamo prison “interview techniques” authorized by the president of the united states?

  • Anonymous Too

    ncik gleichman,
    Religions such as Christianity are non-profit, and do not charge followers for…following it. Scientology charges its followers for books, and REQUIRED courses (auditing sessions) and claims copyright over its documents whilst also claiming to be a non-profit organisation to avoid being taxed by the government in the US. There are cases of scientologists committing suicide because they have ended up giving all their money to the group.
    They also play by ‘Fair Game’ in which any means necessary is used to destroy a ‘suppressive’ person: court allegations, spying and things like that. Not to really find information, but to tarnish their reputations, or bother them into submission.
    They insist that scientology members should cease all contact with non-scientology family members (also labelled as SPs) so they end up breaking families.
    There’s more that can be found by merely searching the internet. The Wikipedia article on Scientology would be a good place to start with as site policy dictates that they take an objective view of the church.
    Personally I wouldn’t call Scientology daft, for what has been achieved is far from it, but dangerous? I’d agree wholeheartedly.

  • Anonymous

    I personally jumped for joy when I saw this. Scientology IS dangerous. At least other faiths have settled down or are by nature harmless. Even benevolent. Like Buddhism. Ah, the peaceful Buddhists.

  • Norman,
    Thanks for the plug. I’m glad to think that there are people that agree with me on the point.
    As a humorous aside, check out the definition of Scientologist on the Godling’s Glossary.
    Of course, that image of Scientologists defending themselves in court makes them far more peaceful than conventional religions that usually resort to warfare.

  • Diefenbaker

    The Free Thinker thinks that Islam is potty! How can you even describe your self as a free thinker with such ignorant and dumb comments like that. Why not Christianity as the potty reference – A talking burning bush that does not burn, virgin birth and resurrection!
    All your supposed free thinking is following main stream perceptions created by a biased and cruel British media.
    Grow up!

  • Anonymous Too

    Diefenbaker, I think you need to grow up first and check out the whole site before coming to such a conclusion. Just because this article sits between two posts about Islam doesn’t mean that this site is just anti-Islam.
    It’s an atheist site, and treats all religions and individuals that attempt to forcibly impose theirs views on others with equal dislike and contempt.

  • Anonymous Too,
    As well the site should. All theists are equally silly. Some “religions” may be a little less bad. Becoming one with the universe in some way does not have quite the level of ridiculousness, at least in my mind, as belief in an imaginary friend to whom one might turn for a temporary suspension of the laws of physics.
    But, that’s just my opinion. It doesn’t mean that Zen has any more truth to it. I don’t know enough to say one way or the other. It just seems less silly than theism to me.
    Of course, I have to give just a bit more credence to Thor than most other deities. If I can’t see him, at least I can hear him.
    (Since I’m new to this site and not well known yet, I’ll make the hopefully unnecessary disclaimer that this was intended as a joke. I am not only an atheist, but an antitheist as well. Before I start believing in Thor or any other god, I’d need a very large dose of Thorazine.)

  • Barry Duke

    Diefenbaker, you clearly missed the context in which Islam was described as “potty”. Anonymous describes Scientology as a “totalitarian, Mafia-like organisation, which also employs extreme methods to intimidate, harass and silence criticsâ€?. That pretty much sums up Islam too, a religion, which, like no other, threatens cartoonists, critics, apostates, adulterers, homosexuals etc etc with death.
    Of course ALL religions are potty, as our site makes pretty clear. But for sheer craziness Islam – which is actually more of an obsessive-compulsive disorder than a religion – beats all the others by a mile. Hardly surprising, given that it was founded by a blood-thirsty, sadistic child-abuser who was clearly wired to the moon.
    Try to get your hands on the brilliant comic book expose of Islam, Mohammed’s Believe it or Else. Then let’s all try and laugh Islam off the planet.

  • Sharpy,
    Actually it wasn’t set up as a bet but was set up as a psychotherapy that eventually got billed as a “cure-all”. Once the psychiatric, psychological and medical establishment (with good reason) began to criticize Hubbard’s practices and demand he and his “Doctor of Scientology” training programs be shut down he decided to change Dianetics and Scientology to a religion. Presto, no regulation or oversight allowed and the added bonus of tax exemption! The perfect scam.

  • anonymous

    Note that Anonymous, while possibly disapproving of the theological standpoints of the Co$, does not actually have any problems with Scientologists believing in alien lords dropping souls into volcanoes. Our beef is with the CHURCH and its unethical practices.

  • ben von ginandroida

    this “church” is just another malibu stupid invention. I highly recommend a Frank Zappa album: “Joe’s garage”. This small fall-into-void album makes an easy derrision of this non inspired crew. Hubb…

  • ben von ginandroida

    On wikipedia:
    L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy, Scientology, and the Church of Scientology that he founded are controversial. Some documents written by Hubbard himself suggest he regarded Scientology as a business, not a religion. In one letter dated April 10, 1953, he says calling Scientology a religion solves “a problem of practical business,” and status as a religion achieves something “more equitable…with what we’ve got to sell.” In a 1962 official policy letter, he said “Scientology 1970 is being planned on a religious organization basis throughout the world. This will not upset in any way the usual activities of any organization. It is entirely a matter for accountants and solicitors.”[77] The allegation from his 1940s colleagues that he saw religion as a way to become rich has casted further doubt on his motives.

  • ben von ginandroida

    It is kind of stupid even to put this issue under discussion. I prefer “bender” (futurama) as a leader…

  • ben von ginandroida

    the guy that wrote the first comment…
    no comment.
    “You call this site “The Freethinker”, and yet you completely accept and promote the bigoted hate-speech and lies from a bunch of anonymous ill-informed hoodlums in masks. They’re the ones who are daft and dangerous, not the Scientologists.”
    dear Hubb…

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