Channel 4 completely vindicated over its ‘preachers of hate' documentary

Channel 4 completely vindicated over its ‘preachers of hate' documentary May 15, 2008

LAST year Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, Undercover Mosque, secretly filmed a nest of fanatical Muslim clerics and teachers in Birmingham doing what they do best: spewing hate.
Among the comments made by imams during the film were:

Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain.


We hate the kuffar [non-Muslims].

Other quotes from preachers and teachers included “Allah created the woman deficient” and “by the age of ten, it becomes an obligation on us to force her to wear hijab and if she doesn’t wear hijab, we hit her”.

West Midlands constabulary investigated carried out an investigation of the content of the documentary, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) concluded there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges for a breach of public order against any of the clerics.
Then, in a move that completely beggars belief, the police asked the CPS to consider a prosecution against Channel 4 for broadcasting a programme containing material likely to stir up racial hatred.
The police maintained that the documentary had edited the preachers’ words “to give them a more sinister meaning”, and that the documentary had had a negative impact in the community and the cohesion within it.
In other words:

Let’s capitulate to these lame-brained hate-mongers; let’s shoot the messenger instead.

When a prosecution against Channel 4 was ruled out, the police and the CPS reported the programme makers to Ofcom, the TV regulator, alleging “complete distortion” in the way the programme had been edited.
Once again the police and the CPS were left with egg on their faces. Ofcom rejected the complaints in a decision published in November 2007.
Despite Ofcom’s conclusion that the documentary was a “legitimate investigation, uncovering matters of important public interest”, West Midlands Police failed to take down the original press release, entitled Broadcast Out Of Context, from its website.
Channel 4 then took legal action to force its removal, and today news broke that the police are to pay Channel 4 £100,000 in damages and will apologise at the High Court for the false allegations it made.
Here is the police’s full apology.
Kevin Sutcliffe, deputy head of current affairs at Channel 4, said:

We have been very pleased to get the result.

And he asked:

Why did they go after the programme in such a way? It seems to us a large amount of public money and time spent trying to bring us down.

David Henshaw, executive producer and managing director of Hardcash Productions said:

This was a thorough and detailed one-hour documentary, made over nine months and at personal risk to the undercover reporter. The abhorrent and extreme comments made by fundamentalist preachers in the film speak for themselves.

They later claimed they had been taken out of context – but no one has explained the correct context for arguing that women are ‘born deficient’, that homosexuals should be thrown off mountains and that ten-year-old girls should be hit if they refuse to wear the hijab.

This is a clip of the imbecile Abu Usamah in full rant, from the Dispatches in question:
HAT TIP: Mediawatchwatch.

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  • Valdemar

    Still staggered by the sheer, galloping cretinism of the police. They set out to appease Muslim bigots who are well-funded by our good friends, the Saudis. I suppose a few home-made jihadis blowing themselves up in London, or Bradford, is a price worth paying for all those lovely arms deals. I mean it, incidentally – I really think that is the calculation that some bastard in Whitehall made. ‘Can’t offend the Saudis, they pay us lots of money. So we’ll just have to live with their inciting hatred in the UK.’