Gay Pride nightmare for Anglican traditionalists

Gay Pride nightmare for Anglican traditionalists June 26, 2008

ANGLICAN traditionalists’ worst nightmare took place today when they were confronted by thousands of people taking part in Jerusalem’s annual gay Pride Parade
Around a thousand Anglicans, including some 300 bishops – a third of the Anglican bishops in the world – arrived in Jerusalem this week to attend the Global Anglican Future Conference.

Organised by the traditionalist wing of the church, which is cross-eyed with fury over the ordination of homosexual bishops, among other things, the gathering – GAFCON – is being staged as a rival to next month’s Lambeth Conference in London, the Anglican Communion’s main event held every 10 years.
GAFCON, according to, drew some 1,000 participants: bishops, clergymen, and activists from Anglican congregations in 28 countries, led by the barmy Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria.
In a recent statement, “Why I object to Homosexuality and Same-sex unions” this is what Akinola said of homosexuality:

The issue [homosexuality] is such an important one, such a defining one, with the potential of splitting the Communion, because it has become a chronic aberration, which is being defended and promoted in the Church of God. On the authority of the word of God, we see homosexuality as a rebellion against God, like that typified by Adam and Eve in Genesis 3. A rebellion cannot be relative.

WTF is that supposed to mean?!

Moreover, homosexuality is flagrant disobedience to God, which enables people to pervert God’s ordained sexual expression with the opposite sex. In this way, homosexuals have missed the mark; they have shown themselves to be trespassers of God’s divine laws.

Missed the mark? Again, WTF?!
The rift in the Anglican Communion occurred in 2003, when its American wing, the Episcopal Church, ordained the openly gay Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire.
According to one of the organisers, the purpose of GAFCON is:

To emphasise our connection to Jesus’ life and the Bible, while we stand in prayer in the place where he walked.

Well, that place was occupied today by about 3,000 gays who marched through the city in a fortunately incident-free parade – made possible by the fact that they were, according to today’s Herald Tribune, protected by 2,000 police officers.
Past marches hade been marred by violent demonstrations by ultra-Orthodox Jews.

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