Another bloody cop-out!

Another bloody cop-out! July 22, 2008

NORFOLK Constabulary are having a Ladele moment. We call it that because one of their constables – like our Lillian, a Christian zealot whose bigotry prevented her from doing her job properly – is about to lay the “victim” card before an employment tribunal.
Bizarrely, Ladele, a registrar who refused to conduct same-sex civil unions, went on to WIN a discrimination case against Islington Council, which is now appealing against the ruling.

Now the Norfolk police are in a similar bind. A policeman, Graham Cogman, who shares Ladele’s bigoted delusions, claims that his force had “harassed” him because of his religious opposition to homosexuality.
PC Cogman objects to gay rainbow symbols. He  believes that are ‘inappropriate, thoughtless and insensitive' as the rainbow symbolises God's faithfulness. Clearly a first division pillock!
PC Cogman objects to gay rainbow symbols. He believes that are ‘inappropriate, thoughtless and insensitive' as the rainbow symbolises God's faithfulness. Clearly a first division pillock!
The 49-year Anglican , who circulated emails to colleagues quoting biblical opposition to homosexuality, claims he is being singled out because of his beliefs.
The force responded by saying it will not tolerate any “homophobic behaviour”.
According to the Telegraph PC Cogman, a father of two, said reconciling his religious beliefs with his job was becoming more difficult because the force’s stance on homosexuality was at odds with his religious views.

The blatant support for homosexual rights in Norfolk Police makes being a Christian officer extremely difficult. I am not undertaking this action lightly but I have to make a stand when things become so blatantly biased against me just because I hold a faith.

His complaint stems from a circular email sent to officers in early 2005 encouraging staff to wear a pink ribbon on their uniforms during Gay History Month.
After receiving the email, PC Cogman sent a reply to his fellow officers containing biblical quotations about homosexuality being a sin. He objected again the following year when a similar email was again sent to officers.
He was subjected to a disciplinary tribunal and fined 13 days’ pay.
A few months later, according to the Mail on Sunday, he was further questioned after he put a biblical text on his computer screen, reading:

Jesus is the light of the world, only the enemy kills, steals and destroys.

And in April, he was interviewed again about his beliefs after he circulated a link to an American Christian helpline on the internal communication system.
PC Cogman said he was trying to help by offering a counselling service for people struggling with their sexuality which a friend had found useful.
But a diversity adviser from the force’s headquarters in Wymondham said the website connected to the helpline was offensive.
A spokesman for Norfolk Constabulary said that PC Cogman’s behaviour:

Fell well below the standard which we expect. Whilst the force fully respects the officer has strong beliefs, it is only correct that he respects the beliefs and wishes of others. The force will not tolerate any form of homophobic behaviour. Norfolk police’s commitment to fair treatment and equality of opportunity is non-negotiable.

In his claim to the tribunal, being prepared by barrister Paul Diamond – who unsuccessfully represented Nadia Eweida after she was suspended by British Airways for breaching dress codes by wearing a cross – this latest zealot to hit the headlines will argue that the police force, locally and nationally, has become obsessed with inclusiveness to the detriment of those who adhere to Christian beliefs.

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  • Mee

    So basically, his *entire* complaint boils down to “I hate gays, the police force doesn’t actively discriminate against them, therefore I’m being opressed and harassed.”
    That’s some fine logic, right there.

  • The acid test: replace references to homosexuality in the above with ‘black’ and see how it would unfold. It would be clearly inappropriate for a police officer to circulate racist tracts.
    Gays are the victims of a lot of hate crime, they need the police to protect them. Being a homophobe is not compatible with that role. I don’t think that the police should employ homophobes simply to maintain diversity.

  • I’m hoping that this will be different from the Ladele case because he’s not actually being made to do something that is contrary to his beliefs. I mean, how many PCs who are not homophobic actually bothered to wear pink ribbons during gay history month anyway?

  • That’s Littlejohn’s Friday column sorted then.
    ‘The blatant support for homosexual rights in Norfolk Police makes being a Christian officer extremely difficult’
    Reverse the words ‘gay and ‘Christian’ in that paragraph and tell me that those who support this man wouldn’t have a field day cackling at the Victim Card-carrying wimp and his witch-hunting smears.

  • I mean’t, of course ‘homosexual’ instead of ‘gay’!

  • Stuart H.

    Judging by his age, this copper would be close to retirement. It’s not unusual for officers in that situation to suddenly have ‘accidents’, develop stress-related illnesses or otherwise discover problems which keep them off work and/or generate pay-offs instead of expensive court cases.
    My guess is that he’ll quietly leave the force after the court case, with or without a nice bonus for ‘hurt feelings’, and then go on the celebrity Christian after-dinner speaker circuit.
    I kid you not – there is such a circuit. One protegee of the infamous James Anderton I know of makes a tidy supplement to his pension from it as well as using it to flog his awful autobiographical books!

  • Michael Cohen

    This guy needs to Shut up and be a P.C. –the Constabulary need to resist being PC–at least with this born again deluded Plod

  • Valdemar

    ‘The blatant support for homosexual rights in Norfolk Police makes being a Christian officer extremely difficult.’
    Now, let’s take that viewpoint back in time a little…
    ‘The blatant support for Jew rights in Norfolk Police makes being a Christian officer extremely difficult.’
    What a nasty, narrow-minded bastard. I hope he loses big time and ends up skint.
    Sooner or later the government will have to bite the bullet and make it legal to sack religious bigots who refuse to do their jobs properly.

  • Jack

    I read about this in The Daily Mail, which rather predictably span out the story as if it were outrageous that the policeman would have to go to such lengths to protect his bigoted beliefs. My favourite quote has to be ‘the blatant support for homosexual rights’. As if they should be ashamed of supporting equal rights! He seems to be geniuenly upset that the police no longer go around kicking the shit out of camp-looking men. And blacks of course. Remember: WWJD

  • It’s sad to see that the police force still is home to narrow minded people like this.
    Hopefully he will take early retirement and disappear off onto the celebrity Christian after-dinner speaker circuit. At least then the rest of us won’t have to deal with him.

  • Bob Hutton

    Mr Rees, in his comments, makes a comparison between discrimination against blacks and against gays. The two are different – people are born black but people choose to engage in gay practices which are, of course, sinful. Will you refuse to publish this because it goes against your anti Christian beliefs?

  • Marcus

    What utter tosh Bob Hutton spouts! Gay practices “sinful”? “Sin” is an invention of the religious, and the concept is utterly rejected by non-believers.
    Yes, of course, we recognise right from wrong – and probably have a stronger commitment to morality than most god-botherers. That said, there is nothing whatsoever wrong in gay people expressing their sexuality, as indeed there there is nothing wrong with left-handers using a hand which fundamentalists regard as “demonic”.
    When I was at school, people with a perfectly natural left-handed inclination were beaten for engaging in this “sinful” practice, which just goes to show what utter morons the religious can be.

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  • Nat

    He is not a pillock!! Just because he is standing up for his beliefs, doesn’t mean he is a horrid person! The police have to be nice to the public, why can’t they be nice their own officer! If people do have belifs they should treated the same, and not judged. Yes he amy have scripture on his comuter, what the is the problem in that? some of the things he has done, was a bit silly but that doesnt make him a pillock! EVERYONE SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME, WHAT EVER THEIR RELIGON! SO GE OVER IT AND GET A LIFE!!!!

  • kris

    everybody here who has commented on this article really need to take a deep breath and look at the big picture.
    valdemar who commented ‘What a nasty, narrow-minded bastard. I hope he loses big time and ends up skint.’ you do relise that this man has to support a family how would you like it you narrow minded bastard!!!! non of you now this man personaly!
    WHERE THE HELL DID FREDOM OF SPEECH GO????????? how would you like it if you had pro-homosexual veiws shoved down your throat??
    and to be honest with you all GAYS ARE WRONG!!! its not meant to be! i have no problem with them, but i really wouldn’t apreciate a guy wanting me to wear pink ribbons on my uniform!
    yeah maybe he didnt go about it in the totaly appropitae manner, but who actualy cares??? why do you all have to give him sh*t?? whe have all made mistakes!! everybody who has slated him needs to go f*ck themselves!! you are the narrow minded bastards.
    it is his belief what it wrong with that??
    anyone want to argue some more drop me a line!!
    PC Cogmen you have my total support!!!