'Birdshit' Green unleashes a petitions war

'Birdshit' Green unleashes a petitions war July 3, 2008

STEPHEN “Birdshit” Green’s petition to have his court costs waived has prompted Roger Utting to start a counter-petition asking for the costs NOT to be waived.
And guess which one is doing better?
This evening, over 1,000 people had signed Green’s petition – but many of the signatories did not do so in a good way, for Green at any rate; they used it instead to righteously bad-mouth this vile zealot, and his nasty little Christian Voice outfit.
Here is one of the funnier comments, from a fella called Jehovah:

Not even in my blondest of moments – and I get a lot of these at my age – would I EVER have appointed you my representative on Earth, Stephen Green. That’s because you, my son, are a conniving, malicious, vindictive, manipulative, lying, blackmailing arsehole with an aggravated god complex – and a rather suspicious and unhealthy obsession with bum sex.

“Jehovah”, who overlooked the word “arrogant” continued:

You really ought to stay away from gay pride marches – you’ve been to more homo parades than my colleague Mohammed has had hot virgins! I warned you about your behaviour a while back when I sent a gull to deposit a dollop of shit on you – but did you take the message on board? Did you, fuck! Now just pay up, shut up, and find yourself a new hobby. The one you have now is fucking up my image, big time, and I am not happy. As you know, an unhappy god is a wrathful god. Next time, twerp, I’ll pelt you with a good deal more than guano and a big legal bill!

Another said:

What’s the point of letting Stephen Green off the costs? He’ll only spend it on ladyboys.

At the same time, the count on the counter-petition stood at just over 600 – but, with news of the petition proliferating on many blogs, it looks as if the number of signatories will soon overtake those on Green’s appeal – which, irony of ironies, contains a Google ad for the Jerry Springer: The Opera, the show which landed him in this pickle.
We noted that among the counter-petition’s signatories is comedian and singer Mitch Benn, who wrote:

Stephen Green and his Christian Voice organisation bullied a cancer charity into rejecting a £10,000 donation raised by JSTO. They held their own right to take offence to be more important than the suffering of the sick and dying. They present themselves as the defenders of Christian decency and yet they wouldn’t know true Christian decency if it jumped up and bit them. Stephen Green brought this misfortune upon himself through ego and arrogance. You sowed it, Mr Green. Now reap it.

Mitch Benn, who has a simple two-rule formula:

1) I don’t know if there is a God, 2) Neither do you

recently wrote and performed “Happy Birthday War” to mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion. You can see it on his home page.
Here is far bloodier cover version by the Swede LillGhandi:

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