Adnan Oktar offers 8 trillion dollars for a fossil

Adnan Oktar offers 8 trillion dollars for a fossil September 29, 2008
Adnan Oktar: multi-trillionaire, fantasist, narcissist, creationist clown (Click the pic for more - <em>lots</em> more
Adnan Oktar: multi-trillionaire, fantasist, narcissist, creationist clown (Click the pic for more - lots more)
The Freethinker’s favourite creationist clown, Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya, see here, and here, and here) has really surpassed himself this time. According to The Independent, the man who describes himself as “a prominent Turkish intellectual” has offered 10 trillion Turkish lira (that’s about £4.4 trillion or $8 trillion) to

anyone who produces a single intermediate-form fossil demonstrating evolution.

As creationists of his ilk simply do not accept evidence which contradicts their world-view, it seems unlikely that he would pay out the reward – even if he had that kind of money. Which he doesn’t.
The hilarious Mr Aktar claims to be “dedicated to communicating the sacred values he cherishes”, but a look at the biographical pages on his website reveal where his real passion lies. (Seriously, click on that last link – it is very revealing).
Aktar clearly has never been the sharpest tool in the box. However, this latest multi-trillion farce is so idiotic as to raise serious concerns. Maybe the devout Muslim has been butting the rug a bit too hard of late? You’d better ease off a little, Adnan – you can’t afford to lose any more brain cells!

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  • David

    You should really have labelled his bio link as NSFW. It scared the crap out of me.
    He certainly wants people to think he is made in Gods image, thats for sure.

  • valdemar

    Calling this twerp a narcissist is an insult to the narcissist community! I know blokes from Mediterranean countries tend to be up themselves, but the sheer number of cheesy pics is astonishing. Can’t we get his site banned from the British interwebs, possibly because it might frighten the children? He looks like a cut-price Bond baddy whose undersea base has sprung a leak.

  • cora

    You employ many fallacies to make your statement. Not only do you not need them, collectively, they obscure your point:
    -creationist clown,
    -of his ilk
    -hilarious Mr Aktar
    -never the sharpest tool in the box
    -farce is so idiotic
    -butting the rug a bit too hard
    We logical, skeptical thinkers need to keep to higher ground than emotional, fanatical thinkers.

  • Just the one fallacy actually, Cora. It’s called ad hominem and, in this case, its repeated use does not obscure my point, it emphasises it. My point being that Adnan Oktar is an idiot.


    Personally, I see nothing wrong with calling a dishonest, shameless fool a dishonest, shameless fool. Particularly when they choose to demonstrate it in public.

  • I’m glad to see that he’s taking care of his eyes though. That Mediterranean sunlight can play havoc with your fovea.

  • If I took him around the Natural History Museum in London, I’d become a trillionaire!
    What an oaf. Clearly so far up his own arse he can tickle his own tonsils.

  • Nick Gates

    That is a pretty kickass beard, though. Imagine this guy in a sort of futuristic shiny robe… If I ever develop superpowers, I want this guy as my nemesis.


  • Please learn not to shout on this blog. It is rude, and exposes you as as an idiot. Almost as big an idiot as the mad clown Harun Yaya.

  • Harun Yaya has proven evolution dead. Yeah, right. For his next trick he needs to prove that his brain hasn't been turned to porridge by Islam.

  • Matt Sowersbry

    Jesus, these people are so stupid. Simply being born a little smaller or larger is an example of evolution, right? What is this guy asking for? A fossil of a creature ACTUALLY EVOLVING? Does he not get that evolution occurs imperceptibly over a very long period of time through the process of sexual reproduction?
    I don’t know what kind of fossil he is looking for.
    I don’t he really does either.