Religion can seriously damage your mental health

Religion can seriously damage your mental health October 6, 2008

WANT proof of this? Look no further than at the latest pronouncement from the gay-bum-sex obsessed Rev Peter Mullen, who wants to have a health warning tattooed on the arses of homosexuals.
The imbecilic C of E vicar, who spreads his inimitable brand of bullshit in the City of London, wrote on his blog that gay men should have their backsides tattooed with the slogan:

Sodomy can seriously damage your health.

His idea did not stay up long on his blog. The mad Mullen, no stranger to the Freethinker (see here and here) was ordered to remove the “highly offensive” remark by his diocese. His blog has now gone down, but it has been cached by Google, so you can still read his full, foolish rant here, under the heading Matthew Parris.

See, Rev Mullen, heterosexual couples do bum-sex too. (is that Jesus in the picture?)
See, Rev Mullen, heterosexual couples do bum-sex too. (Is that Jesus in the picture!?)
Mullen claims his remark was “satirical”.  According to the BBC, the dotty old bigot said:

I certainly have nothing against homosexuals. Many of my dear friends have been and are of that persuasion. What I have got against them is the militant preaching of homosexuality.

In the same blog, Mr Mullen called for all gay pride parades, which he branded “obscene”, to be outlawed.
Fumed gay rights group Outrage’s David Allison:

It’s the kind of remark you might expect from a drunk on a Saturday night, not someone in a supposedly responsible position.

And a Diocese of London spokeswoman said:

While clergy are entitled to their own personal views, we fully recognise that the content of this text is highly offensive and it is in no way reflective of the views of the Diocese of London.

Rev Mullen, as big a twat as Stephen 'Birdshit' Green
Rev Mullen, as big a twat as Stephen Green
Mullen’s stupidity is exceeded only by his ignorance of human sexuality. For the record, vastly more HETEROSEXUALS practice anal sex than homosexuals.
According to Wikipedia, which carries an undoctored version of the the picture above:

In modern Western countries anal sex is reported as being a widely practiced, if still minority, form of intercourse between men and women. In some cultures, receptive anal intercourse by heterosexual partners is widely accepted[citation needed]. One reason is that there is very low risk of unwanted pregnancy via unprotected anal intercourse. Also, anal sex is sometimes seen as preserving female virginity because it leaves the hymen intact. Another reason is that the anus is considered to yield more tactile pleasure for the penis, being tighter than the vagina.[3]  …

In 2005, a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control determined that the incidence of anal relations in the heterosexual population is on the increase. The survey showed that 40 percent of men and 35 percent of women between 25 and 44 had engaged in heterosexual anal sex.

So, because gay men are very much in the minority – and as not all homosexuals engage in anal sex – the practice is far more prevalent among straight couples.
To the Rev Mullen – and everyone else of his ilk – I have just this to say:

Put that in you pipe and smoke it, you bloody idiots!

NOTE: The artwork used to illustrate this post is by Édouard-Henri Avril (21 May 1843 in Algiers – 1928 in Le Raincy) a French painter and commercial artist. Under the pseudonym Paul Avril, he was an illustrator of erotic literature.
UPDATE – October 8: The moron has issued a full apology for his remarks here.

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  • valdemar

    Never heard of this guy before now. I can’t say that my love of humankind has been enlarged by discovering yet another bigot. Can’t there be some sort of ‘nice atheist discovered’ column to compensate?

  • mikeg
  • Stuart H.

    Judging by the current state of the Stock Exchange Mullen’s invisible mate isn’t answering many begging letters these days.
    If Mullen was getting paid by results he’d soon be on the streets at this rate.

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  • Barry Duke

    @ Stuart – A London Stock Exchange spokesman said yesterday that Mullen’s title of Chaplain to the LSE was a historical one and that he had no formal links with them (see last link on the post).

  • Freddie S Broga

    Brilliant rant. One thing I notice from Bush, Blair and other religious nutters is that God seems not to figure in their plans. However, in Iran, another religious outfit with a different imaginary friend, have seen their stock increase and the Ayatollas are saying that Allah is punishing the USA and the West.

  • Brandy Miller

    There’s a Yiddish saying, “Better to have someone think you a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it.”
    Sodomy by Biblical definition is not limited to anal sex between men. It refers to all non-vaginal intercourse.

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  • pob

    Maybe, I'll never know, but why?

  • alsagaff

    you sick old man. get help