Emily Mapfuwa, look away now!

Emily Mapfuwa, look away now! November 27, 2008

WHILST doing an image search for a project a few days ago, Freethinker reader Robert Stovold stumbled across this rather startling depiction of the Raising of Lazarus.
Oddly enough, it wasn’t on a site flogging erection stimulants, but a biblical clip art resource site containing images that appear to be aimed at the young.

Jeez, how naive can Christians be? Emily Mapfuwa for instance,
Now we note that that another silly twit –  the bum-sex obsessed Rev Peter Mullen – has come teetering to her defence in a piece in the Northern Echo.
kohchristCommenting on her abortive attempt to bring a private prosecution against the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead, which included the anatomically improbable Jesus-with-a-penis statue, Mullen grizzled:

In the days before our society had lost its corporate wits, we used to call this sort of atrocity by the name ‘blasphemy’. Isn’t it obvious to anyone with eyes to see that such a representation of Christ is tasteless and vile?

You don’t have to be a Christian to take offence.

Oh, but it helps!

The point is that Christianity has shaped the history and culture of our nation for more than a thousand years. Its images and literature are what for all that time we regarded as sacred. The lewd statue is an act of desecration.
Imagine the outcry if the Baltic Centre had displayed an indecent picture of Mahomet – but they wouldn’t dare. The fact is there is an aggressive secularist agenda in Britain and its supporters pick on Christianity as an easy target. Outraged Christians are not likely to threaten to come round and burn down your art gallery.


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  • ziggy

    “The point is that Christianity has shaped the history and culture of our nation for more than a thousand years.”
    Exactly, and it’s high time some other points-of-view got a look-in for a change.
    Hence, the need for a secularist agenda about which the secularists need not be in the least apologetic.

  • Every other outburst by Christians these days about art or the media is “They wouldn’t dare do this to Muslims/Islam/Mohammed”
    Take that away and you wonder what their arguements would be other than ‘We don’t like this so nobody must be able to see it.’

  • Orlando

    WTF is that Lazarus picture meant to represent??
    RE. the Jesus-with-an-erection statue, I don’t see a need for prosecuting the gallery, but it does seem a bit puerile. What was the artist trying to achieve exactly? If its meant to be humourous I find the Jesus and Mo pencil sharpeners cartoon funnier.

  • Orlando
  • Stuart H.

    I’m not aggressive by nature, and I don’t pick on Christians because they’re an easy target. I pick on them for the same reasons I pick on all anti-democratic fuckwits who’ve been privileged for way too long for reasons that make no sense.
    Also, as Mullen proves every time he speaks or writes, they’re so clueless it’s hilarious.

  • That Jesus & Mo cartoon is hilarious! 🙂

  • a person

    The Jesus and Mo cartoon was horrible. I mean, come on. You’re saying that the ordinary person will not mind sticking a pencil up a religious person’s ass. While some people would be of that opinion, I don’t think even a “radical atheist” would do that kind of stuff.
    But the rest of the article was nice.

  • Marcus

    @ A Person: Given that most religious people have their heads stuck up their ass, it would be difficult to find room for a pencil! Anyway, the cartoon was a hoot.

  • gwyn

    This is just ignorance, guys! There’s no excuse for it. Carl Jung said ‘Atheism is a stupid misunderstanding!’Discuss. Or go and study. But get your heads from up your backsides, for God’s sake!