'Mary Kenny, up yours!'

'Mary Kenny, up yours!' November 25, 2008

WITH an angry cry of “Mary Kenny, up yours!” a supporter of the Atheist Bus Campaign dug deep into his savings today and donated £3,000 to the cause.
Simon Bishop’s action was sparked by the outrage he felt when he a read a piece in the Irish Independent yesterday by the Catholic writer and journalist.

Mary Kelly
Mary Kenny
In the article, peppered with inaccuracies, Kenny wrote:

The advertising campaign has cost around £100,000. It was all started up by -predictably – Professor Richard Dawkins, the neo-Darwinist scientist and atheist campaigner. He put down a deposit of some £8,000, and the rest came from public contributions – mostly from readers of The Guardian newspaper, in which the campaign was publicised.

No, no, NO Ms Kenny! – the campaign was the brainchild of comedy writer Ariane Sherine who suggested the campaign in a piece written for the Guardian. It was then taken up by political blogger Jon Worth. Dawkins then gave his support to the campaign and agreed to match all donations up to a maximum of £5,500. And now, with Bishop’s latest contribution – earlier he donated £2,000 – the figure has reached a staggering £ 124,357.08. See full details here.

The very picture of Christian tolerance and joy: Stephen 'Birdshit' Green
The very picture of Christian tolerance and joy: Stephen 'Birdshit' Green
But far worse than Kenny’s sloppy journalism is her attack on atheists, and her attempt to equate Britain’s ills with lack of belief:

…  I found the atheists’ coda ‘so relax and enjoy life’ ludicrously implausible. I’ve never yet met an atheist with a sense of joie-de-vivre (unless, in the case of one well-known public atheist, a certain drunken cordiality) most of them seem to be miserable blighters … Militant atheists, in particular, are deeply unpleasant and caustically intolerant …
The late George Melly. Was his infectious joie … I am convinced that this injection of atheism into the culture is directly responsible for the increase in drug-abuse, in crime and, most specifically, in the five-fold increase in suicide that we have seen in these islands over the last 25 years. A life without a spiritual sense of purpose, or the moral parameters set by the Ten Commandments is a living hell.

Then the woman dishonestly introduces the tragic case of Baby P into her argument to generate emotion (Kenny, as is pointed out on the Atheist Bus Campaign site, has no evidence to suggest that his killers didn’t believe in God, or that their religious beliefs (or lack of them) were a factor in the case in any way).
This post also points out that:

Mary Kenny is a Roman Catholic, so she’s on very shaky ground re the subject of child abuse. Catholic priests, anyone? Magdalene Laundries? Kenny seriously believes the world would be a better place if we all believed in God. 9/11, Mary? Iraq? The Middle East? The Balkans? Northern Ireland?

Among the first to slap down the egregious Kenny was Ciaran O’Ceallaigh. See his letter to the Independent here.
Hat Tip: Adam Tjaavk.

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