Savagery flourishes where Islam rules

Savagery flourishes where Islam rules November 4, 2008

WE’VE said it in the past, and we’ll say it again: Islam is rotten to its very core. It is a despicable, barbaric religion that revels in cruelty and degradation, and the world would be a far, far  better place without it.

This is Islam. A teenage girl in Iran is put in a hole in the ground prior to being stoned
A still photograph from a 32-minute Dutch film called The Stone which was made to dramatise the barbaric treatment of women in Islamic countries such as Iran.

Yes, we are angry. VERY, very angry! So angry, in fact, that when the story first broke a few days ago of a 13-year-old girl being stoned to death in that benighted basket-case of an Islamic country called Somalia, we were just too damn furious to write about it.
But today, further details of the atrocity came to light in a BBC report, and we felt that we could no longer pretend that the barbarous incident never happened.
You can hear the report here:
In this horrifying broadcast, an eye-witness to the murder of Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow, said the girl had begged for mercy, saying “don’t kill me, don’t kill me”.
Her crime? Well, there was no crime. She had, if fact, been the VICTIM of a gang rape – and when her family tried to report the incident, the authorities accused her of adultery, and it was ordered that she be stoned to death.
Ophelia Benson, over at Butterflies and Wheels, was beside herself with fury:

Bastards, bastard, bastards!

And she added:

So. A child of 13 and her father try to tell the authorities that she was raped by three men, and the authorities in response arrest her, order up a truckload of stones, bury her in the ground up to her neck, gather a crowd of a thousand people, and throw the truckload of stones at her head.
It’s hard to figure out what’s going on in the heads of people like that. It’s not just violent lashing out – it’s religious legal official punishment – carried out in cold blood and the pure odor of sanctity.
It’s hard to figure that out. What kind of monster do they think they worship, that wants children smashed to death with rocks for being raped? What kind of hideous, loathsome, savage, bloodthirsty, tyrannical, cruel monster do they imagine wants them to act like that? What kind of nightmare world do they live in? How do they look on their work and approve it?

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