Green has infertile grounds for complaint

Green has infertile grounds for complaint January 8, 2009

BRITAIN’S most annoying opponent of free speech has issued a foam-flecked press release complaining that he is being denied – wait for it – freedom of expression.
And who, now, is stepping on the sensitive toes of that irrepressible god-prodder Stephen “Birdshit” Green?

The messianic Green
The messianic Green
Why, none other that the council of the Advertising Standards Authority, who are apparently demanding that Green substantiates the claims made in a vacuous “advertorial” placed by Christian Voice in the New Statesman earlier this year.
Under the headline, ASA to outlaw prediction and opinion, the posturing Jesus junkie wails:

Officials at the Advertising Standards Authority have recommended that a Christian group be censured for predicting that Government initiatives on teenage sexuality, including the HPV vaccine, will increase infertility among the young.

If the ASA Council follows the recommendation, Christian Voice’s ‘Advertorial’ in the New Statesman earlier this year, which was headlined ‘VIOLENT CRIME – SOWING AND REAPING’, will be found to breach ASA codes on principles, substantiation and truthfulness.

Green explains how he got into this latest pickle:

The text of the advertorial said: ‘There is a Biblical principle that we reap what we sow. It applies to nations as well as to individuals. What politicians sow, the people reap [blah … blah … blah] ….
The ad went on to describe the detrimental impact of government policies and legislation on society. It included the text ‘Now we have the disaster of teenage infertility. Every government initiative, including the HPV vaccine, will increase it, but as all the targets revolve around pregnancy, no-one in power knows how many young people they are making sterile and nobody cares’.

The [ASA] officials demanded ‘robust, scientific evidence that the HPV vaccine caused infertility in teenagers’, missing the point that it is the encouragement of promiscuity in Government teen sex initiatives which spreads the infections which do the damage, not the vaccine itself.

Here comes the good bit – it’s hilarious:

It is a good job the Advertising Standards Authority was not around when the Old Testament was written, or we would be missing half the Christmas story. The ASA would have wanted Isaiah to substantiate his claim that ‘a virgin shall conceive and shall bear a son’ (Isa 7:14). They would have demanded ‘robust, scientific evidence’ that virgins can conceive.

The Prophet’s predictions of the fall of Jerusalem and of Christ’s crucifixion would have gone the same way. As for nations beating swords into ploughshares, and the wolf dwelling with the lamb, the ASA would have banned him from ever repeating such an unsubstantiated claim.

He finally ends:

It is preposterous for the ASA to think they can outlaw Christian freedom of speech and free expression of opinion. … We shall keep telling Government and the teen sex industry that they are betraying young people in this country and that only God’s ways of chastity and fidelity will halt the rise in teenage pregnancies and infertility.

Oh, Stephen, you are sooo funny! – what would this blog do without you?
UPDATE – Jan 9, 2009: The clown has now filed a complaint with the ASA against the Atheist Bus Campaign, a move that brought peals of laughter from the organisers. See the BBC report here.

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  • remigius


  • Marcus

    Taxi for Mr Green to the nearest refuge for the terminally deluded!

  • newspaniard

    This guy has just issued a complaint to the ASA about the Atheist Bus Campaign. Doubting that it is being honest. Ho Hum.

  • Jimbo

    Errr… I’m failing to see the problem with wanting to substantiate a virgin birth. Though it’s comforting to know that CV (inadvertently) admit that a virgin birth is scientifically impossible.

  • The Daily Mail story on the bus ad complaint is worth a shufty if need a giggle. Despite being the most conservative paper on the block, a huge amount of the 120+ comments just take the piss out of Green. Yet another backfiring!

  • newspaniard

    Stuart W. Daily Mail have zapped all the comments. What dis you expect?

  • Have you tried clicking ‘view all’ underneath the three comments that are initially displayed? The first one that should come up calls Mr Green a ‘sad, deluded, jumped up know-it-all’ setting the tone for almost every message that follows except for a few raging Americans with red negative ratings into the hundreds.

  • Shargraves

    Every time Stephen Green crops up – I am amazed at how he seems to want to publicise the fact that he is a massive wanker to everyone on the planet. Even those like myself who would never in a million years ever encounter his like – he thrusts his idiocy into the media spotlight to irritate and annoy anyone within earshot.
    So – in return – as I have not stopped laughing at this prick since he first campaigned against BBC2 showing the Jerry Springer opera – its selfish of me to keep his lookalike to myself:
    I present – the crazed religionist villain from the film “The New Barbarians” – who literally buggers the hero into submission :o)
    The Evil Sodomizing Templar
    and Mr Green himself –
    The Backwards knuckle dragger – who looks likes a sodomizing Templar!
    Its a longer insult than I expected to type – Simply calling him a prick is too kind – but the fact is – nobody has seen them in the same room together at the same time since…..
    PS – why isn’t he in jail now on the back of his appalling court case?

  • newspaniard

    Stuart W. (Contritely) Sorry, as I couldn’t find any comments when I originally looked at the Daily Mail site. There was a line which said ‘There are no comments for this item, be the first…’ or similar, I assumed the worst. I have now found them, thanks. (They probably put them back – SHUT UP!!)

  • AJS

    Just been to the Daily Hate Mail site.
    Interesting how you can tell just from looking at the rating underneath a comment which way it is swinging ….. all the Rational comments have green positive ratings, while the Theist comments have red negative ratings!

  • “only God’s ways of chastity and fidelity will halt the rise in teenage pregnancies and infertility”
    Stoning a few adulteresses would probably help too.

  • TONY E

    Why oh why does he not just f@@k off?
    If I believed in a god I would pray nightly for this tosser to be run over by an athiest bus.