Medical hostel head and two students threatened with death for ‘blasphemy'

Medical hostel head and two students threatened with death for ‘blasphemy' February 24, 2009

IT DOESN’T take much to raise the fury of Koranimals, as this story emerging from Pakistan indicates.
Trouble, it appears, began earlier this month at Fatima Memorial Hospital College of Medicine and Dentistry in the Punjab when two female Christian students:

Hung a picture of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who they deeply love in their hostel room.

Christian provincial legislator Tahir Naveed Chaudhary,  a regional leader of advocacy group All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), takes up the story:

[The picture] displeased their Muslim room mates because Muslims believe that angels carrying blessings of Allah, the god of Muslims, do not allow pictures or images of living things, nor decorating homes with flowers.

Pakistan's best-known Koranimal is Rage Boy
Pakistan's best-known Koranimal is Rage Boy

Encouraged by college officials, Muslim students then “ripped apart” the Jesus picture “and abused Christ” said Chaudhary , who added:

The picture, hung with great devotion by both Christian nursing students, was torn and thrown through the window into the garbage on the ground floor.

A rumour then spread that the students had desecrated a copy of the Koran, and had thrown a page torn from it into the garbage. Soon after, Islamic extremists and Muslim students from FMHCMD in Shadman town, part of the provincial capital Lahore, reportedly took to the streets, demanding that both students be executed:

In front of the masses in broad daylight.

The mob then turned against the Christian hostel warden – identified only as “Martha” – when she tried to stop them. The nursing students, Ammara and Sittara, managed to escape.
Subsequently, they and Martha were fired by the College administration, according to Chaudhary and other sources.

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