Cast your vote in the debaptism debate

Cast your vote in the debaptism debate March 30, 2009

THE Church of England’s Religious Intelligence website is running a poll regarding debaptism.debatism1
The question posed is:

As 1,500 people pay to get ‘debaptism certificates’ from the National Secular Society in the UK, is it time the Anglican Church followed Rome and offered a service for those who wish to annul their baptism?

As of this morning, there was a 50/50 split among the votes cast.
Get your vote in here.
Meanwhile, we have learned today that the debaptism initiative is spreading to other countries.
According to this report, in Spain the high court has ruled in favour of a man from Valencia, Manuel Blat, saying that under data protection laws he could have the record of his baptism erased.
Similarly, the Italian Union of Rationalists and Agnostics (UAAR) won a legal battle over the right to file for de-baptism in 2002, according to media reports. The group’s website carries a “de-baptism” form to facilitate matters.
According to UAAR secretary Raffaele Carcano, more than 60,000 of these forms have been downloaded in the past four years and continue to be downloaded at a rate of about 2,000 per month. Another 1,000 were downloaded in one day when the group held its first national de-baptism day last October 25.
Elsewhere, an Argentinian secularist movement is running a “Collective Apostasy” campaign, using the slogan “Not in my name” (No en mi nombre).

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