Dotty dentist wants creationist crap taught in Texas

Dotty dentist wants creationist crap taught in Texas March 23, 2009

MEET Dr Don McLeroy. He is from Texas, bullshit capital of the US.

Lunacy! Creationist Dr Don McLeroy heads Texas's Board of Education.
Lunacy! Creationist Dr Don McLeroy heads Texas's Board of Education.
Worryingly, McLeroy is head honcho over at the Texas Board of Education. This was what was said of him at Dr Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge blog back in 2007 (filed aptly under “Troglodytes at Play”):

Smiling Don, an otherwise intelligent man, has effectively seen most of his own brains leak out of his nose on a bibical tide of snot, myelin, and Lord knows what else.
Don, you see, lives in Texas, where a lot of nice folks think that it makes more sense to trust the scientific ideas of cave-dwelling apocalyptic-minded Hebrew cultists of yore rather than those of 21st-century scientists. I wonder if Don uses stone chisels when he performs root canals?

McLeroy, who is also a Sunday-school teacher, is in the news today because the Texas Board of Education is to vote this week on a new science curriculum challenging the guiding principle of evolution – a step that could ultimately influence what is taught in biology classes across the nation.
The proposed curriculum change would prompt teachers to raise doubts that all life on Earth is descended from common ancestry. Texas is such a huge textbook market that many publishers write to the state’s standards, then market those books nationwide.
Said Steven Newton, a project director at the National Center for Science Education, which promotes teaching of evolution:

This is the most specific assault I’ve seen against evolution and modern science.

The balmpot McLeroy, the board chairman, believes that God created the earth less than 10,000 years ago. If the new curriculum passes, he says he will insist that high-school biology textbooks point out specific aspects of the fossil record that, in his view, undermine the theory that all life on Earth is descended from primitive scraps of genetic material that first emerged in the primordial muck about 3.9 billion years ago.flat_earth_geography
He also wants the texts to make the case that individual cells are far too complex to have evolved by chance mutation and natural selection, an argument popular with those who believe an intelligent designer created the universe.
The textbooks:

Will have to say that there’s a problem with evolution. We need to be honest with the kids.

But David Hillis, a biology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, snorted:

We will be teaching nonsense in the science classroom.

The Texas school board will vote after taking public testimony in a three-day meeting that starts Wednesday. McLeroy leads a group of seven social conservatives on the 15-member board.
They are opposed by a bipartisan group of seven that support teaching evolution without caveats.
Hat Tip: Matt

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  • newspaniard

    This is an April 1st joke right?
    “…McLeroy is head honcho over at the Texas Board of Education…” is that an elected post, or is he self appointed?
    The biggest state in the USA has nearly 50% of creationist nutters on its education board?
    I just don’t believe it!
    I’m going for a lie down.

  • remigius

    “The textbooks: Will have to say that there’s a problem with evolution.”
    I should say there’s a problem alright. There appears to be no natural mechanism to stop Don the Demented Dentist and his fellow cretinists from shitting in the gene pool.

  • dead yeti

    Its worse than you think – because Texas is among the largest buyer of american schoolbooks(if not the largest, i can’t seem to remember off the top of my head)text book publishers pay a lot of attention to it and text books nationwide might be altered rather than have seperate print runs for just the one state.
    Austin, TX still remains my favourite place to visit though

  • Togusa

    McLeroy was appointed to the chairmanship of the Texas State Board of Education by that state’s Republican governor, Rick Perry, who is a social conservative and evangelical Christian. So it’s obvious that Gov. Perry had a social agenda in mind when he appointed the like-minded McLeroy as head of the state’s school board.

  • Alun

    That people like McLeroy exist merely confirm the fact of evolution. They represent an earlier sub-species of Homo Sapiens that diverged into their evolutionary dead-end some years ago, heading for extinction.
    That’s the intelligent bit out of the way. Now I’m going to say what a deluded, dangerous cnut I think he is. F**king xian bastard. Always interfering in other peoples’ lives.

  • David L

    Hopefully if it does go ahead it will result in another Kitzmiller Vs Dover with a ruling that it violates the 1st Ammendment and therefore unconsitutional. But then Christians and (at least for the last 8 years) Republicans don’t have a problem with violating the 1st Ammendment.

  • Wurble

    Ive just checked out his website. In the bit I read he mentions his ‘Christian convictions’, Is that kiddy fiddling and tax evasion or just crimes against humanity? I wish he would be more specific.

  • Stonyground

    American kids should perhaps be taught about that Russian guy Lysenco who thought that you could use ideology to trump science. His problem turned out to be that if nature does not agree with you she bites you back big time. Unfortunately millions of Russians starved as a result.
    If America wants to maintain its position near the top of the worlds economic pecking order they are going to have to sort this problem out. having your R & D departments stuffed with scientifically illiterate ignoramuses is the road to penury.

  • remigius

    Wurble. Christian convictions?
    Surely they can plead insanity!

  • remigius

    Talking of evolution, has anyone noticed the proliferation of Darwin documentaries.
    They just keep getting better and better.

  • Alun

    You raise an excellent point. Is America heading the same way as the muslim world? A scientific and cultural backwater full of extremist religiots?

  • Godless not gormless

    “We need to be honest with the kids”
    By lying to them? Of course. Silly me! That’s the religious way.
    At least these people are consistent. Consistently the lowest of the low. This is shocking.

  • @remigius
    It’s difficult to make even a 30 minute creationist/id documentary, when the only argument they have is “my god did it” and the only “evidence” they have (i.e. the first two chapters of Genesis) can be read in 5 minutes by a child.

  • remigius

    @Alun. Your take on cretinists…
    “They represent an earlier sub-species of Homo Sapiens that diverged into their evolutionary dead-end some years ago, heading for extinction.”
    I don’t think they are heading for extinction at all. If anything they seem to be flourishing. I would suggest that our genes are now suffering from some form of memetically induced dyslexia and are, as a result, now predisposed to favour the survival of the thickest.

  • Alun

    You may be right that the religious are flourishing. One problem with the devout is that they have large litters. Our local council hasn’t yet got the pest controllers to root out this vermin.
    I stand by my assertion that believers are evolutionary throwbacks. How can anyone stoically cling to that shite given evidence to the contrary? Just try not to impregnate one as you plow thru the population.

  • remigius

    Alun. I don’t doubt that you are right regarding your local council. My own local council is made up of god-botherers, liberals, and liberal god-botherers. With a sprinkling of god-bothering liberals into the mix.
    If only we had some liberal-bothering gods!
    Yes they are evolutionary throwbacks, but the irony is that they have rejected evolution. If only the reverse were true, that evolution could reject them!
    I will do my best not to impregnate one as I plow thru the population.
    Fingers crossed eh!

  • Broga

    These cretinists, followers of gentle Jesus, turn the other cheek, thou shalt not kill and all the rest of it really are the dregs of humanity. Their bloodlust rages inside that smug, smarmy, simpering exterior. For example, while most of the Western countries, including many States in the USA have abolished the Death Penalty, Texas continues. Death Row is called Polunsky Unit and is based at South Livingstone. Polunsky seems to be some loathsome sadist who agreed to have the unit named after him after another Texas politician refused. When they thought Obama might manage create a more humane climate they pushed scores of DR inmates through the system – nearly all non white, illiterate and facing the chair with a grand indifference from the audience, including of course clergy, as to their guilt or innocence. George Bush, very religious, was a hit with his after dinner impersonation of an inmate on DR pleading not to be killed.
    There are men shut in on death row, for as many as 20 years, and if that isn’t torture then what is. What they do get are visits from pastors so grisly the mind is sickened. Cretinists one and all.
    Texas is like raw, untreated sewage and the stench is thickened by fundamentalist religion.

  • remigius

    Broga. Don’t beat around the bush. Vent that bile.
    I agree fully with what you are saying. Why are those who claim to be pro-life so no-life when it comes to actual real living human beings?
    If they follow Christinsanity so much why don’t they just nail their inmates to a tree and have be done with it?
    At least it would show some consistency.

  • Will have to say that there’s a problem with evolution.
    You mean that you can’t comprehend it?
    We need to be honest with the kids.
    You won’t do that by teaching them your godtwaddle.
    I’m rather wishing Chuck Norris and his band of whackjobs would take over Texas and secede from the US. At least we wouldn’t have to put up with this sort of BS any more.

  • valdemar

    Yeah, but who cares? Evolution is a fact and the state of Texas may make itself a laughing stock among educated people by denying that fact. Who loses? Obviously kids growing up in the flabby-arsed redneck state, but reality doesn’t change because fools with bizarre moustaches try to wish it away.

  • Alun

    Further to my original theory about xians being a few genetic mutations short of being modern humans consider this.
    During a recent conversation with an acquaintance I asked “Do you have any christian friends?” His answer was negative and that got me thinking. Is it that they form exclusive social circles of tambourine thrashers or that the irreligious tend to avoid them? Or perhaps both? Muslims don’t mix so would it be a surprise to find xians behaving similarly? That would isolate them from the extended modern human genepool, forcing them into incestuous couplings with their peers.
    I’m sure I’m stretching it a bit but I don’t have any xian friends you see?

  • Broga

    remigius. Thanks. I tried to get some response from varius church types and politicians in the UK a few years ago and you know what? They couldn’t help. “We can’t interfere with the internal affairs of another country.”
    This was at the time of Saint Tony Blair who, I see has been handed a full page Thought for the Day equivalent in the New Statesman today. Blair is another who has no trouble with squaring his Roman Catholic principles with his love of cash. Best not read his flim flam bullshit as it will just upset you. Seems the world will be a poorer place if we lose our faith but the stuff is such superficial shite.
    Now for the “good” news. I have just heard on Radio Four that a former Jesuit schoolboy is suing the school where he was sexually abused for £5 million. The good news being that someone has plucked up the courage to take them on. The bad news being that these “faith schools” still exist at all.

  • Broga

    Alun. Interesting comment. I know of a few Xian acquaintances but I have no Xian friends. So where are they all and what is the justification for “we are a Xian country” and why is that religious git at the BBC allowed to state, without contradiction or appeal, that he will not permit Atheists on Thought for the Day?

  • Alun

    TV license fee’s a gravy train. I can’t say I’m surprised at the xian bastard cutting out Atheists from Thought for the Day. The BBC like many publicly funded bodies is supposed to represent us all. Unfortunately, when you get a religiot a few rungs up the ladder that all goes out the window.
    I have a wholesale business and supply several government bodies. At one we were forced to withdraw a particular type of product as the xian chief objected to it, despite many of his staff enjoying the benefits. Anyone that professes religious beliefs should be barred from positions where their petty mindedness intrudes on the minutiae of other peoples’ lives.

  • Godless not gormless

    “Is it that they form exclusive social circles of tambourine thrashers or that the irreligious tend to avoid them?”
    I think it’s probably both. I had some neighbours (a young couple) who are xtians. They’ve now moved away (nothing to do with me, honest!) though still live only about 5mins drive from here. They invited me and the kids over for a meal a few times and tried to convert us for dessert. (I suspected this was the motive behind it when they asked.)
    The guy was the one doing the preaching but admitted a few times that he could see I was not for cracking. I never hear from them now. Pity. I was promised a showing of a DVD giving ‘scientific’ evidence for intelligent design. I had eagerly agreed to watching it with them and looked forward to it since I haven’t seen a good comedy film in ages.
    But, about this time, they got to know that I was planning to exercise my right to opt my son out of all things religious in his school, to which they asked “don’t you think that’s taking it a bit too far?”. Seriously!
    I was then confronted with the argument for ID. I was unaware of the source of this drivel at the time but as I watched this guy struggle to try to convince himself that it was worth mentioning, I genuinely felt sorry for him. It was the theory of irreducible complexity (not how he put it though), you know, the one about the mouse trap needing all it’s parts to function and how it can’t evolve into something else?
    I left him to struggle on until I could bear it no longer then put him in his place. I’ve not heard from them since.
    The thing is, I have no interest in mixing with these kind of folks anyway. I liked them as people, as long as we could keep the religious stuff out of it but he just couldn’t help it. I’d have no problem with them if not for that.
    So, as I said, I think it’s a bit of both. They were happy to be friends as long as they thought of me as a potential convert. I was happy to be friends with them as long as they didn’t think of me as a potential convert.
    Never gonna work, is it?

  • Godless not gormless

    “Anyone that professes religious beliefs should be barred from positions where their petty mindedness intrudes on the minutiae of other peoples’ lives.”
    I worked briefly as a courier and was once asked to deliver to a company where I had to switch off my mobile before entering their premises. I asked why and was told that the people who owned it were xtians and were against modern technology. I’m not sure why that would be the case, but wherever they get that shite from, aren’t they being a tad hypocritical?
    They run their business from a modern, purpose built office/warehouse. They phoned the company I was working for to arrange the job. I delivered the consignment in a van, not a horse drawn carriage.
    This list here could go on and on, so I won’t. I had to switch off the phone too since I had to protect my own position, but I was well miffed! I think they enjoy the power! Sad bastards!

  • Alun

    Godless not gormless
    Ta for those cracking snippits of real life.
    It reinforces my point. It seems after all there is a separation of the Godless from the gormless!

  • Godless not gormless

    Yep Alun. Looks like you’re right!

  • kynefski

    – a step that could ultimately influence what is taught in biology classes across the nation.
    I would suggest this is a bit of overkill. In the marketplace of ideas, intelligent design has never emerged from bankruptcy. After their high water mark in Kansas in 2005, where have these hustlers been able to emerge? Louisiana? Texas? Ohmigod, they’re at the gates.
    Look, man, I don’t want to deny anybody here their dream of playing Clarence Darrow, but we’re just watching a sad group of con men struggling to keep the money coming until they can drift away into retirement.
    Ask yourself: What prominent social conservative – not affiliated with the Discovery Institute – has spoken in support of these clowns? Ann Coulter? Hey, there’s some depth!

  • Alex

    I’m from Texas and I can tell you idiots like “doctor” Leroy are pretty common. God is so much a part of the culture it’s hard to escape. Even in high school, where my “sex education” class was taught by a minister who preached the value of marriage and god. We had to sign a vow of abstinence and were given promise rings. And it wasn’t made any easier by the fact that I’m bisexual and while the students didn’t treat me badly I was always treated differently by the staff. Some things have changed for the better, but I really worry about the future and the current religious revival. I firmly believe in religious freedom, but I don’t want my country to become an intellectually backwards armpit like Afghanistan under the Taliban.

  • newspaniard

    Surely, what is most worrying is that looneys like this are going to screw up the science education of the next USA generation… Hmmm… Thinks, ‘Would that be bad for the rest of us?’… Hmmm… Disregard my previous, let them get on with it, we have great some houses of learning here in the EU untrammelled by this ID crap. Maybe the better of their religiously unimpaired scientists might like to join us.

  • “Talking of evolution, has anyone noticed the proliferation of Darwin documentaries.
    They just keep getting better and better.”
    I live in fucking Germany, where the television is absolutely fucking shite. I mean, why make any programmes about one of the most important scientific ideas of all time, when you can simply just make another 90-minute episode of Tatort, a shit police procedural that has been on every Sunday night at 8:15 for the last 40 fucking years?
    Oh, yeah, and that MacLeroy is a fucking cnut as well.

  • Broga

    Alex. Thanks for the comment on Texas. I know that many in Texas are disturbed and ashamed by the performance of the religious crapologists. For example, I know of a number around the Austin (hope I spelled that right) area who are furious at the religious nonsense being foisted on them. I met a couple of them at an Amnesty International Conference a few years ago – they later sent me some clippings, including letters, from a local paper that was anti creationism and very anti the hell of the Texas Death Row.

  • Godless not gormless

    Let’s hope this is just a last ditch effort to try to swing things their way by a dying breed. From what I’ve been reading lately, I don’t think they are actually increasing in numbers, or at least percentage of population, but they are definitely becoming more determined to influence every area of everyone’s life.
    Hopefully this is just the death throes of a dying breed. But, like newspaniard, I worry that they will have too much influence on young minds which definitely shapes the future. Still, many young minds easily see through this stuff and as long as they still get some balance from that and real science and knowledge we should still be heading in the right overall direction as a species.

  • Broga

    Why isn’t God coming through with the goods in Texas and other places in the USA, land of the devout? Many of these fundies are in the crap, big time. The USA owes China zillions of dollars. The answer, dear readers, as I discovered in an answer to a letter from a weepy Xian in a Church Magazine from the USA is that he is. He is inflicting punishment on the USA for not holding to the words of the good book; refusing to be bathed in the blood of the lamb; and going on holidays to beaches where there are naked women. Worst of all he is in a total strop about something that was allowed in California involving gays. I don’t what upset him there as I was sent a clipping from a friend with the comment, “I had to send you this or you wouldn’t believe it.”
    Once the USA is brought to its senses in this reality check they will once more be that “Shining City on the Hill.” I assume on that one they have abondened their literalism. Or maybe not, as god can do anything.
    Only they ignorant, they suckers, those who want others to tell them what to think could be taken in by this junk. The last paragraph in the magazine was to thank everyone who volunteered to park the cars at the church service.

  • The complete lack of intelligence here is revolting. You all have a problem with understanding the basic realities of life. Ignorance is bliss eh?

  • And what precisely are \\"the basic realities of life\\", Graeme. We would all dearly love to know …

  • to brago

    To Brago….Catholics teach only evolution in schools (and have for many decades) and like most mainline Protestants believe the Bible teaches religious values not literal history (esp. Genesis). By the way, those “faith schools” exist in both Britain and the USA b/c they offer a better education and produce kids with higher test scores than their public counterparts (not to mention that many parents like a school that tries to teach values to impressionable minds). In the USA, Catholic schools started in the 1840s because WASPs only had Protestant prayers and the King James bible in public schools and wouldn’t allow anything else. Now it looks like Texas Catholic schools will be the only ones teaching evolution solely in that state (note: the rule says public schools must mention Creationism and has no control over Catholic schools). Also before anyone on this post bashes Texas, keep in mind the per capita income of that state is higher than Britain, it is one of the few states in the USA to have a balanced budget, and more fortune 500 companies are based in the state than any other in the USA.