Pope cartoon sparks outrage

Pope cartoon sparks outrage March 24, 2009

THE Pope is a dickhead. Even the Vatican is beginning to realise what a disaster he really is. condopope
But he is by no means the Church’s only dickhead. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, is another.
His dickheadedness was exposed again last week when he reportedly wrote to The Times to complain of a cartoon depicting Ratzi with a condom on his head. It accompanied a piece by religious correspondent Ruth Gledhill decrying the Pope’s latest anti-johnnie rant. She wrote:

Pope Benedict XVI has re-opened a running sore in the side of the Church and Africa with another scientifically illiterate attempt to justify a policy that is unjustifiable even by faith.

Murphy complained:

I was appalled at the tasteless cartoon depicting Pope Benedict XVI. No newspaper should show such disrespect to a person who is held in high esteem by a large proportion of Christians in the world. To pillory the Pope in this way is totally unacceptable.

Observed Religion Watch:

In an attempt to deflect attention from the Pope’s stupidity, Murphy O’Connor tried the usual trick of trying to turn the Church into the persecuted victim.

But not as ardently as CatholicTruthScotland, which declared:

The Times is a dreadful rag.   They never miss an opportunity to savage the Pope and that is what they’ve done these past two days, because the Pope, surprise, surprise, is none too keen on the Condom Con.
I’m delighted to report that one of our readers is considering lodging a complaint with  both the Press Complaints Commission and the police – to discover why, take a look at the nasty Ruth Gledhill’s column where she reproduces The Evil Times’ disgraceful cartoon of Pope Benedict with a condom on his head.

The blog continues:

The ‘Catholic Truth’ fight is really ‘the battle within’ – our targets are our disobedient priests and bishops because if they were as they should be, newspapers like The Evil Times would be far too nervous to savage the Church and the Pope in this way.


Still, we cannot remain silent as we are routinely discriminated against by the viciously secular media, secular except when it comes to non-Christian religions, that is.  Can you imagine a cartoon of Muhammed wearing a condom?   Don’t.  The Thought Police will come to get you…

NOTE: In June 2003 the Freethinker carried the spoof ad above on the front page showing Pope John Paul II wearing a condom on his head. We are still awaiting a visit from the police …

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  • Broga

    Murphy O’Connor is the suave, sly, smug face of Roman Catholicism and quick on the trigger when ex former Hitler Youth member, Benedict himself, reveals his feelings. O’Connor’s usual ploy, and he gets generous air time by the BBC, is to cry persecution. Now we have some other twat called Peter Smith, Bishop of Cardiff, who says the Pope has been “badly advised.”
    Hey Pete, Papa is supposed to be advising you. Could you get him on his throne and then he can make some of those infallible ex cathedra pronouncements which must be true.
    I would like to see a parliamentary enquiry into what Murphy O’Connor and Saint Tony were discussing, before Blair declared his enthusiasm for his RC beliefs, about all kinds of things but which I assume must have influenced Blair’s tax funded support for faith schools and his sympathetic comments on the teaching of creationism in UK colleges and schools. Blair’s “defence” as I recall was that schools should be open to different views.

  • remigius

    Muhammed wouldn’t need condoms. Six year old girls usually can’t get pregnant!

  • Barry Duke

    Remigius: Nor would Aisha, aged 6 (or 9) be able to comfortably accommodate a normal-sized dick. Which leads one to think that Big Mo might have been Little Mo in the pants department.
    A needle-dickhead? If so, her tiny hands would have made his equipment appear much larger.
    Better get my coat now!

  • Wurble

    A dickhead eh, that surprises me, I was convinced the current pope was a Shithead, Still,ya live n learn.

  • valdemar

    Ratzo makes a habit of getting it wrong, morally speaking, and bleating about it doesn’t make him any less absurd and dangerous. He was ‘badly advised’ when he joined the Hitler Youth instead of, say, the White Rose protestors or the Edelweiss Pirates. But then, he’s really not much of a man, is he? A respected theologian – that’s the sum total of his achievements. A world-class expert on bugger all.

  • Stuart H.

    I doubt a Catholic Truth reader can make a complaint to the PCC – I don’t think they have ‘readers’,just muppets who get a responsible adult to spell out the big words.
    Even if they do, maybe someone could report Catholic Truth to the PCC on the grounds that ‘Catholic Truth’ would be a contradiction in terms.
    I also like ‘Pope Benedict XVI has re-opened a running sore’ – that Benny, what a chancre!

  • Rozi

    What the bleedin’ hell does the Pope know about condoms?! He doesn’t even have sex! It’s like me advising David Beckham about off-side tactics
    (I know little to nothing about football, y’see, that’s the joke… tip your waitress).
    To quote the wonderful Mike Harding ‘A Priest advising you about sex is a little bit like an eskimo teaching you about sun-stroke.’
    To quote Arnold Rimmer ‘You’re about as useful as a condom machine in the Vatican.’

  • Let’s talk against muslim oppression pf women and suicide mass murdfders, and hanging of homosexuals and contracts to kill called fatwas. Just for fairness.
    agree about the Pope.

  • “Catholic Truth” — as opposed to what? Something that rest of us like to call “reality”?

    Can you imagine a cartoon of Muhammed wearing a condom?

    If/when muslims start bleating on about condoms being TEH EVULâ„¢ then we’ll take the piss out of them too.
    Fatwa envy is so fucking lame. Even the muslims don’t have papal bull envy, and they feel persecuted at the drop of a hat kufi.

  • newspaniard

    I thought the portrait was quite a good likeness, actually, cardinal.

  • Godless not gormless

    TEH EVULâ„¢
    Had a good chuckle at that. I’ll go hang your coat back up again! 😉
    Since we’re on the topic of muslims and condoms, has anyone seen this before?
    Quite funny.

  • Chris

    Does anyone else think that the cartoon pope looks like the Brain from Pinky and the Brain?
    is this just another ploy to TAKE OVER THE WORLD????????????????

  • Dr William Harwood

    I can understand why Vatican dickheads would object to any criticism of that nice Mr Ratzinazi. Seventy years ago Fuhrer Pius XII ordered Germans not to criticize that nice Mr Hitler.

  • @GnG:
    Thanks! 😉

  • Dr William Harwood

    The un-godphuqt should be thankful that the Vatican Gestapo chose a Dictator whom even a growing number of Catholics recognize as a certifiable psychopath. Ratzinazi is doing more to prove to the world that religion is a contagious form of insanity than Dawkins, Harris, Dennett, Stenger and Hitchens combined.

  • Broga

    I think Papa is an atheist secret agent being “controlled” by Barry Duke. If there is a more plausible explanation for the destruction this so called Christian Leader in causing then I would like to hear it.

  • Alun

    Left footers squealing because they know Ratzi is letting them down. Am I right in thinking he can’t be openly criticised or removed as he is “infallible”? He comes across as someone that has no grasp of human nature as he keeps putting his foot in it. What happens if senility kicks in? Do they appoint a “regent” and hope he fades quickly before he causes more damage?
    Nice link. I wonder if those johnnies have a depiction of Mo’s face on their tips. Great for thrusting at goats bums.

  • remigius

    Broga. Are you seriously suggesting that our Barry has penetrated the pope’s intimate circle?
    I think we should be told.

  • Alun

    An amusing image of Ratzi has just popped into my head. I imagined him wearing an SS officers’ peaked cap with an eye-patch and a Luger. Is this how he dresses when relaxing at home I wonder?
    I vass only following orderzz!

  • Barry Duke

    Broga, Remigius: I most emphatically deny ever having my hand on Ratzi’s lever of power; and the closest I ever got to penetrating “the pope’s intimate circle” is when I covered a prize-giving ceremony at a Catholic boys’ school when I was a junior reporter on a local rag.
    The priest sat next to me surreptitiously kept pouring brandy into my lemonade under the table at which we were sitting. When he finally got me shitfaced he tried to unzip my pants. He must have thought I was much younger than my tender 19 years. I made my excuses and staggered back to the office.
    As the memory has only just resurfaced, thanks to you guys probing me, I feel a breakdown coming on. Oh, and one very large law suit …

  • Stonyground

    I think that we should be pleased that the man is such a complete bloody fool but quite honestly, how bad would he have to be before the unteachables noticed. Witness recent discussions here, where there were those who would defend the indefensible. Still there maybe more moderate Catholics who could be cured of their affliction by Ratty’s ravings.

  • remigius

    Barry. You’ve had your arse bruised by a ‘much deformed’ bank clerk in a vault in SA. Been propositioned by a Hassidic jew in a Tottenham Court Road ‘frottage cottage’ and had a priest invite you to kiss his ring at a Catholic Boy’s School.
    Maybe you should stop wearing Lynx!

  • Barry Duke

    Remigius, there was no Lynx in those days. But Brut was big. Never wore the stuff, tho – life was complicated enough!

  • remigius

    That’s what I admire about you Barry, so many invitations to enter the clergy yet you still remain an atheist.

  • Godless not gormless

    You forgot to add to your list of Barry’s sexual exploits his mention of you and Broga “probing him”.
    Glad you enjoyed the Mohammed Brand Condoms Ad. It came in handy for me (is that a pun?) when I was debating the merits of islam with a retard on youtube. When he had reached a point where he was no longer able to put up an argument (about two posts I think) he resorted to quoting a nice little ditty from the koran to me each time I posted “kill them all, god will recognize his own”
    So I sent him that link. I never heard from him again. Maybe he was off searching for them. At least his poor goats would have had a bit of a break then.
    That’s a disgusting story. I can’t believe these assholes. They are so fucked up. Someone posted a link here not too long ago to a cartoon about a catholic priest and his attempts to rape young boys. I didn’t find it funny at all. I found it very hard to watch and couldn’t see the justification in making cartoons about that subject.
    One would be ok. Not funny but making a serious point whilst taking a pop at pervs in the clergy. But the idea that someone makes regular cartoons about it made my stomach churn. Each to their own.

  • Considering the level of bigotry and utter ignorance the Vatican dishes out and inspires, they’re the last ones who should be complaining about anything. They reap what they sow.

  • Broga

    Remigius: I meant “penetrate” in the platonic sense and definitely the control would be for the benefit of the victims of Papa and his pronouncements. I remain puzzled as to why the Pope makes these pronouncements. If he is as intelligent as he seems to be he must know much of the bible contradicts itself; parts are pornographic; it is sadistic, vicious and cruel. Why does he want to damage the interests of his own church and upset so many of his own priests and supporters?
    Barry: Sorry to arouse nightmarish memories of priestly approaches. The free booze was inadequate recompense.

  • Broga

    Godless nor gormless. One of the pleasures of this site is that we still manage to have some fun despite the cesspits of of superstition we attack.
    And today was one of those times. Thanks.

  • Mike

    People seem to have missed this bit of keyboard pummeling:
    Let’s talk against muslim oppression pf women and suicide mass murdfders, and hanging of homosexuals and contracts to kill called fatwas. Just for fairness.
    agree about the Pope.

    By somebody who couldn’t be bothered to read the rest of the blog, was more than likely just given a link by somebody else spouting about “persecution of christians!”.
    Incedentally i’d think Protestants in Northern Ireland, though christians, would relish anybody sticking the boot into the vatican

  • TONY E

    If only Benny’s father had wore one….

  • remigius

    Mike. Saw it. Clicked the name/link. Some numpty with a boner for Jebus (quite literally). Couldn’t be arsed to respond.

  • Godless not gormless

    I agree. I was just saying the same thing the other day. I have a good chuckle at many posts and it makes all the shit we read about on here more bearable. When I first started reading this blog, Bob was a regular and I remember commenting then on how funny the responses to his posts were and that I was grateful for him posting for that reason.
    It definitely helps keep us all sane!
    Keep up the good work lads and lassies!!

  • sas001

    One man’s religion is another man’s poison: This man’s religion is definitely poison to developing countries.

  • You have missed the point. You will never get a visit from any kind of police, for publishing a nasty cartoon of the Pope – any pope. Try publishing a similar cartoon of Muhammed or any other espected Muslim figure.
    Well, will you?
    If I’d know you moderated comments, I wouldn’t have bothered. It is highly unlikely to get through the censorship. Will be delighted to be proven wrong.
    No, didn’t think you would. Re-arrange this word into a well known adjective…
    w o a r d c

  • Dear Patricia,
    Look here, and here, and here, and here.
    Apologies accepted in advance.
    Oh, and rearrange this…
    o d i t i

  • In addition, The Freethinker was the only print publication in the UK to reproduce, without apology, all of the Danish Motoons. And images of Mohammed feature regularly it the magazine.

  • Well, Dave, you’re right – I’m wrong! It had to happen some day. I’m sorry I called you a w o a r d c. You are clearly a very brave Dave.
    I’m amazed that you lived to tell the tale after publishing those cartoons.
    Anyway, I take it you’ve read our blog thread on the Evil Times and the Condom Con? You could make some great cartoons of all the
    o d i t i s who still promote condoms despite the facts. How do you design a virus wearing a condom? That WOULD be tricky…
    But, still, credit where credit’s due – you’ve done what better men have failed to do – made a right old oditi out of moi! See if I care…
    Luv n’stuff

  • JPC

    We had the same uproar in Portugal about a cartoon depitcting the former pope with a condom in his nose. It was in 1992 and it provoked an internatonal scandal. But it was published, in one of the largest newspappers, “Expresso”. The same paper is about to publish another one, from the same cartoonist, and is asking the readers waht they think. Check it out here:
    Most readers agree with the publication, despite this beeing one of the most chatolic countries in Europe (so they keep saying…), which is a great sign of the times.

  • John

    What is Patricia saying about condoms ? Maybe we should promote the old Catholic way of birth control. Can you say rhythm boys and girls ?

  • have you seen what selfridges have done? http://www.youtube.com/user/selfridges#p/a/u/0/9nt8joFPYIk