Row erupts over Mormon beefcake calendars

Row erupts over Mormon beefcake calendars April 29, 2009

CALENDARS featuring hunky topless Mormons are the centre of an escalating battle between the Church of Latter Day Saints, and a former devotee, Chad Hardy.
Hardy, 32, first clashed with the Church when he published his Men on a Mission calendar in late 2007. This led to his excommunication – but he refused to buckle to censorship, and followed up the controversial calendar with a 2008 version.

The Church hit back by revoking Hardy’s BA degree in Communications Studies at the Mormon-owned Brigham Young University – and has enmeshed him in a legal battle aimed at stopping the calendar project in its tracks.
But Hardy, according to this report, is fighting back. Given the Mormons “heavy involvement in the politically charged agenda targeted at discriminating gays and dividing families in California,” he believes a robust response was timely, and he has launched a fighting fund via his website to raise money for a legal defence of his project.
Having come from a sixth-generation Mormon family, lived in Utah for eight years, and served a two-year religious mission himself, Hardy has an in-depth understanding of the LDS church and its devotees.
Hardy’s first calendar, which has a shirtless Mormon for each month, was applauded by liberal-minded churchgoers when it was released in 2007. But as time passed and the Mormon Church faced unflattering publicity over a raid on a polygamous breakaway sect in Texas and its support for a gay marriage ban in California, others complained that the calendar was damaging the image of the faith.
One of the kinder Internet posts about Hardy calls him:

An attention whore who can contribute to bad LDS stereotypes and raise public disdain of church members.

He plans to release the third Men on a Mission calendar online this month, much earlier than usual, to help pay his legal bills.

"By constantly lying, since it's is condemned 110 times in the Bible."

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  • I'm confused – why is he both Chad Hunt and Hardy? (the latter is certainly more appropriate for the calender)

  • Someone who does something other than pretend to be a squeaky clean while being obsessed with the intimate doings in the lives of others is quite refreshing in my book. Perhaps that's why the Morons are so upset with him. He's too real for them.

  • Whoops! Freudian slip on my part, Stuart W. Chad Hunt is a gay porn star. Chad Hardy isn't. Correction has been made.

  • Considering the image the LDS have following the Prop 8 legislation and the harrassment you get from these idiots when you work doing the streets, a calender like this couldn't possibly tarnish their image any more than it is already tarnished.

  • David_L1 got there first.
    How ever did Mr. Hardy get those men out of their garmies, anyway?

  • Dave_L

    That was meant to be walk down the street. I wasn't implying I'm a prostitute.

  • Well – I assume "God created beefcake"!!!

  • roger

    I wonder what is the LDS view on polygamous same sex marriage?

  • Yes, it's the calendar that's going to make people think worse of Mormons. Because everything so far has been such a riot.

  • Urmensch

    I want a calendar with the guys dressed only in their magic underwear!

  • chrsbol

    I think they're called "magic pants".

  • Norman Lycan

    What blows my mind is that a person who has completed a college course and earned a degree can have it revoked for conduct unbecoming of allumni. I don't think you can retroactively deny someone's accomplishments.
    It must really offend LDS that a guy is putting together soft core of other guys. Smacks of gay, and that really has to heat up their righteous rage. LOL. Maybe it will take their minds of the fundy LDS splinter groups where the elders in the church get all the girls and and the lost boys go get intimate with their writing hand.
    Norman Lycan

  • I think a lot of people would like to see these guys WITHOUT any underwear actually, Urmensch!!!

  • There`s a joke about "missionary position" somewhere here, I feel absolutely sure!!!

  • You`re never going to believe this, but there`s a "Nice Jewish Guys" calendar as well! Check it out at . I just wonder what I`m going to come across next on the net!!

  • chrsbol

    Good link barriejohn check out Ira spread across those railings. Austin Powers eat your heart out!

  • I have a strange feeling that I may actually have slipped through a little hole in the space-time continuum, and entered a kind of parallel universe! I had no idea what this "magic underwear " was that was being talked about, so I thought I`d look it up. Lo and behold, there`s a site called <a href=”” target=”_blank”> which explains everything (and I`m not making this up!!). Perhaps I have led a very sheltered life, but I had absolutely no idea that these people had to wear special undergarments. The site helpfully answers all your questions on this important subject, such as "What is so secret about Mormon underwear?" I swear that I shall never look at another Mormon Missionary in the same way again!!!

  • There`s a lot more (if you get my drift!) of the Mormons in their missionary positions at this site –… and on YouTube at . Have fun!!

  • Godless not gormless

    "I just wonder what I`m going to come across next on the net!! "
    You might want to be careful how you say that!!!

  • mike2896

    Just goes to show the worth of a BYU degree. What a farce!

  • William Harwood

    The Book of Mormon was plagiarized from an unpublished novel by Solomon Spaulding. Rank and file Mormons do not know that, just as rank and file Christians do not know that fifty other virgin-born savior gods rose from the dead on the third day centuries and even millennia before Jesus. But while the oligarchs of other forms of Anointianity (Greek: Khristianismos) tend to be semi-literate ignoramuses, the hierarchs of the Mormon and Catholic cults are fully aware of the findings of scholars, and are willing to stop at nothing to keep the facts from reaching the masses on whom they sponge.

  • You`re absolutely right about these saviour gods, resurrections, and of course, virgin births WH, but as an ex-evangelical I can tell you that none of them are fazed by these facts! They just argue that since God had promised the human race a Redeemer from the time of Adam`s "Fall from Grace", this fact, and the associated prophecies, are embedded deep in the human psyche, and reveal themseves in the myths and legends of heathen societies. So to them, rather than undermine the authenticity of the Christian message, these rather inconvenient facts just add to its authority!! Simple!!!

  • J-Delve

    I looked it up and the LDS church takes modesty very seriously. They believe that using one’s body to get attention or approval is wrong… I’m curious to know if the Missionaries involved were punished.. Also I think if he earned a degree at BYU it shouldn’t be withdrawn. He did the work. However, if the mormon church took the first calendar so seriously why did Hardy go on to produce a second? Being a lifetime member he should have had more respect than that. Furthermore now that he is no longer claiming the mormon religion what right does he have to mass produce calendars seemingly associated with them? To me that is just immature. He wouldn’t have had his degree revoked had he not continued. I am curious to know if he had a warning. I feel that I need more information to really understand and take a side. Not that it matters if I do or not