Pain-in-the-arse Jesus junkie complains about anal beads advertisement

Pain-in-the-arse Jesus junkie complains about anal beads advertisement April 6, 2009

BILLBOARD ads for anal beads have upset Bob McCoskrie, head of New Zealand’s Family First fundie group.
The ad shows a satisfied D.Vice sex shop customer wearing a beatific smile as she enjoys a heavenly anal bead moment in church.analbeads
In a painfully convoluted sentence, the joyless godster thundered:

It is completely inappropriate for public billboards to have sex toy advertisements which are both offensive and inappropriate, especially for children to be confronted with, and the church setting simply adds to the offensive nature by offending a sector of our community who would find the ad in particularly bad taste.

Anyone got a spare ball-gag for McCoskrie?
He added:

A company that associates people praying in church and sex toys is quite simply out to offend.

And, according to this report, Wellington’s Catholic Archbishop John Dew said it was “unnecessary and distasteful” to associate a church with a sex shop device, adding:

It is an insult to anyone who recognises a church as a sacred gathering place for believers in God and a place of prayer.

McCoskrie and some anal beads
A pain in the arse - and some anal beads
But Wendy Lee, a director of D.Vice, said the billboard was meant to make people laugh and was not intended to offend.
Marketing spokesman for the company, Rene Bros, added that the campaign showed people thinking about sex while doing everyday tasks such as ironing, going to the bank or attending church.
McCoskrie attacked the Advertising Standards Authority for not vetting ads before they were put on public display, but ASA Chairman Rick Osborne dismissed his complaint, saying there was no need to tighten the regulations governing billboard advertisements.
But Mr Osborne says any member of the public can complain about an advertisement, and the ad is always withdrawn if it’s found to breach advertising codes.
Family First is now lodging a complaint with the ASA against the D.Vice ad.
More details can be found here and here.
Meanwhile, we are anticipating reports of outrage from the Catholic camp over condoms featuring Pope Ratzi on the
According to this report, “the unholy rubbers” are packaged in a wrapper that show the Pontiff raising his hands in the air above the phrase “I Said No!” Sources indicate the item is selling well.
The Pope proclaimed last month that AIDS “cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problem”.
The comments sparked international criticism from governments, UN agencies and health groups. Belgium lodged a formal complaint about the remarks with the Vatican this week.
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