Religious zealots hog the headlines as swine flu spreads

Religious zealots hog the headlines as swine flu spreads April 30, 2009

AS swine flu began its spread across the globe, first to step up to the pig ignorant podium was Israel’s deputy Health Minister, who wanted its name changed to “Mexican” flu to avoid ruffling Jewish feathers.
Then up stepped imam Amadia Rachid, based in the Italian city of Salerno, who claimed this week that the swine flu virus affirms Islam’s teachings. Said Algerian-born Rachid:

We believe that what is happening shows the truth of our faith. Even Muslims who live in Italy are talking about swine flu at the moment … many believe the disease confirmed the teaching of the Koran

He added:

The Islamic faith doesn’t explain exactly why pigs should be considered unclean animals. But it’s clear that, for most theologians, it is precisely to avoid the spread of disease that Islamic tradition tends to keep men away from pigs.

Shortly after – despite the fact that global health experts insist that the mass slaughter of pigs is entirely unnecessary and a waste of resources – Egypt, one of the few Islamic states which allows pig breeding, began giving the chop to the country’s estimated 300,000 pig population.
According to this report, at one large pig farming center just north of Cairo, scores of angry farmers blocked the street to prevent Health Ministry workers in trucks and bulldozers from coming in to slaughter the animals. Some pelted the vehicles with rocks and shattered their windshields and the workers left without killing any of the animals.
Experts suspect that swine flu, a strange new mix of pig, bird and human flu virus, originated with pigs then jumped to humans and is now spreading through human-to-human contact. Health authorities have said you cannot contract the flu by eating pork.
Even the Catholics are getting in on the act, with some US bishops suggesting ways that priests can alter the celebration of Mass in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.
A letter from Bishop Gregory M Aymond warns parishes in the Diocese of Austin, Texas, not to:

Offer the blood of Christ at Eucharist until more is known about the virus. It seems that having the public drink from the chalice may be an unnecessary risk.

Bishop Aymond further instructed ministers of Communion to always have clean hands when handling and distributing the Eucharist.
Father Michael Dugan, director of the Office of Liturgy for the Diocese of Dallas, reminded parishioners of their obligation to attend Mass on Sunday. If a parishioner is sick, however, Father Dugan recommended that he or she stay home to avoid spreading the illness.
Father Dugan also said that:

Members of our congregations should not be offended at this time if someone chooses not to shake the other person’s hand at the sign of peace. If you are ill, the appropriate response to someone extending a sign of peace might be to bow to them and say, ‘Peace be with you,’ to avoid bodily contact, or one might wave slightly at the other person.

But Catholics, according to Republican Faith Chat, deserve to be struck down by the virus:

Those people [Catholics] have always provoked the Lord with their ‘veneration’ of Mary to the point that she has supplanted Jesus and become the Diana Ross of their religion, with Jesus relegated from THE Supreme to simply a Supreme. The cultists in the country just south [Mexico] claim to see Mary in everything from a stucco wall to an enchilada. They worship mortal ‘saints’ and pray to statues. It was only a matter of time before Jesus became fed up and released the Trinity’s holy wrath on those dog-eaters.

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  • Robert Stovold

    Religious zealots remaining silent during an outbreak of swine flu? Pigs might fly!
    I guess some porcine terms are rasher than others…

  • It's terrible that they are slaughtering those poor pigs in Egypt. Funny how they didn't do it to the birds when Bird Flu was in fashion. Bloody thing isn't even spread through eating pork, it passes from person to person, the whole thing is just an excuse to get one up on the Coptic Christians there in Egypt, as it will only be them that breed the pigs. As for changing the name, I urge people to continue calling it Swine Flu at all costs.

  • Roger

    I heard the WHO had renamed the flu to "Influenza A" ; on another note, I may be wrong but iirc pork is the greatest animal provided of protein to humans globally.
    Now I come to think of it, if god is a function of the believer, I can see why he is so tetchy all of the time, all of these nutters bothering her all day, practically begging for an apocalypse just so that they can be proved right.

  • John Klasen

    Here in Australia they have changed the name as well, bloody idiots, but I should be able to buy some cheap pork at the butchers this weekend, Keep up the good work you religeous nutters.

  • Yeah cos for squillions of years we haven't caught flu from pigs. When bird flu was popular did these religiots say 'OK we are wrong and maybe it should be chickens and ducks and geese that ain't kosher/kashrut/halal'.
    But as soon as it is an animal that their particular imaginary friend has a bee in his imaginary bonnet about, it's 'Oh we told you so!'.
    Why couldn't the Holy Bile, or the Koran, have warned us about germs and peanuts?
    On a completely off topic topic…
    I see that the Court of Appeal is considering a challenge from the Attorney General in the Philippa Curtis case.
    For those who don't know, she was given a 21 month custodial sentence after being found guilty of causing death by reckless driving for ploughing into the back of a stationary vehicle after having sent numerous texts whilst at the wheel.
    The government appointed Attorney believes that the sentence was too lenient.
    Nice to know that double standards are being strictly adhered to!

  • >It's terrible that they are slaughtering those poor pigs in Egypt. Funny how they didn't do it to the birds when Bird Flu was in fashion.
    Sigh. Check the facts, at least. The linked article states that Egypt slaughtered 25 millions chickens last time around.
    >Bloody thing isn't even spread through eating pork, it passes from person to person, the whole thing is just an excuse to get one up on the Coptic Christians there in Egypt, as it will only be them that breed the pigs.
    But I agree on that point partially.
    >As for changing the name, I urge people to continue calling it Swine Flu at all costs.
    The name should be made accurate at all costs, rather than following anybody's prejudice.
    The RC steps are merely sensible planning for social gatherings. The Republican Faith Chat person quoted seems to be bonkers.

  • Matt, Republican Faith Chat is a parody site.

  • Thanks for that clarification 🙂

  • Weren`t the WHO a rock group? I seem to remember them singing "La-La-La-Lies" at one time! Also: "Won`t Get Fooled Again" ha!ha!ha!!!

  • Jesus and Mo forgot 'silly sausage', 'cheeky chops' , 'telling porky pies' and 'snouts in the trough'.

  • Godless not gormless

    Sorry remigius but shouldn't that be an imaginary bee in his imaginary bonnet?

  • Godless not gormless

    It's interesting that these religiots always come out with proof from their 'holy' books AFTER the event. Why weren't we warned about this beforehand? The imam also points out that the koran doesn't explain why they have to keep clear of pigs, but they do it anyway. No reason, but they still do it. Clever.
    As remigius has already pointed out, this is not transmitted by eating pigs and pigs have been around and been eaten for such a long time without this happening. So where is the connection? Another bunch of mind numbing nonsense from these retards as they desperately try to shoehorn their belief system into reality (or is it the other way about?).

  • No. Bees actually exist. For the time being anyway.

  • Godless not gormless

    Yes, but how can a real be exist in the imaginary bonnet of an imaginary being? Oh, sorry. I forgot. We're talking about religion here. Anything can happen!

  • It`s the other way round Godless. Every time a very inconvenient FACT crops up that contradictas their ridiculous belief-system, a whole army of apologists are wheeled out to "explain" how this can be accomodated. Hence, Evolution cannot possibly be believed because if you look at every single piece of evidence INDIVIDUALLY, you can find some weakness in it. It`s like the hawsers that used to hold the "Queen Mary" when I was young. They are made up of thousands of individual strands, each of which you could possibly hack through with a knife given the time, but that doesn`t make the whole thing weak! How many ocean liners have drifted away because the ropes gave way?!!

  • chrsbol

    I take it remigius you're referring to Lord ham+eggs.

  • Everyone have a look at the latest "Jesus and Mo" – – it`s hilarious!!!