Scare-mongering anti-gay ad exposes US fundies to a maelstrom of ridicule

Scare-mongering anti-gay ad exposes US fundies to a maelstrom of ridicule April 18, 2009

WHEN a loopy group of Christian fundies calling themselves the National Organisation for Marriage released “Gathering Storm” – a $1.5 million ad campaign in a bid to halt the spread of same-sex marriage in the US – they unleashed a storm of parody ads on YouTube, and were exposed to a great deal of ridicule in the national media.
Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, told Baptist Press:

When any group of people is exposed to the real consequences of same-sex marriage, you see movement in our direction, because this is not an argument they’re getting from the mainstream media.

But the the ad -  part of a national strategy whereby the organisation hopes to sign up two million anti-gay marriage activists on its website by November 2010 to help fight the legalisation of  same-sex unions not only in their states but also nationwide – started to backfire from the moment it was launched last week. In the wake of Iowa and Vermont joining Massachusetts and Connecticut in legalising gay marriage, some political observers have argued that every state’s marriage laws eventually will change. Charles C Haynes, a senior scholar at the First Amendment Centre, told National Public Radio, “It’s all over but the shouting” and that “gay marriage is inevitable in the United States.”
Syndicated columnist Froma Harrop wrote:

The wind is clearly at the advocates’ back. Younger Americans are especially accepting of homosexuality. As they replace their elders, and gay marriage comes to seem routine, the bans will fall one by one.

The ever-vigilant Gayatheistagenda blog carries  one of the funniest reactions to the ad here.

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  • polomint38

    Rainbow coalition, do they not know how gay that sounds?

  • omfg – what massive bastards

  • Serai

    My immediate reaction to this video was ‘Ah what a clever parody!’, the clues being the ‘rainbow’ and ‘nom’ references, and of course the crass two dimensional stereotypical religious bigots portrayed.
    So imagine my surprise at discovering this was actually not in fact a parody, but rather a legitimate offering from genuinely sincere real life ( portrayed of course by second rate actors ) bigots!

  • Stephen Colbert lampooned this beautifully the other day.
    See here.
    There are many other parodies on Youtube if you go looking.

  • Dave L

    Absolute arseholes
    I’m pretty shocking they they spent $1.5mil on that thing. Grab yourself a video camera and adobe after effects (or possibly imovie or something) and easily do it. They got fleeced.

  • Stonyground

    What the hell do these paranoid loons suppose is going to happen when gay marraige is legalised? The problem that these people have is that in a partly secular world they know that they need good reasons to be against gay marraige to get the public on their side, the problem being that there aren’t any. A letter in our local paper came up with “they will have to re-write all the dictionaries” and to be honest, I can’t think of any other consequences. Of course, any rational person would realise that if they can’t think of any good reason to object they should drop their opposition.
    The video itself is hilarious, as is the fact that these fools wasted $1.5 million dollars on such a spectacular own goal. Again we are faced with an astonishing lack of sef awareness, not one of them it seems saw the finished article and suggested that if it was broadcast it would provoke universal derision.

  • Rozi

    The fact they spent all that money and that parodies on Youtube that look just as good, if not better, probably proves just how up their own arses they truly are. If they cared about the human race, they’d spend the money on something like, oh I dunno, saving people losing their homes because of a downward spiraling economy?

  • “They want to bring the issue into MY life”
    That’s how I feel whenever I see a ranting street evangelist or people giving out leaflets about Heaven and Hell. Typical hypocritical ‘Other people’s lives are my business’ toss, dressed up as Hammer horror.

  • “They want to bring the issue into MY life”
    Maybe if you’d mind your own bloody business and let everybody else alone you wouldn’t even notice what the gay couple down the street were doing. Instead you pretend their relationship has critical impact on your life actually convince others that’s some excuse to deny them rights.

  • There’s no need for any of this marriage stuff for Gays.
    They can be cured.
    Every christian knows that being Gay is a lifestyle choice.
    Betty Bowers has been running her successful “Baptists are Saving Homosexuals” (BASH) Ministry for years.

  • Mike

    At a young age i was taken firmly in hand by the local bishop and had the demons of gayness driven out of me by the rod of god.
    Now i’m only into healthy hetrosexual submissive bondage activities

  • Godless not gormless

    Maybe it didn’t cost $1.5million and the balance went into some corrupt minister’s pocket. Just a thought.
    When you see stuff like this though, it’s very encouraging. These people actually believe that this kind of garbage is worth doing, believable and effective. All they do each time they open their mouths or attempt some kind of stunt like this is to hammer another nail in the coffin of religion. Long may it continue.
    Oh, BTW. Is that true? Am I now going to have to find a man to marry? I really can’t choose to be with a woman anymore?