Britain's Got Nutters!

Britain's Got Nutters! May 18, 2009

YOU don’t have to be crazy to be a Christian – but it sure does help, as defrocked Catholic priest Neil Horan has proved on a number of occasions.
Back in 2004, the Roman Catholic priest stripped naked and chased a seven-year-old girl around a room.

Horan performing a jig outside the Old Bailey, and on Britain's Got Talent
Horan performing a jig outside the Old Bailey, and on Britain's Got Talent
This led to an Old Bailey indecency trial, but Horan was acquitted. He agreed he got naked during the incident but denied getting the child to touch him.

In 2005 he was defrocked after being jailed TWICE for taking God’s Word onto the track of several international sporting events, including the Silverstone Grand Prix in 2003.
Defrocked he may be, but Horan, 61, still has a penchant for frocks – something millions of TV viewers witnessed when the witless god-prodder appeared at the weekend on Britain’s Got Talent to dance a similar jig to the one he performed outside the Old Bailey when he was cleared of the indecency charge.
After he was defrocked, Horan said he was stunned by the news:

I now cannot preach, I cannot give out communion – I am little more than a pagan.

The Irishman added:

I completely reject this decision. I appeal to the much higher court of heaven and the court of Jesus Christ.

You can see Horan’s BGT performance here. Hope y’all have a high pain threshold.
Hat Tip: Stuart W

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