Condom Jesus too 'deviant' for Deviant Art

Condom Jesus too 'deviant' for Deviant Art May 16, 2009

WHEN gifted Belgian artist Ben Heine heard the Pope’s latest rant against condom use before the pontiff visited Africa, he responded by creating the image on the right. condomjesus
Heine, then a member of an on-line artists’ showcase called DeviantArt, posted the image on the site. He fully expected it to draw some robust criticism. What he did not expect was to have it removed.
He re-posted it with a “mature contents” filter. And found himself BANNED OUTRIGHT from the site!
Said Heine:

OK, this is a shocking cartoon, but hey, it will never be as shocking as what the Pope said in his plane to Africa…

And he pointed out:

DeviantArt allows huge collections of images with genitals everywhere but not a little drawing defying the Institution … I find this pitiful. It seems that political art doesn’t have its place on this “Big Brother” site. How does DA dare to call itself “Deviant” then?!

A supporter of Heine said:

Ben is a great artist, cartoonist and illustrator. He can be (this is part of his work) highly provoking, but he never lacks of touch, elegance and style. To ban his artistic works as though they were pornographic is highly offensive for the artist and for all of those who like and can fully appreciate his work.

You can find more on this report, and examples of Heine’s work here (click on the “political art set” link on the right).

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