Barmy Baptist resorts to sarcasm in dismissing new atheist book

Barmy Baptist resorts to sarcasm in dismissing new atheist book June 22, 2009

ATHEIST Geoffrey Berg, 54, an activist from Prestwich and a long-standing member of the National Secular Society, has unveiled a book which sets out to prove the non-existence of God by using straightforward logic.bergbook

But, according to Opposing Views, rather than attempt to counter the arguments in The Six Ways of Atheism, the Baptist Press’s Charlie Warren, sarcastically wrote:

Prepare to padlock and board up your church. Shut down all associations across America. Close the Baptist state conventions. Dissolve the Southern Baptist Convention …
I guess I’ll look for a new place of employment. My life and career have been a sham, a lie and a total hypocrisy. We all must join up with atheists now.
But wait! I just talked with God this morning. I’m quite sure it was Him. And I felt His presence at church Sunday. And I know lots of folks who know Him personally. It is evident in their lives and ministries.
Aren’t you glad you know God personally? Aren’t you glad you experienced His grace through the sacrificial death of His Son, Jesus Christ? Aren’t you glad you have sensed on many occasions the power of the Holy Spirit in your own life?
Let’s pray for Geoffrey Berg and all who read his book. God works in mysterious ways. Maybe He will use this misguided book in some way to bring about an opposite response to what Berg intended.
Meanwhile, let’s stay in business and help others experience the reality of our Creator God, our Sacrificial Savior and our Holy Guide and Comforter.

Geoffrey Berg
Geoffrey Berg
But, in reviewing Berg’s book, Phil Groom, Reviews Editor of UK Christian Bookshops  (who is also manager of the London School of Theology Books & Resources), wrote:

It should challenge the way you think – about God, about life, purpose and existence, and that I think makes it worth the read…
He presents a fascinating … series of six arguments against God with which I personally cannot but agree…
The question remains: does the cumulative force of Berg’s arguments genuinely represent the decisive proof against God’s existence that he claims?
The answer is, in my view at least, yes; and I also think it matters not one whit. Quite simply because Berg, like Dawkins before him and in common with so many aggressive atheists, has fallen into the trap of regarding God as an entity within the universe. As he rightly insists, such an entity cannot and does not exist, has never existed beyond the human imagination.

The book will be sent free to every public library in all the world’s major English-speaking countries (U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland). Some free copies also will be sent to leading universities, national libraries and secularist organizations throughout the world.
You can get a copy of Berg’s book here.

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